Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Define 'Terrorism' you Imperial Fucks.

I knew ‘Death’ once
And I would with surly eye
And thick curled lip,
spit in his eye and laugh.

But that was long ago,
And I then very young
Walked in hubris across a darkened land
With assured foot
As tyranny feared my ‘fell visage’.

Come death...

These days
The Truth is less solid,
And it survives now
only in my dreams.
A golden age
That never was
A land of imperial Schemes.

For myself?

I live in the hope of
renewing once again
that fellowship with
friends long passed,
and seek out nought
but to see the peaceful
Golden shores at last.

Welcome Death...

You Civilians who ramble complacent
Through the graveyard
of our blood soaked ‘Democracy’?
know nothing of its true cost.

To our Masters it is nothing
but a random apostrophe!
To the mothers of this land
It’s a Grade A fucking Catastrophe,

For The Price is the blood of children!

They murder at a whim
They slaughter from on high
They rape and pillage
And steal our wealth
And leave us out to die.

Pitiable Death...

Define who the Terrorists are
It’s easy if you try..?
For we have become Death.
And the fault?
Is you and I.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Robbing Barons.

"When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon" - Thomas Paine

The Robber Barons of yesteryear did not fade away, instead they transmuted down through the generations to become the Neo-Liberal Politicians of today, and like those distant gangsters of old these thugs still torment the people of these lands from their lofty towers of privilege.

The establishment has its ‘Knights’ and we mere plebs must call them ‘sir’. Even when [as is the case of so many of these vermin] they steal from the Tax Payers of this land & are even jailed [for short penal sentences in an open prison of course – for only Plebs do Hard Time]. This is the world in which we Britons are forced to live, and make no mistake – there is a very real ‘Force’ that is routinely applied against us Plebeians here in this United ‘King’dom...

 I have said this many times but it is worth repeating – “The lords and Ladies of this land do not desire universal freedoms; that is counter to their flawed rationale that they must have and maintain ‘Dominion over us’ to do as they wish without hindrance or interruption from the ‘peasantry’ whom they think of as mere stock”. Now this is not hyperbole; the furious ranting’s of a working class ignoramus with a chip on his shoulder about their wealth! This is not that. This is about Justice, it is about Freedom, it is about Democracy, and it is about Survival.

The truth of this is made evident in the daily words and deeds of our *Masters* on what has become an almost routine smorgasbord of infamous villainy presented to us the people as mere japes, hi-jinks to be snorted at over our breaking fast. Habitually [it seems] - over the last two years we have seen fraud and criminality exposed to our public reproach without any punitive admonishment levied against these Criminals who, govern our Nation almost as a personal fiefdom. These Criminals [for that is what they be] are becoming ever more blatant in their misanthropic hatred towards ‘The People’; caring not a whit about being ‘found out’ or having their crimes exposed as scandalous. And of course - why would they care? Criminals do not care what people think of them, they are Criminals, and if they cared at all about our censorship they would not choose to be so openly Criminal, ‘post hoc ergo propter hoc’. This reality is a circular argument of such basic logic that surely, even the thickest most ignorant amongst us can grasp the truth of it?
 The simple fact is [unpalatable as it may be to your ears] that these Establishment Nobs do not work for a living, instead they have ‘Privilege’ - which is just an Establishment word for ‘Criminal Fraud and Theft of Tax Payers Money or Assets’.

The very term 'PRIVILEGE' which the Nobs in power use to camouflage their criminality is an interesting turn of phrase, it denotes a certain a advantage, a special right or immunity which is available only to a particular person or group of people from a certain caste, and it is held as a prerogative of Status of Rank to the Exclusion of all others.

I need not labour the point that this prerogative is something that they first ‘Gave to Themselves’ by the use of ‘Thuggery and Brutish Force’!

Let us be candid here, if we are to live in a Democracy - as is the desire of all sane human beings, - then in that Democracy it must be impossible for one man, or caste of society, to be placed higher than any other and have privileges which are denied to everybody else - who by their Logic must be ‘Less then they’... Privilege is about status, about I am better then you; it is about ‘my blood being better than your blood; it is about ‘Dominion’ and how they are Patricians and how you are Plebeians. In other words, ‘Privilege’ is about the continuation of criminality by a section of society who deems the rest of us as being ‘less worthy’....

And, ladies and gentleman, these people don’t give two figs for what you think – only that you ‘obey’.

Now you may be thinking ‘hang on, some of the Lords and Ladies got their Knighthood by merit, they worked hard and deserve to be thus Honoured’?

I tell thee truly that such thinking is flawed. Being honoured by The People is not the same as being ‘Honoured’ by The Nobs. By accepting a Knighthood from those whom you know to be involved in massive criminality, some of which involves the mass murder of other human beings, including the slaughter of children; [and it was ever thus] is tantamount to yielding license to those criminals to carry on with their evil actions. Furthermore; in accepting a title off them you have endorsed their past criminality and have granted them your immunity for their perverse rule and restricted any future rebuke you might wish to impose upon them for future crimes, because - in truth - it is a practical impossibility to punish oneself! What you have done in accepting their Knighthood in point of fact is, made an admission to the world at large – that you personally desire to join their criminal fraternity because you deem it an honour to be Honoured by them.

