Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tweeting out loud.

“We are the truth we want to be, this is why hard facts have never gotten in the way of brutal ideologies” – Kanjin Tor

“Truth; like shit, is soft and usually stinks. Give me harsh solid facts every time” – Kanjin Tor 

“Civilisations die when The Rich believing they are untouchable no longer fear The Poor. Thus is the seed of all revolution germinated” – Kanjin Tor

“You may imagine yourself a God, untouchable by the Vox Populi. But in truth you are only 7.62 millimetres away from oblivion” – Kanjin Tor

“Everywhere you look, Governments are using brutal violence against people rightfully protesting against Bankers continued criminality” – Kanjin Tor

“The People of the world are crying out for an end to this economic assault on Democracy” – Kanjin Tor

“Everywhere Governments are using brutal violence and imprisonment against people rightfully protesting against their criminality” – Kanjin Tor

“The poor of the world are now under constant attack by a elite super rich who control all the media, the governments, banks, and the courts” – Kanjin Tor

“Across the globe the elite are suppressing the people with economic slavery, violence, imprisonment, torture, or war” – Kanjin Tor

“The Poor learn their hatred at the altar of a rich man’s excess.” – Kanjin Tor 

“Every time they spend money on ways to kill people they condemn another generation to suffer in wars they did not start” – Kanjin Tor 

“I find it ironic that the most profitable trades to be in are also the most shady and are populated by the morally insolvent” – Kanjin Tor

“I know it’s not a deep insight or even a new one, but the insatiable greed of the conservative mind will be the death of us all” – Kanjin Tor

“Who but the sons of rich men could rule the plebiscite with such open malice and odium as these Tory Patricians do?” – Kanjin Tor

“The privileges of the rich ensure the continued enslavement of the poor. It was ever thus” – Kanjin Tor

“The young of Britain must unite and depose these villains in power, or suffer an age of darkness that will last for centuries” – Kanjin Tor

"Never waste your time debating with collaborators, it semi-legitimises their treasonous criminality and will change nothing" - Kanjin Tor

“Men without conscience care naught for those they harm. Such men we name a ‘Sociopath’ and banish them from society” – Kanjin Tor 

“To effectively conspire to keep a secret that has been already exposed one must first create the fiction of a conspiracy” – Kanjin Tor 

“A cover up is not designed to keep a secret; it is calculated to hide the truth of the conspiracy” – Kanjin Tor

"A Herald of Darkness is coming and with him he brings an Apocalypse. The time to stand against Fascism is now" - Kanjin Tor

“The aim of the super elite is ‘compliance or die’ and you are too frightened to admit that you are their slave” – Kanjin Tor

“All ‘good society’ is local. ‘Civilisation’ is just another word for an Empire with slaves” – Kanjin Tor

“In the history of mankind there has never been a moment such as this, where mass communication between people is made instantly possible by Social Media, free from the interference of those who rule the world. The People of the world must seize this tool of emancipation and use it to overthrow once and for all time the elite who have for so many centuries destroyed the lives of the common man for their own personal profit” – Kanjin Tor

 “Mankind currently teeters on the precipice between the freedom of True Democracy and the utter darkness of Total Fascism” – Kanjin Tor

“Abolishing political representation and forming a Plebiscite Democracy is a good step towards a lasting and peaceful civilisation” – Kanjin Tor

“To successfully conspire to keep a secret that you know for certain has been exposed, create a paradoxical conspiracy” – Kanjin Tor 

"If those in Government cause the death of even one of its own citizens then they should be publicly executed for treason" - Kanjin Tor

"Those who govern us fear every day that the plebiscite will wake up to the perfidious crimes that they commit against the common man" - Kanjin Tor

“Achieving justice in the Courts of their Law is rare; it’s more likely that the verdict has been bought or the witnesses butchered” – Kanjin Tor

“Justice is a made up word which the Elite bandy about as a placebo to mollify the stupid plebeians” – Kanjin Tor

