Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Adversary...

The Adversary promotes ‘Greed and Misanthropy’ as virtuous; whilst at the same time attacking the very thing that underpins our whole modern society ‘The Education of The Masses’.

In this way are so many of the achievements of the proletariat of the last 100 years to be brought low. The Adversary knows well what he is doing when he cuts educational facilities, funding, and increases university tuition fees in the same breath. But this plan of attack is not an immediate gain for them but rather a long term systematic plan of advantageous destruction. It is a ruthlessly cunning and unmerciful plan that has a brutal patience at its heart.

It is designed from the ground up to bring about a gradual lowering of the intellectual understanding of the masses to the perfidy of their vicious rulers. It is perhaps the most dangerous of all their evil designs because it is a plan with a cohesive and specific aim; that of your children’s continued enslavement. And it uses the age old tactic of ‘Divide et Impera’ which you will know best as ‘Divide and Conquer’ but really [and more importantly] means ‘Divide and Rule’. This is the paramount principle of their Eugenics based belief in their superiority over us and in their God given right to regulate our lives to their caprice and whimsy.

Now this great evil is not solely the aim of this Tory Government, for it also lies at the centre of all those hearts which are blackened by their own burgeoning hubris and avaricious insatiability for money and power [as evidenced by the Liberal Democrats], but it is undoubtedly the cornerstone upon which all ‘conservatism’ is built.

Let me put this in a more simplistic way.

If a Nation equips their Army with horses and Lances and another Nation equips its Army with machine guns and Tanks there will only ever be one winner in any conflict.  [Poland vs. Germany circa 1939]
As it is with warfare thus it is with education. Their desired aim is to have the proletariat just smart enough to operate the road sweeping machines and cash machines at the checkout, but stupid enough to believe that their ‘lies’ are ‘truth’ and their ‘misanthropy’ is ‘kindness’; a form of ‘tough love’ if you will.

But what it is in actually is ‘Class War’.

The Adversary wants’ you to believe in their system of selective privation; they want you to believe their systematic rape of our financial institutions is just a cyclical incidental which will correct itself in time if we but follow the formula of ‘Austerity for The People’ whilst they maintain their power, privilege, and rapacious greed. They want you to act like smart little robots, clever enough to prop up their ostentatious system of fiscal freedom for the few but economic slavery for the many.

You must not be in any doubts about their misanthropy for they hate you almost as much as they fear you. But both these self destructive emotions are the inevitable outcome of keeping slaves, for you cannot love that which you abuse.

The Adversary has chosen to withhold from the rest of mankind the rights of access their sea of plenty. To them the idea of sharing the abundance of their vast wealth is an anathema, the thought of a world in which they are not the absolute arbiters of life and death terrifies them. The thought of a world which they cannot control through the means of selective privation and fear is like a stab to their black hearts and they will use any means to prevent the emancipation of mankind from their dark rule. They are in fact ‘Cowards’ frightened of a night in which the storms of our uncertain future shake the Earth as they rumble across the limitless sky.

Man is not meant to be a slave, indeed life is too short to live as one. Yet if death is our only certainty what has the common man got to lose by fighting to regain his freedom from the dark forces that are ranged against mankind’s true emancipation, his life? That is nothing but the freedom of death and even The Adversary cannot shackle the dead.

I am certain that the ideal for all humans in this life is to live as free, creative, compassionate, intelligently searching, loving, and sharing, men and women. The Adversary despises that principle for it weakens their power; they want control over the world’s resources [and thus us] in order that they might live a parasitical opulent life at our expense. They are in every way it is possible to be ‘Perverse of Nature’ for they do not share any of our ideals even though they pretend and purport to do so.

A war is a war when real people die in it, and in the Class War real people really are dying. In fact if you go look at UNICEF’s web pages you will see that the death toll in this war by far and away outstrips all other conflicts. [it is 18 million per year by conservative estimates]

And The Adversary has now launched a campaign to return [once again] this form of criminality home to Britain so that your children’s future is blighted by their imposed and utterly unwarranted false system of privation.

It is our responsibility to the future to find the courage and commitment to dedicate ourselves to the goal of overthrowing once and for all these demagogues who lie, cheat, steal, kill, and create wars in order to retain worldly power within control of The Elite, and I charge you all with this mission – “Resist with all your might, with every ounce of your intellect, and all your loving creativity the machinations of The Adversary of Mankind”.

Lastly remember this.

The Earth could so easily support all the life up on it without stressing its ecosystem, but instead it is dying. The Planet Earth could be a Utopia for mankind but it isn't;  for the planet upon which we all depend has an enemy and it is as evil as any Dark Lord from the imaginations of our celebrated writers of fiction. This then is ‘The Great Adversary’ and the depth of their depravity is as limitless as the stormy sky of uncertainty and they would rather see the Earth burn than submit and see humanity free of their vile control.

Good Luck.

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