Sunday, 19 August 2012


You simply have got to admire the brain who thought this up.

The Government needs money, so instead of creating it [they are the government after all] they ask a Banker for a Loan! [Talk about getting off to a bad start]
But the Banker has no money; so what do the Bankers do? Well they seize the moment is what they do. They imagine up out of thin air huge, almost measureless sums of money which they can digitally lend to the Government.

Honestly this is what they do; they stretch out their wretched claws and from the ether create an unlimited fund of money that has no basis in reality, no gold to back it up, no silver or property or indeed any assets of any kind, and then these Bankers loan this fantasy made up money to the governments of the world and sets about charging them exorbitant interest rates for the privilege of spending money that does not exist on things that they know will not help anybody save themselves. And who do the governments of the world have to tax to pay back the loan on this imaginary money?

That’s right you guessed it - us. It is the poor of the world who are to be taxed into penury to pay back this nonexistent money; it is the poor [who by the by really are poor and are not at all imagining they are hard-up] who suffer. But its okay - I mean - the politicians will help us right?

Wrong; instead of helping us [their fellow citizens whom it is their sworn duty to serve and aid] these criminals – sorry I mean politicians, say that any who might need benefits’ because of their mismanagement of the world’s economies, are lazy good for nothing scroungers, parasites who deserve what happens to them when the legislator makes cutbacks.

In truth the essence of their stance is ‘that we ‘the people’ are little more than cattle who are allowed to live in order to service their needs. Further more, anybody refusing to buckle under and do their bidding for next to zero pay are vile low creatures that want something for nothing and should be cleansed from society’.

And so I say to you ladies and gentlemen, that it is we ‘the normal decent people’ - who have so little to spare in the first place, who always foot the bill for their governmental stupidity, and it is always the poorest percentage of the populace that has to recover this non-existent money via the blood sweat toil and tears of their own hard work, to repay these wholly fictional debts for the politicians and bankers gross incompetence and [or as now appears more likely] outright complicity in the greatest criminal scam of all time.

But there’s more; to pay back the imaginary interest on this fictional money that did not and never will exist - you and I have to work longer and harder, risking more and more to get a smaller and smaller reward for all our hard labours while the Bankers and Politicians get immensely richer all the while castigating us when we express any opinion contrary to their own about ‘what is and is not fair’. [By castigate I mean of course – use violence against their own citizens who are voicing concerns and outrage at their criminal acts]

And what have the Bankers done to earn these vast monetary rewards you ask?

The answer is ‘Nothing’.

All they did was to create out of nothing a sum of money that never existed and then put this imaginary sum of nonexistent money on a computer screen and then while it still did not exist in the real world they imaginatively gave this fictional money to the politicos who, supposedly intelligent and well educated, thought all this was a good idea in the first place....  

Now people come on, admit it - that’s the kind of scam you want to get a piece of... There’s an almost beautiful symmetry to it... Do Nothing - Create Nothing - Give Nothing - Take Everything... Its fucking GENIUS is what it is.

So I take my hat off to the smart Alec who first dreamed that one up and [as I cannot afford champagne or indeed bottled water these days due to the economy tanking - and please don’t get me started on the bottled water scam] I will instead salute you with a tipple of the poor man’s champagne - 'coke cola with a gherkin on a stick and a mini umbrella in it'.

Now if everybody will just step back a moment I need to rip off my trousers and bend over so they can fuck me some more.

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