Thursday, 13 December 2012

I am no Lefty

I have been accused of being a raging 'Lefty', but this is untrue. I am not a 'Lefty' I am anti Fascist.

I am for people before profit. I am for protecting the land before protecting the elite's bank balances.

I hate the Tories only because they are 1/ Fascists, 2/ Traitors, & 3/ Criminals.

Anybody who acts contrary to the good of The State [i.e. The People] with the intention to line their own pockets is clearly all three of these things.

My hatred of the Tories is not 'Lefty' politics, it is about Freedom from Tyranny, it is about freedom from poverty, it is about lifting up mankind to a higher plane of existence and abandoning the greed which is at the heart of this 'Empire of Evil' that the world’s elite have constructed around us for their sole benefit.

I am not a ‘Lefty’, I am a human being.

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