Sunday, 1 January 2012

A God called Pete

God lives in a two bed semi
just two doors down my street.
His mail is addressed to Jehovah
but we all call him Pete.

His wife looks like that Reese Witherspoon
and his son plays the guitar,
and upstairs in his attic
he's got his own sports bar.

Now. I'm not saying that he's odd,
but he has some funny quirks.
Like on Sunday he tends to sleep all day
and never goes to church.

I asked him about the afterlife,
and you know what he said?
“When your living your alive
and when your not your dead”.

But his lady is so lovely,
and she always looks content.
I guess if your name happens to be God
your lovemaking's heaven sent.

Six days that bugger worked, that's all,
and he gets the chicks.
Some place down the line you know
I think we all got gipped.

Nice work if you can get it,
Talk about a fix.
Reese Witherspoon riding yer willy
And sport on channel six.

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