Monday, 31 December 2012


What is Peace if not an end to war and want?

Peace cannot be enforced upon the world by weapons of war, that kind of peace is fleeting and fragile and will in the end lead us all to the silence of a grave left unattended in a world without men. Security cannot be made real when the majority of the world’s populace are slaves to an all powerful global economic nightmare of riches for the few, poverty for the many.

That is not peace; that is not Security; it is the path of certain destruction. By making slaves you become a slave, by denying others the means to free themselves from the horror of poverty you doom yourselves to certain ruin. Such a system of economics has no inbuilt security; oh it may seem like affluence for a while but it is not. Instead it is a gradual slide back into the quagmire of barbarism and will lead us all to an inevitable global conflict which will kill this blue Earth and everything upon it.

But I hear you ask ‘What can we do’?

We must build a peace which removes from power forever, all those who seek to bind mankind to a cyclical economic war of plenty for the few, dearth and slavery for the many. We must build a peaceful future which enables mankind to live in partnership with the good Earth not rape it of all its bounty in the puerile pursuit of profit. We must build a peace which is Just and lasting for the majority, not for 50 years but for all time.
I believe this goal is doable but it requires of us all, courage, fortitude, fidelity, and the abandonment of greed.

Humans are not meant for slavery, bound to the yolk of grinding misery and want, we are meant to soar and reach for the stars. We were this brave once, let us be brave once more.

Happy New Year and Good Luck.

Kanjin Tor

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