Monday, 29 October 2012

The clock is running...

For centuries the robber barons that rule us all have given themselves a little a coat of arms with some fancy Latin engraved upon on it, to make it seem as though their authority is God given, legitimate, and indisputable.

That really is how they make themselves a Lord of the realm. And thus, coupled to the simple device of inventing a pompous sounding title, a coat of arms, and getting their head honcho [the king or queen of the day] to rubber stamp their self appointed, holier than thou, god given entitlement to rule the unwashed plebeians, these criminal scum have raped and pillaged across the landscape of World history for nigh on a millennium.

But strangely it is only with the advent of mass media, and their control of it, that their rule has become one of unchallenged global authoritarianism.

It started of course with the invention of a working means of mass printing. This invention was almost the death knell of their ‘right to rule’, which is why of course they quickly made every effort to ensure that they, the ‘Lords of our Intellectual Darkness’, owned the mass media of the day, i.e. The Daily News Sheets.

And in the last one hundred years absolutely nothing has changed. Oh the way we get our news may be done slightly differently, [for example there is more computerization and less skilled manual work involved in the process of printing], but in principle the way that Lord Northcliffe produced ‘The Daily Mail’ [which was the first British daily newspaper to achieve mass circulation] is pretty much the way things are done today.

Even with the arrival of the television nothing much changed. This new medium mirrored almost exactly the standard press formula that had been going on since The Daily Mail was first published in 1896, and was just as equally tightly controlled by the vested interests of its quiet literally named Press Barons such as ‘Lord Northcliffe’. What is more, it is a control that remains in guarded existence even today.

What ‘News’ you the plebiscite gets to read, or see on the telly is not the truth; it is instead rather - a watered down version of a twisted unreality that the establishment wants you to see and [more importantly] what they as the God given rulers of this land want you to swallow - hook - line - and sinker.

And by and large for nearly one hundred and thirty years these people have been getting away with it. Most Britons believed what they read or saw on the state sponsored propaganda machine in the coroner of their living rooms because [and this is key] it exactly mirrored what they read in their daily newspapers.

They had it down to a fine art. It was, if you like, a triple reinforcement using Radio, TV, and Newsprint, of a sanitized perception of their imposed reality, and the Elite really did own this reality.

But the key factor was and remains ‘the written word’.

Reading words has a power like no other. It transcends the verbal passage of information and makes it real like no other single thing can. [Remember the fancy Latin on the coats of arms?]
It changes, almost one might say ‘transmutes’, thoughts and ideas into a litany of ritualistic fact; even [and perhaps more so] if the said ‘fact’ is actually utter made up bullshit of the first order, and I offer you here as an example of its magical power to bamboozle nonsense into unthinking truth ‘the Koran or the Bible or Mein Kampf’!

But what is clearly understood now in the 21st century, is that those who ruled us feared the power of the printing presses more than they feared death itself.

Through these printing machines came an access to information never seen by the common man before. Through the presses came pamphlets espousing the cause of man, the ideas of Liberty, the end of Tyranny, the end of them. Thus it was that the Lords of our Intellectual Darkness, who had for almost a thousand years so controlled the lives of the common man through the simple brutality of torture, murder, and war; sought dominion over the printing presses, and with their ill gained wealth they succeeded spectacularly.
By the time Radio came along [and later Television], these Dark Lords already had a deep understanding of the power of mass media and they seized control of it with vicious abandon, and with that control came an almost hypnotic illuminated darkness of a false reality. A reality imposed down once again upon the masses by the Lords of our collective darkness to serve no end other then that they remain in control and we remain their unknowing slaves.

But then ‘to paraphrase Tolkien’s character Gandalf’ something happened the Dark Lords had not foreseen.
A little known computer scientist called Timothy John Berners-Lee invented something they had not anticipated and which they could not control, and he called it ‘The World Wide Web’.

Centuries of inbreeding had left the dullards in power far behind the intellectual capacity of those who used this new medium; and so because they were bright young things and full of amazing, never seen before ideas, these kids took the web and ran away with it.

Tick ... Tick ... Tick ... BOOM.

From the moment the Dark Lords understood their colossal error in losing collective control to the precise moment now that you are reading this, they have secretly been seeking way to undermine and retake control this new fangled means of communication.

