Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Conspiracy is an act of conspiring; where two or more persons are involved in a secret, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plot, which is formulated for the purpose to avoid detection of said intrigue.

Under the Law a conspiracy is an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

I could go on but I think you get the drift.

Too many people think that this idea of conspiracy is somehow a mad hatters idea; a figment of the over active imagination of a few random nutters out there on the edge of the internet where they lurk to swap stories of dread government villainy. They say things like “These governments could not keep a secret if they locked it into a box and threw it into the deepest trench of the oceans” as though this qualifies their disbelief in conspiracies and their utter refusal to accept that there is something wrong with the world.

Well there is another old saying which goes “You can lead a ass to the well but you cannot make it drink the water”.

This saying covers the whole gamut of intrigues that have gone on over the last ten years, which have culminated finally into the greatest economic crime the world has ever seen and how the Bankers at the behest of their own pay masters stole over $17.5 Trillion from the world’s economy and made destitute hundreds of millions of human beings. But it’s okay, it’s not you. So you spout your litany of refusal and turning your eyes away from the harshness of our reality, you piss another day away in blind ignorance and obtuse cowardice, after all – bankers and politicians would not conspire would they?

Well here is a conspiracy you cannot dodge, a conspiracy so vile, so huge, so in your face that no amount of fudging the issue by you will make it go away. I am talking of course about Jimmy Savile.

Seemingly now so many people knew about this evil man and his predilections, [and indeed some even confronted him about it] that it is now utterly impossible for it to have been kept secret for so long without they’re having been; and continuing to be, an active conspiracy to keep it quiet, and furthermore; that this conspiracy must have had, and continue to have, some very powerful forces behind it in order for it to succeed for so long.

But that is only the beginning of this particularly nasty pile of excrement.

We know now it was real, we know now it was kept secret, what we must also ask ourselves is ‘Why’?

The establishment and the press have no qualms about destroying individuals who step out of line. Indeed I am certain you the reader can name other celebs who have been crushed in time past for committing much more minor [pardon the pun] infractions of our civilisations laws than the paedophilia routinely carried out by Jimmy Savile, so why did they protect him?

The truth of this is matter may yet be quietened down and made ‘safe’ by the authorities. I am certain I am already being labelled a Crank by the more *cough cough* Conservative of you out there, but here is the thing...

They Knew about Savile and they kept it quiet. That requires some kind of threat of force, some ability to coerce others to do your will, so ask yourselves this – “Who was involved, who knew, why did the establishment keep it secret, what was the fear they had of his exposure, who is now pulling the strings to keep the thing from escalating, and who has that kind of power to coerce others into silence and why”?

But of course it’s all a mad conspiracy theory, right?

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