Saturday, 17 December 2011

What a Fool

It is the little things
oh so sweetly said
that stay with thee until yer past
and keep yer warm in bed

but if in your life
thou abuseth its trust
it'll head off down the street
and leave yea with the dust

of its retreating back
as it legs it down the street
“oh what a fool is love” ye wail
and then begin to weep.

Some things better left unsaid
some best left alone
but love can cut you to the quick
and skin yer to the bone

complicated and unfair
and totally out of whack
love is that awful pain
as it stabs yer in the back.

'Never trust a woman' yea cry
'and never trust a man'
never trust on love alone
till yer kick the can?

Bitter is the after taste
of love so keenly sought
and then abandoned by one or t'other
as they head for different sport.

So yer sit down and yea vow
to never trust again
and allow love to wound you
and cause yer so much pain,

from now on its yer head that rules
and not yer bloody heart
so fear has won another till
from this life yea do depart.

“Ah... Best policy young man is
to jump in with both feet
and bugger all them consequences
for death we all do meet,

And as to bitter failure?
Well now, we've all surely been there too
better that then the cowardly life
of the loveless bloody few,

who once hurt do retreat
and cry out from pack
“oh what a fool is love,
watch yer bloody back”.

Sometimes it seems yer running,
others yer seem stood still
and life like love can seem a nasty
bitter bloody pill.

But don't think of it that way
for risk is all yer see,
and life like love is about the risk
if your soul is to stay free.

“Aye, best policy young man is
to jump in with both feet
when yer meet the girl with whom yer heart
in time doth surely beat”.

My advice to you young man is
'These little things so sweetly said?
Keep em fixed in yer heart
and not up in yer head'.

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Managers Doom.

To a far horizon,
across the sea of mud,
a football is firmly kicked
with resounding thud.

Tackles flying to an fro,
jostling for the ball,
the crowd roars its disapproval
as a player to mud doth fall.

He rolls about on the ground
as though he's close to death,
and the manager can do nought
save hold his bloody breath.

A free kick is given,
the protests cast aside,
so the men must line the wall
as the striker tests his stride.

He curls it to the left
but the goalie dives to right,
and the home crowd bemoan their team
as the manager's put to flight.

He'll be out of work within the hour
and the players will be heard to say,
that the blame for their awful season
was not the way they play.

Four million plus the earn,
and for this they grasp and whine,
'tis not our fault we're crap' they say
'he was simply past his prime'.

We need new blood they whisper
a new manager will set to rights
the errors of the passing man
who could not make gold from shite.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Mercenary

The mercenary gets his fee 
And fights until the last
Standing his ground while all around
Others panic and run past.

“The enemy is coming” they cry
“Quick let’s run away”
But the Dog of War stands his ground
For that’s how he earns his pay.

Hearts a thumping in his chests
He grips tightly to his sword
And bracing his gleaming shield
He faces  the coming Hoard.

The clash of steel
The cries of men
The flashing deadly blades
And soon enough all that’s standing
Are the men that cowards paid?

They retire unbeaten from the field of valour
Their enemies they've crushed
And the Dogs of War have been assuaged
Of their bloody lusts.

But War is eternal
And fighting is his way
Standing his ground on some bloody mound
Earning his bloody pay.

They chant They roar
They scream out loud
They feel the adrenalin rush
“Get ready lads here come some more
Enemies for us to crush”.

The wastelands of the battlefields
Is where they earn their bread
And littered all around the field
Other men lay dead.

So listen all ye gentle folks
Your children war will plunder
For the coming storm is battle
And not the god of Thunder.

The mercenary stands his ground
And at Death he laughs the last
For War is good and profitable
And your pain he will soon make ‘Past’

Monday, 14 November 2011

A modern morality tale.

A Policeman a Politician a Banker a Pile of Money and a Farmer all escaped from a dictatorial state and were making their getaway in a balloon. Unfortunately the balloon had been designed for four people not four and a pile of money and was thus slowly sinking towards a lava field which lay between them and freedom in the new land. They quickly realised that if they were to make it across the lava field they needed to throw one person overboard and so they decided to be democratic and discuss in a orderly fashion - the merits of each individual and then vote on who they should throw out of the gondola.

The Policeman went first declaring “I am an important functionary, I must be allowed to live because a society without someone there to enforce the law will collapse into anarchy”. The others thought about this and decided that he was probably right and besides he had a truncheon so throwing him out of the gondola might prove problematical at best.

The Politician went next and declared “I make the laws and order society in such a way as that it is fair to all in that society, I am the paramount functionary and without me the policeman is just another bully enforcing his will upon the populace”. The others thought about this and decided that having somebody to organise the laws of the land was a good idea and would give rise to a reasonable and fair society.

