Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

Terror, terror everywhere
How low will they sink?
How did these Israelites 
Adopt the Nazi stink?

Of Fascism and tyranny
Killing children with their bombs
And murdering women as they stand
In front of their sons?

How can we let the Israelites 
Slaughter men with white phos
Or shrapnelise tiny babies
Sitting in their cots?

Where is the outcry?
Where is the UN?
Where is the justice
That is inalienable to men?

Who is disputing this Zionist carnage
Inflicted with brutal impart,
As Palestinian blood leaks out
Of their broken hearts?

They have made of Gaza a Ghetto
Where men and women strive
Just to live another day
And keep their state alive

But it is no easy thing
For the Israelites bring their hate
And drop bombs on tower blocks
And decimate their state.

And now Hell is current
Where once was Heaven’s gate.
The Promised land, The Holy Land
Has given us only hate.

Meanwhile William Hague
Blames Hamas for fighting back.
After 60 years of oppression

The current manifestation of the Waffen-SS
Resides in Tel-Aviv
Headed by a Theocracy of Odium
Born of Germanic fathers
Come full circle
With a new oath of obedience.

“Ich schwöre dir, Benjamin Netanyahu, als Führer der jüdischen Reiches Treue und Tapferkeit. Ich gelobe dir und den Vorgesetzten von Ihnen bestellt Gehorsam bis zum Tod, so wahr helfen mit Gott”.


  1. I cannot agree it is Jew against Muslim hon ..... All Jews cannot be tarred with the same brush .... I see it more as Israel trying to take over the Host Country of Palestine for their exclusive occupation .... Wiping the Country of Palestine completely OFF the face of the earth until there is just ISRAEL ..... It is just breathtaking how utterly EVIL this plan is ..... They are a Cancerous Virus which has mutated beyond recognition and is now taking over the Host .... Stabbing in the back the very people who shared their home with them .... They disgust me ...

    1. Absolutely 100% agree with you Anonymous..

      I realised recently when I read it that I had mistakenly used the word Jewish when what I meant was Zionist and Israelite...

      Thank you for pointing that out to me.... I have edited it to represent my real viewpoint...