“Bankers don’t go to prison they go to the Bahamas” – Kanjin Tor

“I have come to the sad conclusion that we must have a Global Revolution to oust the criminal elite who rule this world, but that it will only happen after these pigs cause their next global war. It will take that cataclysmic event to awaken the indolent and cowardly masses” – Kanjin Tor

“You are either for Liberty and fighting against the current global system of Fascism or you are a collaborator” - Kanjin Tor

“Is there anything more contemptible than a Fascist Tory? Yes; those who know what they are but are too cowardly to fight back” – Kanjin Tor

“Breathing matters little for it is common enough, but to breathe life into our Liberty? Ah now, there’s the thing” – Kanjin Tor

“There has never been a King who was not also a murderer” – Kanjin Tor

"Have no delusion that these Tory Scum will show you mercy, for they won’t. They are insane Sociopath’s and have no empathy" – Kanjin Tor

“It is a terrible thing to have to admit, but the truth is that Eugenics is the guiding principle of all Conservative policy” – Kanjin Tor

“To follow political dogma against all logic marks you as a fool. But to pursue it at the cost of people’s lives is Treasonous” – Kanjin Tor

“Our natural heritage is that of Saxon freemen not enforced serfdom to the ancestors of robber Barons” – Kanjin Tor

"When will we have Justice"? When we force politicians to fight and die in wars and suffer the injustices of poverty" - Kanjin Tor

"Compassion is a Virtue that goes unrewarded by The Elite" - Kanjin Tor

“When Justice can be bought men are made slaves” – Kanjin Tor

“Who are these men that imagine up poverty for the majority, comfortable terror for a minority, and riches for the few” – Kanjin Tor

“No man ever born got rich in the vacuum of solitary effort” - Kanjin Tor

"The only thing our Universities teach the young is 'Obedience'. Sadly; you can only ever understand this truth when your old" - Kanjin Tor

"Godwin's so called 'Law' is for imbeciles. If Leaders don’t wish to be compared to Adolf Hitler they should not act like him" - Kanjin Tor

“When the police have guns and the public has none the rise of a totalitarian state is eventually guaranteed” - Kanjin Tor

“The only real purpose guns serve in the modern world is to kill humans. Arming the Police is the first step towards genocide” – Kanjin Tor

“A government that arms its police is intent on butchery” – Kanjin Tor

“Governments fear their citizenry far more than they dread war. The arming of the Police bears witness to this truth” – Kanjin Tor

“You don’t ask your oppressor to stop tyrannizing you” – Kanjin Tor

"If Justice is the exclusive domain of the rich then it is certain we live in a Tyranny" - Kanjin Tor

“Capitalism is war dressed up as peace, and the main beneficiary of this peaceful war is the Arms Industry” – Kanjin Tor

“Capitalism is war dressed up as peace” – Kanjin Tor

“In Peacetime the Arms Industry makes huge profits. In Wartime the Arms Industry makes huge profits. Killing people is a profitable business” – Kanjin Tor

“The Arms Industry is willing to sell you the means of your own destruction. They call this idea The Free Market Economy” – Kanjin Tor

“When a Arms Company sells weapons to a vicious regime and it fail to pay for the weapons the British tax payer covers their Losses” – Kanjin Tor

“Only morons would pay for a weapon which could ensure their own annihilation. This precisely sums up our position on Trident” – Kanjin Tor

“You have to be a simpleton or a evil bastard to accept the idea that you can ensure your future safety by killing other people’s children” – Kanjin Tor

“When a Government attacks any section of its own citizenry they are committing an act of Sedition against The State”? – Kanjin Tor

“The People are The State. When a Government attacks The People they are committing Treason and should be treated as Turncoats” – Kanjin Tor

"In a land ruled by Liars telling the Truth is treason, revealing the Truth to others is incitement to rebellion" – Kanjin Tor


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