The pile of money went next but all it did was sit there looking like a lot of money.

The farmer who had been waiting his turn and was confident that he was safe smiled; he was the only one who knew anything about feeding the other three in the new lands ahead and certain of his importance to the others went next. “I feed you three, I till the fields and tend the cattle and grow all the things you need in order for you to eat; without me you will die of starvation”. The others thought about this and agreed they needed him and so all eyes turned to the Banker.

The Banker returned their stares with a cold eye and said “I own the Balloon, I paid for your careers, I have all the money, and lastly and more significantly - I am in possession of a pistol; if you think you can live without me I will shoot holes in the balloon and kill us all so murder the farmer” he ordered.

So the others thought about this and after a while they decided to throw the Farmer overboard. The Farmer terrified declared “But without me you will all die”! The other three replied “Yes, but your only a stupid Farmer whereas we are important functionaries”. “But what about the money” begged the farmer? “The others laughed heartlessly and said “Society cannot do without us and we love money” and with that they threw him overboard to his death and the balloon made it to the new lands.

Two weeks later as the men lay dying of hunger the banker shot the policeman and ate him. He also allowed the politician to eat his fill so that when food ran scarce again the banker would have something else to eat. But the politician knew this and understanding that he was going to be eaten next he tried to run away. Unfortunately as the new land was an island he had nowhere to go and the inevitable happened. Thus it was within weeks of slaughtering the Farmer the other three men were also dead and only the money remained.

The moral of the tale is this; if you’re going to ask a banker a politician or a policeman to sacrifice himself and their money for the good of others then you better make darn sure that they who control all the money do not also control all the guns.

Friday, 4 November 2011

The rape of Greece

Greece is a magnificent and welcoming country.
If anything at all could best be used as an example to the people of the world what the true nature of the criminality of the Bankers who have so brutalised millions around the world is, then it must be the ongoing financial collapse in this astonishingly beautiful and wondrous country. It is a nation by the by, which is populated not by tax evaders and lazy good for nothings but rather, is full of hard working warm hearted passionate people, who love to live and live to love.
But this is changing, dire circumstance and financial terrorism is beginning to turn the Greek people in upon themselves. The Bankers have so brutalised this nation that to its people it must seem that there is a miasma of grey nothingness surrounding the truth about what went on in their country as they the Greek people were crushed under the foot of the Bankers Political Henchmen.
You see it in various newspaper's and on their disinformation websites; you see these same often repeated lies spread further by television news organisations such as Fox News, CNN, and yes even the BBC, as they show footage of ordinary but uninformed people saying things like 'screw Greece it’s their own fault why should we help them'?
Let us be clear here. There was and is - a highly evolved plot to extract from Greece every asset of value and to enslave its people to a cartel of Bankers who would tax the people to penury and whom have no one to answer to save themselves; and - that this plot was then executed in a criminal heist of mind boggling proportions by bought and paid for Banker owned Politicians around the world but most particularly in the European Political Elite.
The people of Germany did not do this. The people of Great Britain did not do this. The people of France did not do this. Nor did any other people of any country that you might care to mention. No; this criminal conspiracy; [and please let us call it what it is] this criminal conspiracy was designed by a few powerful Bankers and executed with ruthless ambition by their political henchmen.
It is not and never has been the Greek people’s fault that their financial system is the way it is, they had zero choice in the matter. This disaster was forced this upon the people of Greece who had nothing to do with the decision making, [they never voted for any of the borrowing and certainly never received any of the benefits of them] and was pre-planned by the Banking Cartels long before Greece even joined the Euro, which by the way doubled, and in some cases quadrupled the prices of homes, food, power etc, over night whilst keeping peoples wages at the rate they were when they had the Drachma as their currency; and then when the time was ripe and Greece vastly over extended the plug was pulled.
Now you may justifiably ask ‘why’? Why did they do it? What reason could they possibly have for making Greece destitute?
The answer can be stated in one word, ‘Dependency’.
The overall aim of this grand conspiracy was and remains to this day - ‘to extract from the nation state of Greece all their physical assets - such as power companies, minerals, shipping, water companies etcetera etcetera, and make them owned not by the people of Greece but by the Foreign Bankers.
It was a war of terror and their chosen method of conquest was and is - to make nation states dependent upon Banks goodwill and financial handouts if they are to exist as sovereign states. Which of course once your assets are gone is not a viable choice that remains to you because you have to do as they tell you or they pull the rug out from under your political feet and crush your career [or as has been proved] kill you.
This is how they bought the politicians. Dangle Money and if that fails use Fear, it’s the carrot and stick of modern political life. Do as we tell you and you get your reward, defy us and you’re a dead man walking, sometimes quite literally.
In other words – ‘Greece was raped’.
The next great war of the world will not be an armed conflict between nation states but will instead be a war between those who have the wealth and consequently The Power, and those who don’t.
Thus far these fuckers have been winning because they divided and conquered the world by setting up a series of disjointed religious and politically adversarial States and forms of Governance.
They created spheres of influence and mass poverty to set nations - the one against the other - and enforced their will with national armies and or vicious hired mercenary thugs.
And it was successful, and why wouldn’t it be? Caius Julius Caesar told them how to do it over 2 thousand years ago, divide and conquer. Ever since then they have continued doing what has historically always worked for them. And up until the 20th century they thought they were hidden and unknowable, beyond our reach, safe, secure, powerful, untouchable behind their secretive walls of concrete and marble. But they were wrong.
History I believe will show in future times, that it was social media and the internet in general that will bring these people to book and force them to answer for their criminal acts. Acts which are as divisive and as equally appalling as any war crime, as vicious as any mass murder; and with luck bring about a new world of equality and sharing.
So Greece now must toe the line or die. Greece must tax its citizens into virtual slavery or be destroyed financially. That is the line, do as you’re told, Obey, be a nation of slaves.
Iceland should be Greek people’s teacher in all this. Greece should do as Iceland did and tell the Bankers not today thank you, we are going to put you all in prison instead and default in totality all loans those in your pocket took out fraudulently in our name.
And that’s it ladies and gentlemen the real and only question we all need to ask ourselves.
“How do you win this financial war of terror”?
The answer as it turns out is all too easy... do not fight their battle fight your own.
Refuse to knuckle under as a nation and surrender your power to them and they are utterly stymied.
Stand together and refuse to pay their criminal loans and that’s them done. Iceland today enjoys a freedom and growing prosperity we can only envy. I hope Greece, the mother of human Democracy follows Iceland and stands up united and says ‘NO’.
I wish them luck.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Death of an unknown soldier [Normandy]