And to give themselves some form of legitimization they use the same old tactics that have worked on the fears of men throughout history and call their crimes a ‘cyber war’. And they are right to do so for that is exactly what it is, ‘a war’. But it is a war they started, a war in which they actually do use violence against the common man, but what is most interesting and important to you the reader is - that it is a war the Dark Lords are losing, and here is why.  

No matter what they do, no matter how much money they throw at it, no matter how many people they imprison, or kill! They simply are not smarter, or more resilient, than the collective minds of the billions of human beings on the planet who daily use and twist this amazing thing that Berners-Lee invented. Who use the web to disseminate information so fast that no computer ever designed can keep up with the free passage of any information that gets put onto the web at any given moment.

Oh they are becoming more skilled at stifling data but the truth is that the Dark Lords are desperate. In recent months they have launched so many attacks upon the system that it boggles the mind.

They have spent billions in ever desperate attempts to stymie the information that gets passed across this new medium. They have passed ever more and more Draconian Laws in hundreds of countries around the world in their failing attempts to kill information that they do not want you to know.

But the harder they try to kill it the more resilient the web becomes because, and here’s the thing, The Dark Lords are as dependant upon the web as those they hate. It is the many headed hydra that instantly re-grows a head whenever they chop one off... it is the instrument of their doom, and what is more ‘they know it’.

It is a fascinating fact that Twitter is fast becoming one of the greatest tools of human emancipation that has ever been witnessed. The speed with which a meme carries across the world now is such, that what once could have been done with total impunity by corrupt governments, is instantly known many thousands of miles away in a different country as the human psyche turns its omniscient eye towards the criminals killing in their old fashioned genocides, unaware that they are yesterdays men fighting to hold on to yesterdays tyrannies.

But their evil despotism is coming towards the end of its power over the common man. Their willingness to brutalise and kill others is no longer enough. Men and women across the world cannot be silenced by the burial of their dismembered bodies in some shallow grave for their voices now echo beyond the span of their mortality.

Too many humans know too quickly for such evil to succeed. You Dark Lords are ‘histories’ men. Too much data is getting out, and you tyrants will never be able to kill us all; or stop us ‘The People’ from knowing what you are up to ever again.

The best you scum can hope for is a temporary reprieve as you twist your falsehoods in the ether of unconnected humans as you try your tricks of false data dissemination in your old fashioned mediums of control, but it won’t work. Soon enough you’re going to be on the run, because ‘you rotten fucking bastards’, - We have got your number.

The only thing you have left is total global war and when that fails what then, Armageddon?

We know about your paedophiliac tendencies, we know about your media lies, your dodgy arms deals, your political spin, your rape of the environment for your personal profit, your massive fraud of the tax payers money, your calumny of innocent lives, your false wars, you cover ups, your murders, and the clock is running....

Tick ... tick ... tick...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Poppies of my dreams...

In memory of my fallen comrades and those who fall still...

In my dreams
I see him still
Sat beneath the trees,
And not cut off
The remnants of his knees.

In my dreams
I watch them marching still
Across the sodden turf.
The blood still pumping
inside their bodies,
Not spilled upon the Earth.

In my dreams
I'm still one of them,
I did not survive
To live,
A life that they
deserved more than I
A life I cannot give.

In my dreams
we still eat from our mess tins
Laughing and taking the piss.
Knowing the moment is the moment
And that tomorrow
Does not exist!

My dreams are full of poppies
And my comrades still yet live
In the fullness of their youth.
And I now old
remember who...

the real enemy is!

Saturday, 20 October 2012


What is the aim of Government?

The most profitable industries to be in are Banks and Bombs, and both lines of business are in fact very similar and inextricably linked. They both blight the lives of millions of ordinary men and women. These massive institutions both cause the deaths of millions of humans around the world, and make such huge profits that their power and influence stretches deep into the lives of every mortal upon the face of the Earth, whether they are asked for or not!

These fetid corporations are so ubiquitous throughout our daily lives that most folks walk through their day never giving to them a single thought; but you should.

Their word has become our Law, and their vice has become the shackles of our enslavement. And whether you know it or not, whether you admit it or not, your life runs to a timetable that these people set which not for a single moment benefits you or mankind in any way.

