Thursday, 20 October 2011


Oh 'Pain' thou art an encumbrance
upon my daily life
with bones that are a aching
and a brain that feels its spliced,

in twain by a dagger
shoved deep through mi head
causing me a migraine
and forcing me to bed.

I hurt from the bottoms of my feet
to the tip of my cute nose
and yes my dear friend that is 'Pain'
I feel that I'm enclosed,

wrapped in your hateful blanket
of misery unabated
if I were a horse I am certain
I would be quickly terminated.


But my favourite part of every day
is waking up and finding
that where once I had a supple spine
I now have pain abiding.

Oh 'Pain' thou hast left me
in this most wretched of condition
and where once I was free to live
now I'm in yer prison.

You sap me of my strength
and you take from me your fill
but the one thing that you cannot break
is my rock iron steady will,

for you will not break my spirit
I will fight you until the last
and 'Pain', you know what?
You can come and kiss my ass.

For more information about this condition and those who struggle with it visit:

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