The red surf swelled and surged
against the golden sands,
and the salty water did dilute
the blood from distant lands.

The bodies roiled and tumbled
their arms flapping to and fro,
and the moans of the dying mingled
amidst the calling carrion crow.

The sound of distant gunnery
sent by the devils hand,
and men began to die upon
that golden reddened sand.

One minute they exist
the next they're gone for good,
turned into a red mist
of showering thin red blood.

On the beach on the beach
all was death and sunder,
and now the battles over
the dead men all put under,

little white tombstones
nationality they resided.
The Date of Death is certain...
but the Name is not provided.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The tolling of the iron bell

Oh far and distant is
the darkening of our lives
spinning out our stories
and telling all our lies.

And far away the bell tolls,
it seems so remote at the off.
But all too soon a mortal life
ends in mortal cough.

We tell the biggest lies
mainly to ourselves
the largest being that we've time
before the tolling bells,

sound at our passing
with no more lies left to be said
and the ending of a life misspent
its remains in earthen bed.

Not so distant then it seems
for time 'alas' is fleet
come then friends live yer lives
for life is short and sweet.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Oh 'Pain' thou art an encumbrance
upon my daily life
with bones that are a aching
and a brain that feels its spliced,

in twain by a dagger
shoved deep through mi head
causing me a migraine
and forcing me to bed.

I hurt from the bottoms of my feet
to the tip of my cute nose
and yes my dear friend that is 'Pain'
I feel that I'm enclosed,

wrapped in your hateful blanket
of misery unabated
if I were a horse I am certain
I would be quickly terminated.


But my favourite part of every day
is waking up and finding
that where once I had a supple spine
I now have pain abiding.

Oh 'Pain' thou hast left me
in this most wretched of condition
and where once I was free to live
now I'm in yer prison.

You sap me of my strength
and you take from me your fill
but the one thing that you cannot break
is my rock iron steady will,

for you will not break my spirit
I will fight you until the last
and 'Pain', you know what?
You can come and kiss my ass.

For more information about this condition and those who struggle with it visit:

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Crystal Minds that bind us,

It is all a dreadful drug and they have trained us to desire and lust after a fix that only they can provide.

So routinely has it been in times past that the few, who in control and lacking any humanity that we might recognise, have so wrought mayhem and despair upon the masses that this has become the accepted natural order of things.

 For there lays in the minds of these sociopathic men a flaw so profound and so powerful that history proves time and again, that it is we the unhappy majority who must endure an endless cycle of ruin and catastrophe at their behest as their madness casts more and more an ever deepening shadow and tighter grip upon our society.

