Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Architects of Armageddon.

Even though they could hear the sound of the guns of the advancing Allies, the Germans did not stop their slaughter of the Jews. Indeed they increased the tempo of their genocide because, and I quote from memory a phrase of one of those grey Germans whose name I forget – “they wanted to get the job done before the camps were overrun”.

Everybody knew the war was lost, and everybody there knew what the world’s opinion of them would be because [and this is key] they started to burn the carefully documented paperwork of their mass slaughter in a vain attempt to hide from history the full horror of their crimes. They knew well their own guilt.

So as the sound of the guns got ever closer the Germans dispensed with the ‘niceties’ of Orders and reverting to type gassed and shot as many Jews as they could while at the same time burning as much of the evidence as was possible before the inevitable doom, which they themselves had caused, descended upon their heads.

It’s a funny thing about the Germans; they love order so much that killing Jews pell-mell was easy for them, but destroying the paperwork that summarised their terrible crimes so precisely proved a far more difficult notion for them to accept. As a result, much of the paperwork of their atrocities survived to be used against them months later by the war crimes tribunal at Nuremburg.

And that’s the thing about clerks isn’t it? They have to quantify the paper clip usage on the death warrants issued by their masters, they have to enumerate how much Zyklon B it takes to gas 6 million Jews, hundreds of thousands of Gypsies, thousands of political dissidents, and unknown thousands of ordinary disabled Germans. But ask them why they so blindly followed the orders of their masters? and they will say “I was only doing my job”. Thus is the way that all terror is unleashed upon mankind, not by the demagogue but rather by his clerks.

Nuremburg was an interesting point in human history. As far as I know it was the first time ‘the clerks’ were prosecuted for the crime of following the evil orders of their overlords.  The idea was to show to the world that no matter what insane leaders might tell you to do, following their orders to enable genocide is not okay. There is no longer a ‘get out of jail card’ to be used by the so called ‘ordinary man’.  They wanted to show the world that if you obeyed orders which you know to be ‘evil and wrong’ then you are as culpable of the crimes as the mad men who issued the orders in the first place.

Unfortunately Nuremburg was a failure on a catastrophic level.

The enormous calamity that was the Second World War should be a salutary lesson to mankind. Sadly it is often misused by modern day historians, and certainly it’s lessons are overlooked, abused, or misrepresented to our young in order to justify a political vision of the world as held by those self same bastards who so wrought ruin upon mankind back in the thirties.

When Germany was finally crushed in 1945 the Allies made the mistake of trying the Nazi’s piecemeal with a few show trials in order to look as though they were doing something. They had to, can you imagine what the ordinary soldier would have done if nothing had happened to Goering and others? But it was all a sham.
What they should have done was hang as many of the bastards as they could get their hands on, but they didn’t. Instead the apparatchik of German National Socialism survived [albeit renamed], and its adherents were used to form the local councils, police, and government of the new Federal Germany. The military which was now called ‘The Federal Defence Forces of Germany’ [The Bundeswehr] used many former Wehrmacht military personnel. And in a truth that nobody in the west wants to admit, nothing much changed.  Oh there were a few hanged men but the system survived. The same clerks who signed the death warrants were still in charge issuing food rations to the populace. As it turns out Clerks are like cockroaches ‘they can survive any calamity that might kill lesser men’.

You see the same thing in modern day Iraq. The western powers used the same clerks and policemen who days earlier had been avowed enemies and who were party to the gassing of the Kurds. And so torturers and serial murderers were used to form the new Iraqi government and its police force. It seems you can kill a clerk of tyranny but not a system of tyranny.

These men and women; these gray unremarkable diminutive clerks are the true Architects of Armageddon. 

They are the ones who compel you to obey their masters through the strictures of their vile laws. They are the ones who sign off on the report which labels a disabled person as a scrounger sending him to his doom. These are the insignificant men and women of disaster who in ‘just doing their job’ bring down on mankind the ruin of the demagogues who still rule us.

It is true that the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei did not win the Second World War but its clerks certainly won the peace, and they are winning it still.

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