Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Viva The Republic.

The Queen is basically a thief, descended from a long line of bandits.

Let me be clear; The Queen has no money of her own; it was all misappropriated from the poor.

All of it.

Not one pound, not one shilling, not one pence did she earn through the merit of hard labour. Not a farthing was earned in bitter toil by her ancestors, [unless you count mass murder]. Everything she has was taken by force of arms, and Laws designed to favour her forefather’s brutal regimes from the ordinary men and women of this land.

That said, by all accounts the person of Elizabeth is a smart savvy nice sort who you probably think does not deserve to be disparaged by the likes of me. And certainly I would not normally launch an attack of any kind against an octogenarian, but sometimes a truth needs to be stated clearly even at the risk of offending an old granny.

No rich man ever got rich by himself. This nation was not built by the landed gentry it was built by the pit worker, the farmer, the labourer, the ship builder, the road sweeper, the refuse collectors, the sewage workers, and the factory employee. This idea that these noble lords and ladies are in fact splendid figures of righteous nobility who have been placed over us by God with a divine privilege and entitlement to rule us, is, for want of a better word; bollocks.

They are where they are through the use of brutality torture and murder, and it is a theme repeated again and again in human history. The industrialists got rich by exploiting the ordinary man and woman, as it is with business so it is with all other exploiters throughout the past. The Tory Elite are where they are because like so many others they are the epitome of extreme exploitation.

This is the world we live in, this is the world you allow, and we have to do better.

We need a constitution, we need a bill of rights; we need true Democracy.

Viva The Republic.

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  1. I agree utterly with this, we need to reform this Country and give the power truly to the people.