Their minds are cruel and cold and both heart and mind are as perfect in their evil symmetry. No thought do they spare for the man at the rock face grinding away his life upon the treacherous scree in order to feed his children. No consideration do they give to the soldiers whom they cast into a maelstrom under the banner of a false ideology, no kindness is given to their reflections upon how their plans effect the little people under their sway, who with their little lives and little families wish for nothing but peace and enough to live on without too much suffering. No mercy have they for the daily terrors of the people for whom each and every day is a struggle, not to get ahead but just to merely to provide the three staples of life; food, water, shelter.

Such thoughts are alien to these men for their hearts pump quicksilver and their intellect is arctic. Benevolence and simple humanity has been lost to these calculating men with their crystal minds and machine hearts. For them the only considerations are the number of dollars in their personal bank accounts and the totality of men who must perforce obey their vile commands or be brought to a ruin worse than death.

And yes there is a fate worse than death; one can imagine such a thing with ease. To be forced to live in squalor and watch your children suffer and waste away as their life force ebbs into the unforgiving financial dust cloud of an unremitting Banker’s greed. To sit and see your loved ones condemned to a life of misery and unhappiness because you did not obey our masters whim and whimsy. To see your aged parents suffer an undignified death because you cannot provide for both them and your children, to be forced to choose the one evil or the other.

This is the life of man as they wish it upon us. They inflict evil so casually, so indifferently that it all seems so unreal, so unbelievable, a terrible dream from which one might wake if you but concentrate hard enough, a mad conspiracy theory that only the deluded might suppose. But it is real, and all of it is set to a single purpose and specific end.

They say “Freedom is at the heart of all we do. To be free we must suffer and pay the price Democracy demands. We are united with you, we are all in this together” but they lie. It is perhaps the greatest of all lies and underpins all their machinations.

A great lie told often enough becomes the truth, it becomes believable, and fools who do not know they are controlled, that their lives are measured by the reward the few can squeeze out of them, rush to their banner and say “Look everybody; I fight for freedom I’m working for a better world”.

Such is the way that Slaves are made.

You can make people do almost anything if you can control the three staple things of life, food - water – shelter, and they have always known this. Thoughts so alien to our own minds are as natural to them as breathing in the air we all depend on. The denial and control of the three necessities of life is a simple step for their cold calculating minds to take; after all, why not?

In times past they guarded these things by controlling fierce armies who did their vicious bidding. They quashed with ruthless terror all that stood against them, all who spoke out against their tyranny. But that was then; nowadays they are more seasoned in their vicious art, more shrewd with their cunning ways, more deliberate in their deviousness.

Their once vast and violent armies are instead replaced by cruel unthinking money, and instead of swords to beat you into subservient slavery they use currency on a global scale to control how much we have, what type of food we can eat, where we can live, what we know, and what we really see.
Their violent soldiers are no longer brutish men of arms wielding axe or sword or spear, but are instead mealy-mouthed men, accountants, bankers, and the general type of turncoat bastards that run their financial empires for them.

They control us with the wheedling voices of bought politicians chattering on endlessly about financial constraints, about global recessions, about bank crashes, about defaulting countries that do not pay back the loans that they themselves forced upon them. About having insurance that never pays out to the poor but always bails out the super rich when their greed and financial insanity brings about their ruin. About stocks and shares, about trading and securities, about economic downturns, about failed hedge funds, about how the poor are scamming from us all by claiming social security, about how the poor are nothing but scum who leech off the rest of us, as if we and they are the same thing. About a new age worldwide depression, about the glory of trickledown economics; but all of it, every bit of their mealy mouthed bullshit is nothing but the cruellest of lies.

Their goal is as it has ever been, to make of man a slave to their devious, scheming and pitiless inhumane hearts.

Brothers and sisters; do not fight for such men. Do not side with those who will never share their power with you. Do not turn upon your fellow man for the false promise they promote. They are deceivers; they are the snake in our garden of plenty.

These men are those for whom having enough is never enough, who take our resources and hoard it all for themselves, who charge us beyond their natural value for things we need in order to exist at bloated prices and then, knowing that we must pay their usurious demands or die, will lend us our own hard earned cash, money that they defrauded from us in the first place, at a rate beyond which we cannot pay without extreme distress.

Oh you might get some scraps off their table if you turn Quisling. Indeed enough of you it will seem might profit from your connivance with these men, that is how they create a false career path for you to aspire to, but I tell you brother it is a counterfeit economy, a false aspiration that you should abandon lest in time it doom you when inevitably they cast you aside to protect themselves when the populace rises in anger against their greed.