Their sole purpose is to grow. They are like a cancer, they do not care a whit that they are killing the organism they leech from, all that matters is that their power and wealth grows no matter the cost to the world, the people, or the environment.

It is little wonder then, that these massive conglomerates which are the most shady, unethical, corrupt, and utterly inhumane organisations ever devised by the mind of man, are populated by the most morally insolvent amongst us. I need not go into detail here about the many perfidious activities of Bankers and Arms dealers for others have documented their villainy far better than I, but what I will do, if I may, is address the issue of ‘reach’.

What is their reach?

Well if you look at them closely [and they really don’t like you doing that] you find on their boards [and receiving huge salaries] Lords of the Realm, Politicians, Judges, former Police Commissionaires, and... well the list of dignitaries is bigger than your arm. It is no surprise then that what Bankers and Arms Manufacturers want, the Bankers and Arms Manufacturers get.

Since 1960 more money has been spent on killing humans then has ever existed in the history of human kind.
Let me be clear on this because it is an important point. All the money that has ever existed does not come close to matching the amount of money actually spent on slaughtering your children since 1960.

Seems unreal, right?


Since 1960 the amount spent on killing humans has far outstripped the reality of ‘Money’ as a thing with real intrinsic value, a thing based up on the assets of a Nation’s viable gold reserves or other such valuable reality. In other words, ‘The Weapons are real but the Money is not’ and worse the weaponry must be paid for by somebody and that somebody is you.

The whole world is put into debt for no other reason than to finance the Arms Industry. Banks do not own Arms companies, and despite what you or they or even politicians might think, the reality is the other way around.

The aim of all government is ‘Perpetual War’ and this truth is driven by the need to finance the crushing debt the Arms Industries have placed upon the Nations of the World.

Oh there are other issues such as the trillions stolen by Bankers but that is a side issue of a much bigger and far darker picture.

‘All politics is war’ a wise man once said, and he was right. World War 1 was the catalyst that changed the way this world is run. There for the first time we saw the reach and extent of what industrial warfare could do and what it meant for mankind. There for the first time the Arms Industry saw its opportunity not to just supply the weaponry and make huge profits, but also the seize the chance to own the banking system via the means of debt.

Naturally this took time, it did not happen overnight, and few saw it coming, but some did and we call these the Super Elite because they are the bastards who profited from the carnage. Of course it took time to perfect, like all such systems of control errors were made, glitches to iron out, but perfect it they did and thus is the world that we now find ourselves in.

Your life and that of all the future generations of your line are shackled to this reality. ‘The Debt Must Be Paid’, and because it is thus, governments no longer issue the money, private banks do.

This then is how the world works in summery.

‘The Arms Industries control the Banks via debt. The Banks control The Governments via debt. The Governments control The People via debt. The people are enslaved to finance their own slaughter’.

And all of this is to finance the debt for money that never existed in the first place.

But it cannot continue for much longer. Everywhere their system is collapsing around us. They must soon initiate a worldwide cataclysmic war or face the wrath of a united populace moved by hunger and deprivation to oust them from power, and that is something they will not allow.

Revolution is not necessary because our leaders are part of a universal evil, which they are. No; revolution is necessary because unless we rise up and take back our monetary control from these parasitical vermin, they will decimate your children in a war which will only profit the super elite, who in the final analysis are nothing more than putrid war profiteers.

I started this with a simple question. What is the aim of government?

Well now you know.

“The aim of all government is perpetual war”...

Good luck.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Conspiracy is an act of conspiring; where two or more persons are involved in a secret, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plot, which is formulated for the purpose to avoid detection of said intrigue.

Under the Law a conspiracy is an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

I could go on but I think you get the drift.

Too many people think that this idea of conspiracy is somehow a mad hatters idea; a figment of the over active imagination of a few random nutters out there on the edge of the internet where they lurk to swap stories of dread government villainy. They say things like “These governments could not keep a secret if they locked it into a box and threw it into the deepest trench of the oceans” as though this qualifies their disbelief in conspiracies and their utter refusal to accept that there is something wrong with the world.

Well there is another old saying which goes “You can lead a ass to the well but you cannot make it drink the water”.

