Thursday, 3 November 2011

Death of an unknown soldier [Normandy]

The red surf swelled and surged
against the golden sands,
and the salty water did dilute
the blood from distant lands.

The bodies roiled and tumbled
their arms flapping to and fro,
and the moans of the dying mingled
amidst the calling carrion crow.

The sound of distant gunnery
sent by the devils hand,
and men began to die upon
that golden reddened sand.

One minute they exist
the next they're gone for good,
turned into a red mist
of showering thin red blood.

On the beach on the beach
all was death and sunder,
and now the battles over
the dead men all put under,

little white tombstones
nationality they resided.
The Date of Death is certain...
but the Name is not provided.

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