Monday, 20 August 2012

The coming war...

“What most folks have a hard time understanding, what they simply cannot grasp, is the depths of depravity to which The Adversary will stoop.

These people are not human in the sense of you and me, they are monsters. And I am not talking about the torture of a few hundred brown skinned people, I am not talking about the murder of a few whistleblowers and journalists. These are things that they have done regularly as a matter of policy and are merely the routine of their misanthropic rule.

No, I am talking about the collateral damage of thousands dead in an industrial accident that they could have prevented if they but cared a jot about their workers. I am talking about the Millions dead in their brutal wars based on lies and slaughtered for nothing more than profit for the super elite who make billions from these inhumane conflicts. I am talking about the death of a child every 4.6 seconds in their most vicious war, that of deliberate privation of billions of human beings who live quite literally from dawn till dusk hoping against all the odds that they will survive long enough to see another sunset.

You avert your eyes and pretend that there are no monsters but they are everywhere evident in the actions and words of those who rule us. They are in the napalm that indiscriminately burns the flesh off children. They are in the wallet of the fat cat who condemns the workers for being lazy idlers but who refuses to pay his taxes thus denying your children the chance of an education. They are in the cold calculating minds of every politician who puts his personal advancements over the welfare of the nation.

These then are the monsters. These are the ones who love their money more than their fellow man, these are the ones who would see the world burn rather than let you be free of their mendacious rule, these are the true destroyers, the mass murderers, and the shadow that lies like a blanket of evil over us all and imperils the entire Earth in the name of their God ‘Profit’.

And none of you are willing to speak of it, so you make up your fantasy about how conspiracy theorists are all mad as hatters and go on with your lives thinking and hoping that it isn’t really as bad as all that is it?

Delusions are the mirage of your own fears,

You think the enemy are like you but you are wrong; you cannot begin to imagine the malevolence in their hearts. What matter if your sons die screaming in some pointless conflict? What do they care if you children spend their whole lives in relentless toil, never reaching their potential?

It matters not to them, you are nothing but chattel, curs to be whipped into shape and made to obey their mastery; mere cattle to be exploited until all the life within you is used up and then you are to be cast away with no care for your old age or infirmity. They care not a jot if a billion die in their industrial wars, what matter to them if some poor slob lies dying in the dust of a foreign desert with his intestines spilled out across the sand? As long as they profit from your deaths all is well in their world. You are their slave, they are your masters, and this is their world.

Almost a hundred years ago the Elite through crass stupidity caused a global conflict, a conflict that they were forewarned about but did nothing to stem. From that terrible war they learned exactly what the true meaning of power was and what it means to be masters of the world. Now as the hundredth anniversary of that catastrophe nears us the same elite are engineering another global conflict, only this time it is more keenly crafted, more precisely contrived, more brutally evil, because this time it is done on purpose with a purpose.

A war of unimaginable terror is coming to a suburb near you and billions will die in it, and you are asleep. You think it’s all a game, a simple swindle of political manoeuvrings of the right versus the left, but it isn't.

You avert your eyes and pretend that there are no monsters. you tell your children "There are no monsters under the bed", but in your heart of hearts you know that is not true, it is just something parents say to calm the nightmares of a child's troubled sleep, and thus do you avert your eyes and pretend.

But the truth remains for there are monsters in the world, demons of the nether scape, devils who walks upright and look like men. They are barely human these enemies, they smile and offer platitudes, they swear false oaths that they care for you and will protect your children’s futures. But when the night sets in and you put your children to bed you know for certain that the demons are still hovering just beyond the shadows of your fragile homes, waiting to take your joy and turn them into malleable slaves to be used up in the cauldrons of their misanthropy.

I tell you now, when the monsters come for your children it will be too late to fight them, you will be all alone. The time for resistance to this global empire of the elite is now and what happens next is up to you.

Good luck.

Kanjin Tor

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