Sunday, 2 December 2012

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“In my experience most ‘Great Men’ spend their days in quiet anonymity” – Kanjin Tor

"That people are dying because of their choices matters little to the Tory Elite. As long as it is not their children that do the dying life is good" - Kanjin Tor

“If you should go looking for principles in politics then you will need the following. A time machine and perseverance”. – Kanjin Tor

“Let no man seek the truth who is not also willing to speak it or die” – Kanjin Tor

“There is no difference between putting a gun to a man’s head or causing him economic ruin. Both are acts of extreme violence” – Kanjin Tor

“Let those who seek office instead be caged; history shows us that such people are the enemy of Democracy and seek only to enslave the people” – Kanjin Tor

“You may determine the true character of a politician by constancy of his deceptions” – Kanjin Tor

 “Those who seek to impose their will upon you are universally criminal. If you do not oppose them you are a coward; it’s that simple” – Kanjin Tor

“Life is too short to listen to the lies of politicians” – Kanjin Tor

“Our current rulers should be incarcerated; they have proven themselves Quisling” – Kanjin Tor

“The lives of rich children are made easy by their father’s repression of the poor. This is why the poor show no mercy to them when they rise” – Kanjin Tor

“There are no sincere men in government only opportunists and survivors; the electorate would do well to remember that fact” – Kanjin Tor

“Those who seek high office should instead be imprisoned; history proves repeatedly that they are the true enemies of Democracy” – Kanjin Tor

David Cameron. Sir. Your base perfidious nature is a stain on the character of this Nation; I name you Traitor and an enemy of the people. Sincerely - Kanjin Tor

“To purposely cause the fiscal ruin of millions of Britons whilst extending their personal wealth at our expense is an act of wickedness” – Kanjin Tor

“Truly ‘Great Men’ do not seek accolades or high office, and only accept them in extremis” – Kanjin Tor

“Facts are a stranger to the lips of politicians” – Kanjin Tor

“If you look too carefully at the policies of any Government you will be classed as a radical, a terrorist, or insane” – Kanjin Tor

 “When men have nothing left to lose they become as lions, the ruler who forgets this is a walking dead man” – Kanjin Tor

“Desperate men fear nothing” – Kanjin Tor

“Your fears are an elixir to the Elite; it’s how they sustain their existence. The only way to conquer such men is to first conquer yourself” -Kanjin Tor

“A Government is Evil if it uses any violence on, or removes liberties from, or imposes any restrictions on the freedom of its own electorate”  – Kanjin Tor

“This Earth does not belong to a few Super Elite rich slavers but to all of us and it’s worth fighting and dying for” – Kanjin Tor

“Our fear is the Elites ‘elixir of life’ and it is how they sustain their hold over Nations. But it is an Djinn and you must conquer it” – Kanjin Tor

“When men have nothing left to lose they become as lions” – Kanjin Tor

“The rich have always excused their gluttony by saying that the fault lays with the poor who are lazy and jealous of their wealth” – Kanjin Tor

“The Rich have always maligned The Poor with labels such as Lazy or Sponger. It's how they excuse their unconscionable behaviour” – Kanjin Tor

When a rich man says that the poor man is jealous of his wealth what he is really saying is “I stole my money from the poor man” – Kanjin Tor

“The poor don’t care if you are rich, they care that they are deliberately kept poor” – Kanjin Tor

“There is no sanctuary that can shield you from change” – Kanjin Tor

“Any Government must be considered Evil when through deliberate choice it allows any of its citizens to die” – Kanjin Tor

“Killing tyrants is not optional it is mandatory” – Kanjin Tor

“The security of a Nation is not measured by the power of its Military but instead by the welfare of its poorest citizen” – Kanjin Tor

“The Super Rich have always accused the Poor of being Lazy. They do so in order to rationalise their own greed. Thus has it ever been” – Kanjin Tor

“It is strange that the poor [who statistically work the hardest in this country] are always accused of being Lazy by the Tory Elite” – Kanjin Tor

“Modern Governments create war, debt, fear, confusion, and poverty. Little wonder they fear and hate the poor” – Kanjin Tor

“For two millennia The Elite have forced their Oligarchy on us. To be free of their evil we must force Democracy on them” – Kanjin Tor

“I don’t care if you are rich but I do care if you keep others purposely poor” – Kanjin Tor

“A Government must be considered wicked when it intentionally allows its citizens to die” – Kanjin Tor

“It is the poor who in reality work the hardest in any country, yet it is the poor who are always accused of being Lazy” – Kanjin Tor

“Our countries vital interests” is no longer a viable justification for our Government to make friends with Tyranny. – Kanjin Tor

“We each of us have a choice; stand up to injustice or be a coward, it’s that simple” – Kanjin Tor

“Ideology is a sure way to get people killed” – Kanjin Tor

“The Elite rule because the poor let them live; but this temperance that the poor show their masters is provisional” – Kanjin Tor

“History shows us that when the poor have had enough of the greed and malevolence of the Elite, they show little mercy” – Kanjin Tor

