Saturday, 25 August 2012

What is a Sociopath?

A Sociopath is often a smooth talking likeable individual with an easy going outward Charm which hides their true manipulative nature.

Such people are always self-serving and never recognize the rights, needs, and desires of others.

They often appear to be charming with a easy charisma yet are secretly aggressive and domineering. They see people as mere instruments to be used, and they always humiliate their victims and enjoy the sense of power this designed humiliation of others gives them. It is their greatest stimulus.

They are often pompous and high-handed and are always full of arrogance. Their self image is such that they feel a sense of entitlement and believe utterly that the world must bow to their caprice and whimsy. They are [in their minds] better than everybody else and thus everybody else must service their need or be cast aside as mere detritus.

Another disturbing character trait of a Sociopath is their ability lie with a cool and calculating tongue. They are in fact pathological liars and cannot go long without spinning about them a web of lies and thin tissue of excuses for their degenerate behaviour and, [until the collapse of this web], they are always extremely convincing to even the most discerning listener. The Sociopath sees other people only as a target or an opportunity. They do not have friends, instead they have co-conspirators and most of these eventually end up as victims themselves. To such individuals the end always justifies the means and nothing, not decency, not cultural taboo, or even reason, may long stand in the way of their desires.

They are the masters of hiding in the open.

Often outraged by inconsequential matters they remain yet unmoved and cold by things that would distress a normal person. They can fly into a rage over the smallest of insults to their superficial honour, which like every other emotion is a false front practiced and manufactured to hide their true nature. All emotions of compassion, happiness, love and kindness are feigned and are dished up to the world to serve an ulterior motivation, and that motivation is always ‘power over others’.

They do not do real love, they do lust. They live on the edge of our cultural decency and verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal behaviour for such people. They are utterly incapable of empathizing with the pain of their victims, and having only contempt for other people’s feelings of anguish, they readily taking advantage of them; and, because they are not concerned about wrecking the lives and dreams of others and remaining oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause, they never accept any blame for their actions. To them the end result is all.

All this makes them the ideal criminal who can change his reality as needed to avoid a true examination of their character, which by the by, is the only thing they fear.

Corruption is an alien word to them, backroom deals and illegal activities that would shock the rest of the world are a normal daily process, a thing to be done as readily as you and I might breathe in and out.

They have only three true emotions ‘Rage’ ‘Fear’ and ‘Hate’, and remember this above all things. They will promise you the Earth, but when the smoke clears you will be left only [if you are lucky and pose them no threat] with your life.

This then is a Sociopath; and about now I am certain you are thinking ‘But that reminds me of”... and you are right, they are.

Taken and paraphrased from and placed here to aid my twitter followers who were asking what a sociopath was.

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