This saying covers the whole gamut of intrigues that have gone on over the last ten years, which have culminated finally into the greatest economic crime the world has ever seen and how the Bankers at the behest of their own pay masters stole over $17.5 Trillion from the world’s economy and made destitute hundreds of millions of human beings. But it’s okay, it’s not you. So you spout your litany of refusal and turning your eyes away from the harshness of our reality, you piss another day away in blind ignorance and obtuse cowardice, after all – bankers and politicians would not conspire would they?

Well here is a conspiracy you cannot dodge, a conspiracy so vile, so huge, so in your face that no amount of fudging the issue by you will make it go away. I am talking of course about Jimmy Savile.

Seemingly now so many people knew about this evil man and his predilections, [and indeed some even confronted him about it] that it is now utterly impossible for it to have been kept secret for so long without they’re having been; and continuing to be, an active conspiracy to keep it quiet, and furthermore; that this conspiracy must have had, and continue to have, some very powerful forces behind it in order for it to succeed for so long.

But that is only the beginning of this particularly nasty pile of excrement.

We know now it was real, we know now it was kept secret, what we must also ask ourselves is ‘Why’?

The establishment and the press have no qualms about destroying individuals who step out of line. Indeed I am certain you the reader can name other celebs who have been crushed in time past for committing much more minor [pardon the pun] infractions of our civilisations laws than the paedophilia routinely carried out by Jimmy Savile, so why did they protect him?

The truth of this is matter may yet be quietened down and made ‘safe’ by the authorities. I am certain I am already being labelled a Crank by the more *cough cough* Conservative of you out there, but here is the thing...

They Knew about Savile and they kept it quiet. That requires some kind of threat of force, some ability to coerce others to do your will, so ask yourselves this – “Who was involved, who knew, why did the establishment keep it secret, what was the fear they had of his exposure, who is now pulling the strings to keep the thing from escalating, and who has that kind of power to coerce others into silence and why”?

But of course it’s all a mad conspiracy theory, right?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

'Conservative Values'

To pass laws that attack the poor and favour the rich, to enact edicts which attack the aged, the disabled, the vulnerable, is to be a monster.

I want to live in a world where Fascism hidden under the thin veneer of ‘respectable’ Conservative Values is utterly wiped from the face of the Earth. I want to live in a world where elitism and privilege is thought of not as a god given right but as an abhorrent embodiment of the evil it truly represents.

Conservative values are those of the guttersnipe, they are the values of criminals, they are the values of Fascism; they are the values of evil.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


@Ed_Miliband Afghan men serving as interpreters for the British Forces in the combat zone are being refused the right to live in the UK.

This is similar but a more urgent case than that of our longstanding Ghurkha allies; for if we abandon these Afghan men they will be slaughtered by the Taliban after we leave that country to its own devices.

This is a gross betrayal of their service, our national honour, and would be one of the foulest acts of infamy this country has ever committed.

Any Afghan who has served our nation ‘in anyway’ not only deserves the right to live here in Britain free from the threat of having himself and his family slaughtered, but also has earned the right to FULL CITIZENSHIP.

To abandon these men and their families to so desperate a fate is a National disgrace and a stain on our name. Furthermore, this precedent will seriously harm our operational capabilities in the future in other conflicts should the world see that we abandon our allies to so ignominious an end without any care.

You talked yesterday of how your parents came to Britain to escape the Nazi threat, I urge you Today Ed to seek any and all means to ensure the safety of these brave men who have risked so very much in the service of this Nation.


Kanjin Tor

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Casual Decency.

It is possible to succeed and not be a backstabbing, rotten to the core, tax dodging, Tory bastard. 

This from J.K Rowling

"I chose to remain a domiciled taxpayer for a couple of reasons. The main one was that I wanted my children to grow up where I grew up, to have proper roots in a culture as old and magnificent as Britain’s; to be citizens, with everything that implies, of a real country, not free-floating ex-pats, living in the limbo of some tax haven and associating only with the children of similarly greedy tax exiles.

A second reason, however, was that I am indebted to the British welfare state; the very one that Mr Cameron would like to replace with charity handouts. When my life hit rock bottom, that safety net, threadbare though it had become under John Major’s Government, was there to break the fall. I cannot help feeling, therefore, that it would have been contemptible to scarper for the West Indies at the first sniff of a seven-figure royalty cheque. This, if you like, is my notion of patriotism. On the available evidence, I suspect that it is Lord Ashcroft’s idea of being a mug".

- J.K Rowling