Thursday, 20 December 2012

The art of Bamboozalationism

Plunder has long been the reason for War. It enriches you and strips your enemies of vital assets that will enable them to fight back.

When the Bankers stole £1.6 Trillion from the British economy they did not commit Theft, they committed Treason. It was a planned & deliberate attack designed to put ‘The People’ into Penury and consign them to continued economic slavery without the means to fight back against the Elite who organised the perfidy in the first place.

It was and continues to be the greatest crime in human history because [and here is the key] they are literally killing millions each year in order to feed their greed and lust for power.

‘Freedom of The People’ is the thing The Elite fear more than anything else. Everything that is happening currently is because too many people were becoming free. Free to think, free to spread ideas, free to spread data across our new means of communication, a means of communication which is beyond The Elite’s control, and that more than anything they cannot allow to go unchallenged.

Every time you see a whistle-blower put in prison or vilified in the mainstream propaganda newspapers and media you have to remember that our enemy is seeking ever more ways to make us doubt ourselves. This doubt you must resist.

We will all make mistakes and errors of judgement; that is what it is to be a human being.

We will also be deliberately misled and tricked into foolish and ill-considered words and action, that is something the enemy seeks to do constantly, that is their nature, deception is their great skill and they have had centuries to perfect their art from. Do not be disheartened, instead remember ‘shit happen and not one of us is perfect’. Be gentle with each other when they screw up, remember they are on your side and just doing their best.

As to The Adversary? 

All you can do is keep fighting, keep sharing ideas, and keep challenging their domination. Men must be free or die, it was ever thus.

Good luck.

 Kanjin Tor

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