Sunday, 19 August 2012

Educating the young.

Lefties like to say that our Education System is not working; and frankly in their case I would have to say that they are correct, because clearly they do not grasp that it is working fine.

Actually it is working far better than fine; it is working exactly as intended, it is a thing of faultless self sustaining perfection.

Even the smallest amount of critical thinking in a person leads them inexorably to the understanding that most humans on Earth are being enslaved by giant corporations, huge conglomerates that are bent on the acquisition of the poor man’s assets to further their own mammon; this in turn leads the common man to predictable, and ‘inevitable’ violent rebellion.

I can only believe that our current Education System does deliberately and with malice aforethought set out to stymie ‘critical thinking’ amongst the young. To set them apart from each other, to make education not about elucidation but about creating a divide between those who have and those who have not.

But it goes further than this and is far more subtle than a simple case of us versus them; for even within this class structured education system there are inbuilt divides between North and South, Black versus White, Christian against Muslim, the Poor versus the Destitute.

Education in our country is, in simple terms; about controlling the ability of the masses to think critically about anything at all. The ruling elite do not want ‘thinkers’ they want robots. They want you just monkey smart enough to operate their machines for their benefit but stupid enough to believe that these elite pigs care about you and your family, that they are concerned about your welfare, that they give a flying fuck about the lot of the common man.

Well they don’t and your fucked sunshine.

Critical thinking is not about reading ‘William fucking Shakespeare’ it is about questioning why these elite pigs love war. Critical thinking is not about adding sums up in an oh so aptly names ‘CLASS’ room to pass a fucking test that they have designed to regionally disenfranchise the poor and split families apart as they search for work, it is about questioning the Governments figures when they announce cuts to vital services such as the NHS the Police the Firefighters the Refuse collectors et al.

Critical thinking is not about taking in the bullshit about how we are a great nation but rather it is about looking objectively at the truth and then having the fucking moxie to speak out about the many injustices that are perpetrated by these money loving thieves who steal Billions, defraud the nation of Trillions, who sell arms to Tyrants, who create wars based on a fucking lie, who would fucking rape your grandmother of her pension, her dignity, and her life rather than give even a single Pound Stirling up to the cause of man.

Critical thinking is not about sleep walking through this life as they make a hell of this planet, no. Critical thinking is about courage, it is about valour, determination, steadfastness, sharing, caring, compassion, love, and the ability to be outraged enough to get off your fat indolent arse and fucking fight for the freedom dignity and love of mankind.

So when lefties say the Education System is not working tell them this... ‘it is doing what it was designed to do, making slaves of the young so that their evil reign lasts another thousand years’.

Good luck

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