Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Mercenary

The mercenary gets his fee 
And fights until the last
Standing his ground while all around
Others panic and run past.

“The enemy is coming” they cry
“Quick let’s run away”
But the Dog of War stands his ground
For that’s how he earns his pay.

Hearts a thumping in his chests
He grips tightly to his sword
And bracing his gleaming shield
He faces  the coming Hoard.

The clash of steel
The cries of men
The flashing deadly blades
And soon enough all that’s standing
Are the men that cowards paid?

They retire unbeaten from the field of valour
Their enemies they've crushed
And the Dogs of War have been assuaged
Of their bloody lusts.

But War is eternal
And fighting is his way
Standing his ground on some bloody mound
Earning his bloody pay.

They chant They roar
They scream out loud
They feel the adrenalin rush
“Get ready lads here come some more
Enemies for us to crush”.

The wastelands of the battlefields
Is where they earn their bread
And littered all around the field
Other men lay dead.

So listen all ye gentle folks
Your children war will plunder
For the coming storm is battle
And not the god of Thunder.

The mercenary stands his ground
And at Death he laughs the last
For War is good and profitable
And your pain he will soon make ‘Past’

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