Saturday, 17 November 2012

The sins of the father...

The Israelites have fallen into evil and have become as the devils which once so tormented their race. And there in the Promised Land with callous disregard for their own heartbreaking past, they heap atrocity upon atrocity on the heads of the hapless Palestinians, thus completing the cycle of abuse, father to son. Recycling the hate which near caused their own people’s terminal ending and sending it into the future with their own version of ‘Endlösung der Judenfrage’ The Final Solution of the Jewish Question.

And thus do the Survivors and the Sons of the Survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bełżec, Chełmno, Jasenovac, Majdanek, Maly, Trostenets, Sobibor, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen, Bogdanovka, Buchenwald, Dachau, Gonars, Gross-Rosen, Herzogenbusch, Janowska, Kaiserwald, Mauthausen-Gusen, Neuengamme, Rab, Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen, Sajmište, Salaspils, Stutthof, Theresienstadt, Uckermark, and Warsaw, seal their own children's doom by adopting the Nazi belief in The Übermensch, with themselves cast in the role of the Waffen-SS.

Peace can never be achieved across a river of children's blood.

The slaughter of Palestinian children by the Israeli military is not a remote and distant thing separate from the future of Israel, it is in the here and now. What the Israeli leaders do to others will eventually rebound upon their own children and the greater their perfidy the greater the cost in blood will be. This cycle of violence is unending because the Israeli people choose that it be so. They are the ones with tanks and war planes, they are the ones with a navy, they are the strong ones, they are the ones doing the majority of the killing, and for what? To slake a thirst for vengeance against the father of their own hatred?

The truth is that the People of Israel will never get the retribution they so obviously desire in their secret hearts. Hitler is dead at his own hand, and with his death died any chance that their hatred and desire for vengeance can be satiated. This is what hate does to the heart and soul, and it is what I believe lays at the core of the Israelites current insane actions and emulation of the German Nazi’s.

But that is opinion only.

What is certain is that right now, Palestinian children are dying at the orders of Benjamin Netanyahu who as a leader should [and does] know that sending missiles into heavily built up areas only ever results in killing the innocent, and that decision is a crime against humanity. I hope the children of Israel will not pay for his crime and instead reject the deviant behaviour of these Sons of Survivors.

“He who makes peace in His heights may He make peace upon us and upon all Israel; and say, Amen”.

Good Luck.

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