Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The actions of a civilised man.

At no time in the last one hundred years has the cause of freedom been more threatened, or mankind’s future more in danger of being destroyed than it is right now, and I say that in full awareness of all the horrors that went on during World War 2.
But these very real threats to our future peace and prosperity do not come from some foreign land; our doom is not sought by a Middle Eastern collective of crazed extremist Muslim tyrants.


The real doom of our time is fashioned in the powerhouses of international finance, in the banks of the super wealthy, in the hearts and minds of a coterie of the elite, a small exclusive group of people with a Despotic common interest in dominating the world through financial gangsterism.

To ensure their continued perfidious dominance over the lives of all of us they have lied, cheated, stolen, plundered, murdered, and committed bloody war all in the name of their pathetic voracious greed.

To any normal person with a brain and a conscience, they seem as cowards unable to step away from their privilege, determined to attack any who might suggest a different system of egalitarian, sustainable economics which could threaten this privilege. These conservative minds are nothing so much as thugs in suits who continue to rape the poor and call it ‘Capitalism’ in order that they might prolong their plunder of the wealth of the planet for their own miserable grasping ends.

But many of these criminals are the very ones to which much of the world’s population entrusted the governance of our globally interlinked systems in the first place. These people swore oaths to serve the people, to better the lot of all of us rather than the few of us. That they have so wickedly turned the peoples trust into personal profit at the expense of decency, fairness, and global prosperity is the greatest betrayal in the whole of human history.

Make no mistake; this is a global phenomena of all right wing conservative minds everywhere, and their greed has killed millions.

The ancients had a name for these types of men, they called them ‘Warlock’s’ and that is exactly what they are, ‘Oath breakers’.

It matters not whether you be a Banker or a Politician, to break the covenant of your office is to break your oath to serve the people and that crime above all others is ‘Treasonous’ and should be punishable by a life time spent in the deepest darkest hole of our prison systems.

In the meanwhile we the people need to start thinking more, start acting more, and start rebelling more against these global criminals, and doing whatever it takes to bring them low because, like it or not, the time is fast approaching in which it will be a choice between ‘us or them’.

I choose us, the indigent poor, the stepped on, the needy, the impoverished masses, and fuck anybody who thinks rebellion is not civilised.

Rebellion is the last true act of a civilised man.

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