Sunday, 19 August 2012


No words of mine can remove the bitter taste of hate from the conduct of this Tory Government. Their detestation of the common man is just that; they imagine us ‘common’ and deserving of their misanthropy.

That they despise us so is a testimony to their upbringing, and the generational hatreds bred into them by their forefathers. This odium was taught to them on the knees of their fathers who learnt it from their fathers who learnt it from their fathers and so on back into the darkening mists of time.

It is a despite that has travelled down through the aeons from whenst it came; and it is reinforced by the lies they tell each other about ‘what utter scum’ the ordinary peasants are, and about how it is their ‘divine right’ to rule this land.

We imagined it gone in the 1990’s I suppose, this class war; but then this current batch of Tory Misanthropes appeared like ghosts of Christmas Past, to remind us all once again of the dreadful truth, that regardless of ourselves ‘Class Hatred’ is alive and well and resides in the hearts and minds of the Tory Elite.

Such people have no compassion for the disabled man, no pity for the beggar on the street. I heard one tale recently of a Tory Adherent who when approached by a homeless man [who asked for the price of a meal] was hissed at by the Tory Minion “Get a fucking Job” and then turning to my friend remarked “lazy scum”.

The disabled are not ‘Lazy Scum’, they are ill. The out of work are not ‘Lazy Scum’ they are between jobs. The poor are not ‘Lazy Scum’ who don’t work hard enough, they are always the hardest working in our society. No rich man ever got rich by himself. Indeed the riches of the elite are always built off the backs of the working poor.

This is the true reason behind the Tory misanthropy, this is the reason they hate us ‘the workers’, because they know that their affluence is ripped out of the blood sweat and toil of the poor man; and criminals always blame their victims for the larceny that they the criminal commits.

Fear is the thing they hate. Fear is the driving force of their despite, for in that fear lays the root of all the terrors they imagine. Of the poor rising up to demand a fair share of their ill-gotten gains, of a world in which they are no longer the controlling powers, of a world in which they ‘The Elite’ are made once again ‘Ordinary’.
Man is not made to be a slave of other men, but in our slavery is made great Empire and the riches and power of the few over the many. The Elite fear being found out, they fear being discovered and their parasitical nature being exposed to the caprice of the world’s mockery.

They fear.

Fear is the overriding impulse of their lives. These are not great men and women, destined to rule over a vast empire of man, they are knaves, little unimaginative men, cowards frightened of an uncertain future. These are not men and women of vast acumen, of towering intellects; they have no dynamic vision of a world at peace. Their minds are so clouded so small they cannot imagine a world without them at its centre; a world in which they are just people.

Hubris is their main character trait; the arrogance of the obtuse and dim-witted. They are in fact ‘Little Men’ and they speed themselves to their own doom.

Tick tick tick

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