Friday, 24 August 2012


They say ‘a man can judge his worth by the calibre of his enemies’. If correct then Julian Assange must be one of the most dangerous men in modern times.

The forces that are reined against him are vast. The American Government, the Swedish Government, the British Government to name but a few. But it's not just these differing but oh so much the same Governments and their bottomless pit of gold that he is up against, it is also the vast media corporation and their blatantly criminal owners, and if that was not bad enough he had also to face what I think is the worst of all enemies to challenge, ‘your apathy’.

There are oh so few true heroes in the world and when one comes along we should celebrate them, fete them for doing the things others cannot or are too frightened to do.

Olympians are not heroes. Footballers are not heroes. Some asshole in Hello magazine being paid a million dollars to let parasites take pictures of their celebrity wedding are not fucking heroes, but Julian Assange is.

A man of his intellect must have known the trouble he was in almost instantly the moment he saw the first of the wiki leaks data. Knowing the world and how it works he must have quickly realised the depths of shit that he was now walking in and what the probably outcome was likely to be? It must have been a sobering moment.

But right then the character of the man emerged. Most folks in that situation might have [and quite justifiably] thought to rid themselves of the pernicious truths in front of their eyes and retire back into semi obscurity, hoping ever that the eyes of the powerful somehow, miraculously, might overlook him. He might well have thought ‘better a turncoat than a dead journalist’ and handed all of the wiki data over and sold everybody down the river in the hopes of saving himself.

But he didn’t.

It is admirable that he went with the old journalist dictum ‘publish and be damned’ because the risk he took in doing so was enormous. Other whistleblowers regularly end up dead in a field having committed suicide or simply gone missing. Others have had dreadful accidents in brand new cars with failing brakes, or... etcetera et al. But you get the point.

The powerful of this world do not scruple to murder when it suits them, and so it was a brave decision by Julian to publish and be damned.

But then a funny thing happened. They made a mistake, they missed their opportunity to kill him and make it just another accidental death or unfortunate suicide in a long list of untimely deaths. It was an error I am sure they are regretting even now for soon enough the excrement and the spinning object on the ceiling connected and it was dispersing their criminality across the world by this thing they hate the most, ‘the internet’.

People knew. They knew his name, they knew who he was and what he was doing, and to whom he was doing it to so they could no longer just kill him. He was a suddenly a worldwide phenomena, a glimmering star in their firmament of putrid dross and killing him would have been a fucking disaster for the powerful.  I can imagine a flash message going around the world from CIA headquarters reading something like... Flash Message. Priority - “ASSANGE UNTOUCHABLE” Message ends.

A bit of fancy I know but it amuses me to think it even possible that they sat their frustrated, stewing in anger at not being able to do what they USUALLY do with troublesome private citizens. I doubt very much it amuses Julian Assange though. For him it is a world of shit, a world in which he will forever have to look over his shoulder.

The Rape charges these collaborating pigs in Sweden have levelled against him are a measure of the Americans hatred of him and to what lengths their insidious influence spreads. It is a clever ploy by the Yanks to get a third party to attack Assange with such a charge of sexual misconduct. Rape is one of those awful things that even a mention of it muddies the water of reality and it has created for them an opportunity to get at him without us the public putting up too much resistance against their malevolent and utterly malicious practices of lies and deception. This is the apathy I spoke of earlier.

They are going to put Mister Assange in a dark hole forever. He will be tortured on a daily basis and slowly [but not too slowly] they will break him down and everything and everybody connected with the wiki leaks will be exposed. [I imagine Bradley Manning will be able to hear his screams from his adjoining cell].

Mister Assange, I am certain has moments of regret, and I am sure at times he has moments of fear; [it is the waiting that gets to you not the fight itself]. But I hope he also has moments of satisfaction and understands that some of us out here recognise and honour the risks he took and that our thoughts and wishes go with him because I suspect he will need that comfort where he is going.

In the meanwhile you go back and watch the aptly named Big Brother, sit on your fat apathetic arse and let the government screw you some more. Olympians are not heroes, footballers are not heroes, celebrities are not heroes, and neither are you.

But like Julian Assange, you can choose to be one if you want?

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