Saturday, 20 October 2012


What is the aim of Government?

The most profitable industries to be in are Banks and Bombs, and both lines of business are in fact very similar and inextricably linked. They both blight the lives of millions of ordinary men and women. These massive institutions both cause the deaths of millions of humans around the world, and make such huge profits that their power and influence stretches deep into the lives of every mortal upon the face of the Earth, whether they are asked for or not!

These fetid corporations are so ubiquitous throughout our daily lives that most folks walk through their day never giving to them a single thought; but you should.

Their word has become our Law, and their vice has become the shackles of our enslavement. And whether you know it or not, whether you admit it or not, your life runs to a timetable that these people set which not for a single moment benefits you or mankind in any way.

Their sole purpose is to grow. They are like a cancer, they do not care a whit that they are killing the organism they leech from, all that matters is that their power and wealth grows no matter the cost to the world, the people, or the environment.

It is little wonder then, that these massive conglomerates which are the most shady, unethical, corrupt, and utterly inhumane organisations ever devised by the mind of man, are populated by the most morally insolvent amongst us. I need not go into detail here about the many perfidious activities of Bankers and Arms dealers for others have documented their villainy far better than I, but what I will do, if I may, is address the issue of ‘reach’.

What is their reach?

Well if you look at them closely [and they really don’t like you doing that] you find on their boards [and receiving huge salaries] Lords of the Realm, Politicians, Judges, former Police Commissionaires, and... well the list of dignitaries is bigger than your arm. It is no surprise then that what Bankers and Arms Manufacturers want, the Bankers and Arms Manufacturers get.

Since 1960 more money has been spent on killing humans then has ever existed in the history of human kind.
Let me be clear on this because it is an important point. All the money that has ever existed does not come close to matching the amount of money actually spent on slaughtering your children since 1960.

Seems unreal, right?


Since 1960 the amount spent on killing humans has far outstripped the reality of ‘Money’ as a thing with real intrinsic value, a thing based up on the assets of a Nation’s viable gold reserves or other such valuable reality. In other words, ‘The Weapons are real but the Money is not’ and worse the weaponry must be paid for by somebody and that somebody is you.

The whole world is put into debt for no other reason than to finance the Arms Industry. Banks do not own Arms companies, and despite what you or they or even politicians might think, the reality is the other way around.

The aim of all government is ‘Perpetual War’ and this truth is driven by the need to finance the crushing debt the Arms Industries have placed upon the Nations of the World.

Oh there are other issues such as the trillions stolen by Bankers but that is a side issue of a much bigger and far darker picture.

‘All politics is war’ a wise man once said, and he was right. World War 1 was the catalyst that changed the way this world is run. There for the first time we saw the reach and extent of what industrial warfare could do and what it meant for mankind. There for the first time the Arms Industry saw its opportunity not to just supply the weaponry and make huge profits, but also the seize the chance to own the banking system via the means of debt.

Naturally this took time, it did not happen overnight, and few saw it coming, but some did and we call these the Super Elite because they are the bastards who profited from the carnage. Of course it took time to perfect, like all such systems of control errors were made, glitches to iron out, but perfect it they did and thus is the world that we now find ourselves in.

Your life and that of all the future generations of your line are shackled to this reality. ‘The Debt Must Be Paid’, and because it is thus, governments no longer issue the money, private banks do.

This then is how the world works in summery.

‘The Arms Industries control the Banks via debt. The Banks control The Governments via debt. The Governments control The People via debt. The people are enslaved to finance their own slaughter’.

And all of this is to finance the debt for money that never existed in the first place.

But it cannot continue for much longer. Everywhere their system is collapsing around us. They must soon initiate a worldwide cataclysmic war or face the wrath of a united populace moved by hunger and deprivation to oust them from power, and that is something they will not allow.

Revolution is not necessary because our leaders are part of a universal evil, which they are. No; revolution is necessary because unless we rise up and take back our monetary control from these parasitical vermin, they will decimate your children in a war which will only profit the super elite, who in the final analysis are nothing more than putrid war profiteers.

I started this with a simple question. What is the aim of government?

Well now you know.

“The aim of all government is perpetual war”...

Good luck.

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