Power is the drug that I’m speaking of, and you might imagine that you have it; but you are wrong.

They do not share power.

In their crystal minds they calculate your worth to their empire. They assess with their arctic intellect just when it is they will cast you adrift. And then having served them so loyally for so long you will be left to live amongst the rest of mankind, unloved unwanted and a pariah to society. And they untouched and secure in their golden towers will look down with unsympathetic eyes on the fate that they have wrought for you and sneer “Oh look another fool cast back into the pit”.

I tell you now brothers and sisters, no matter to what gilded cage that they might promote you; their coop is and will always remain a prison cell for your soul. You will die in histories eyes as you lived, nothing more than a peasant tipping your hat to the powerful in servile obsequious serfdom. If you remain a drudge to their insatiable desire for power and profit you will be called ‘knave’, a loathsome creature to be despised and ridiculed by good men everywhere; you will be a coward.

The human tragedy is that the more the Elite steal trick fight and connive to retain their powers and wealth in this ‘the modern world’ the more they begin to lose their grip upon us all. Yet this is when the people's uttermost danger steps to the fore.

In times past when they were about to lose everything, the tried and tested tactic that these elite men and women used was to create a war, a random divergence to set the one nation against the other in a ritualised clash of arms, in which they, the true cause of our human misery, remain safe and hidden whilst we the people are killing each other in their organised conflict.

Afterwards they emerge; richer and better able to continue their control over our lives but with the added and very real bonuses for them being, that they have made a vast amount of money from a terrible war in which we their ‘poor stupid cattle’ have weakened ourselves and lost our stimulus to fight for a cause more worthy.

Crystal minds indeed.

Mankind must change the way it does business and conducts itself towards the planet and each other. Change is inevitable if we are to survive as a species. Change is at the core of human evolution and is the very corner stone upon which mankind’s current dominance of the planet is based. If we stop changing we die, and here is a truth you must consider very carefully. ‘The Human drive to survive is all encompassing and all powerful’.

Anything that gets in the way of this drive to survive once it has been activated will be crushed and cast aside, subsumed to the need of the now and the future yet to come. This is the true order of things, it is predictable, it is natural; it is survival.

Those who now run the world are an old and dying breed. They are the empire of the past, the land of the living dead and they must soon either fall or crush us the people if they are to survive. These people have known and understood this simple truth for decades ‘That human beings constrained as slaves and by their natural desires for peace and harmony, will when brutalised enough, eventually reach a breaking point and rise against their bankers digital abacus’ and they have been preparing.

That is the only absolute certainty in all of this - but victory for the little people is not assured, it is not some divine and predestined outcome that the poor should inherit the earth.

Success can be ours it is true, but we must agree upon and hold to some simple truths and I give voice here to what I think these should be.

1/ All men and women are created equal in spirit.

2/ All men and women have a right to live without fear of physical harm and intimidation.

3/ All men and women have the right to live without fear of starvation and depravation.

4/ All men and women have a right of expression and free speech.

5/ That we 'the people' demand that these four laws are recognised as being constant and eternal and cannot now or ever be changed or tampered with to suit any governing bodies political or financial desire.

If we hold to these straightforward immutable human laws then victory will follow; all we ‘The People’ have to choose to do is - see the struggle through to it natural conclusion whatever that may be.

The powers that be deny that these laws exist. They deny too that man is a loving creature, a devoted and honourable creature, a cooperative and gentle being who has a spirit and a love of mankind ingrained into his soul. And in order to enslave mankind and turn him into their own image they brutalise him and cry when the beast turns vicious, “See look what a cruel and nasty beast Man is”.

Thus it is that they seed in men the little fear that kills us all.

Fear of the Arab, fear of the Jew, fear of the Black man and fear of the White. “Follow our religion, follow our cause, crush the infidel, destroy the non believer, kill the communist and hate all women who are nothing but whores.

It is all a lie.

This is the violence of their crystal minds and the quicksilver of their redundant hearts. They treat us as cattle and as such we are nothing to them save beasts fit only for slaughter, they offer us only two choices, serve them or die.

But I say to you ‘Do not choose the path that our adversary has laid before us. You are a Human Being with a spirit and a soul that cries out for affection. You are a living thinking man, a loving caring being who has a right to life and love; do not allow them to make of you an empty mirror image of their rapacious, avaricious, and greedy malevolence. Choose to be free, choose not to be a robot in their evil empire of gluttony, choose rather the warmth of mankind’s shared cause, choose not to be their slave choose freedom.