“Britain is in all but name a fascist state based on the pseudoscience of Eugenics, with the poor as slaves” – Kanjin Tor

“Historically the poor kill their greedy malevolent rulers when they can’t feed their children; time for a little history perhaps” – Kanjin Tor

“I believe that when the wealth of a Nation is controlled by a few greedy men it is time for the people to overthrow the system” –Kanjin Tor

“When the riches of a Nation are taken as profit for a corrupt Elite, it is time for the people to take it back by force” –Kanjin Tor

“Underneath the skin of a hardened criminal and you will find a politician” –Kanjin Tor

“Tyranny makes cowards of parents” – Kanjin Tor

“Few are valiant in the face of fiscal ruin; at such times the true face of our rulers is exposed as their excess takes over” – Kanjin Tor

"It seems to me that when Governments can find £900 billion to buy planes to bomb humans they should be able to find £15 billion to help humans" - Kanjin Tor

“Do not let politicians persuade you that National Security demands a temporary removal of freedoms; they are never temporary” – Kanjin Tor

“When a political system collapses rulers always employ terror against their countrymen in a vain attempt to keep hold of power” – Kanjin Tor

“If the Poor are as lazy as the Tory Elite have always claimed, what exactly does a Tory El’eat” – Kanjin Tor

“The so called Elite claim it is the idle Poor who are the cause of their pecuniary excesses. Funny how the criminal always blames the victim” – Kanjin Tor

“Our rulers claim the Poor are lazy and the source of their financial extremes. Criminals always blame the victims” – Kanjin Tor

“Men who deem other men as nothing but chattel have sacrificed any pity I might have for their fate” – Kanjin Tor

“War is always the choice of the Super Elite; no peasant ever declared war on another peasant, they have enough tyranny at home” – Kanjin Tor

“War is the choice of the rulers not the peasant” – Kanjin Tor

“I believe politicians who opt for war when we could have peace should be executed as a traitors. War should be in extremis only” – Kanjin Tor

“We can only ever establish the true nature of a politician by the fidelity with which he keeps to his pledges after he gains power” – Kanjin Tor

“Wars are always the choice of the rich not the peasant. No poor man ever declared war on another poor man, they haven’t the time” – Kanjin Tor

 “Politicians who deliberately cause poverty or the deaths of their own citizenry are traitors” – Kanjin Tor

“You can spend your whole life pleading with your oppressors to show you some compassion or you can return to them their mercy” - Kanjin Tor

"Hidden in a smog filled doorway, people walk past hurriedly, eyes averted from our collective shame, the cardboard child in a cardboard box" - Kanjin Tor

“The real disasters for humanity always start with too much pathetic acquiescence to the scheming authority of treacherous Governments” – Kanjin Tor

“If you want to live free from ‘fear privation and war’ rid yourselves of Politicians and Bankers” - Kanjin Tor

“Politicians choose to kill millions; perhaps it’s time the millions returned their mercy” -Kanjin Tor

“The truly catastrophic moments of history are always preceded by too much grovelling obedience to treacherous Governments by the people" – Kanjin Tor

“Our so called ‘Representative Democracy’ is a myth; what we have is an ‘Autocratic Oligarchy” ” – Kanjin Tor

Why is it that when an unethical political system collapses the stupid rulers always employ terror against their countrymen?

“Representative Democracy is a myth. It is instead a chimera of dreadful audacity and always turns into an oppressive Oligarchy” - Kanjin Tor

“Murder is not a new fangled modern day Governmental tactic; it is an age old Governmental policy” – Kanjin Tor

“The Oligarchy we live in is run by criminals who imagine they are the Elite of our society and can do as they please” – Kanjin Tor

“Fear is how the unhappily named ‘Super Elite’ sustain their hold over Nations. If you discard your fear they lose their power” – Kanjin Tor

“Courage is the only commodity the Elite cannot buy” – Kanjin Tor

“Fear is a lonely street to walk down” – Kanjin Tor

“Those who hate Democracy and would destroy it first seek to convince you that they are its guardians” – Kanjin Tor

“Courage is the only commodity the Elite cannot buy, fear nothing and be audacious in your bearing” – Kanjin Tor

“History teaches that those who seek high office are ever the enemy of the people” – Kanjin Tor

“Justice is a myth; there is revenge and there is forgiveness” – Kanjin Tor

“Religions are the shackles that enslave the cowardly and the stupid” – Kanjin Tor

“Allegiance to a system that profits the few at the expense of the many is not only evil but also treacherous” - Kanjin Tor

“There is Democracy and then there are systems of governance that has politicians. These latter are just degrees of Tyranny” – Kanjin Tor

“Show me a politician and I will show you a liar a thief and a murderer” – Kanjin Tor

“Courage is the vital force of the Poor; it feeds off their poverty and burns within them like a virtuous flame” – Kanjin Tor

“It is ironic that it is the so called ‘idle poor’ who always work the hardest in any country” – Kanjin Tor


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