Is this about choosing a side? Your dam straight it is. You can be on the side of Democracy or on the side of ‘King’-dom, you can be a Republican desirous of a ‘Just and Democratic Union of British Citizens’ or you can be on the side of a Nation State based upon the age old ideology of Totalitarianism, of Despotism, of Monarchy, of Imperial Capitalism, of Neo-liberalism, all of which are just differing shades of ‘Fascism’.

There is no middle ground. You are a Fascist or a Democrat, all other political titles are a nonsense designed to cloud the arguments against Democracy. The Establishment has its Knights and their real purpose is to defend the Supreme Leader [be it Queen or Dictator] and their age old Mastery of this World – which was first established and is now maintained by Thuggery, Poverty, Universal Police Brutality, Famine, and War. And sadly, though God knows that I wish it were otherwise, the Master Criminals who now dominate show little inclination of abandoning those forms of control.

But all is not lost for we The People also have our Knights. Men and women who ride out every day to do battle with these darkened monsters that disguise themselves as Human. Men who bring down upon the Establishments criminality, the eyes of the world for censure, men and women who strive each day to reign in the power of these monsters who so pillage the world, men and women who fight daily to make a difference to all our lives in a multitude of ways. Young people, old people, white people, black people, poor people, and yes - even some rich people [though not enough]. All are fighting against the rising dark tide of Fascism; some are and have been well known to us such as Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, John Pilger, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Sophie Scholl. Of course the Dark Knights are routinely imprisoning such Heroes, or denigrating them with their vile propaganda ministries such as the BBC, & in some cases yes they are killing them... and to speak this truth may be crazy in a world dominated by such an Empire of Evil, but not to speak it is madness, for such cowardice will lead us all to ruin. But no matter how many they slaughter maim imprison of disappear there are always others and this constant challenge to their supremacy is something they cannot understand and it is a main cause for their Hatred of Mankind.

I am reminded once again today of the pernicious nature of these criminals that label themselves as Lords and Ladies, as The Daily Mirror published a story about the [allegedly inactive] Conservative Party Politician Paul Edward Winston White, also known as ‘Baron Hanningfield’ - who at the age of 73 and after having already been jailed for previous crimes [in an open nick et al] is still stealing thousands of pounds of Tax Payers money on a daily basis - openly claiming - when challenged over his behaviour  -‘that there are many others doing the same thing’!

Robber Barons indeed.

“I would rather suffer death then live a life of petty privilege in a State ruled by Fascists” – Kanjin Tor

Friday, 13 December 2013

Tributum Capitis

"Education is dangerous - every educated person is a future enemy" - Hermann Goering

The bastards in power love the Poll Tax, and the right wing bastards in power always try to implement it.

The bastards in power ‘now’ are the same set of bastards that were in power back in ‘Roman times’. Even then the vermin at the top tried to implement their hated Poll Tax [ Tributum Capitis ] and from those days to these, the Right Wing Bastards in power have been trying to screw the working man with this insidious and utterly unfair form of Taxation.

Tributum Capitis is their ‘Sacred Cow’, and they will never abandon it. No matter how many times we ‘The People’ tell them that The Poll Tax it is wrong, or refuse to pay it– or riot – or enter into Rebellion against its imposition, the Fascist Bastards who run the world will always, ALWAYS – return to this evil form of Taxation.

For two thousand years this has been going on; do you understand that? For two thousand years!

For two thousand years they have been attacking the ordinary man and stealing their lands then imposing their Poll tax upon a defenceless populace, who must pay or be enslaved [as if being invaded and having their land seized from them was not enslavement enough]. Back then they enslaved the common man to their whimsy by the threat of physical brutality, and at the merest suspicion of dissent they killed and plundered the populace with such cruelty that it was known across the world ‘Pay Your Taxes or Die’.

So let us here - speak those truths that we all know so well, but of which we usually avoid speaking out loud for fear of reprisal – for it is no different now. If you rebel in anyway against their vile Statutes, no matter how mild your refusal might be, the Fascists at the top [and they are Fascists, let us call them what they are, let us at least have that amount of courage] will pound you with merciless cruelty.

And we can bear witness to this ‘Absolute Truth’ for as we speak, in the halls and corridors of Universities across the land, the Establishment’s Blackshirts are pounding our children into the ground with vicious brutality with orders from up high to ‘Crush this Rebellion’... And It is no wonder that they should target our Kids in University; the last thing the Fascists want is for our Kids to grow up with the ability to think ‘Critically’. Thus - using propaganda, a dearth of privilege and and a excess of poverty - they turn Father's and Mothers against their own kids by calling the rebels ‘intellectuals’ or ‘soft’ or some other derogatory form of slander such as ‘rioter’ designed purely to divide and conquer the masses as they set us all the one against the other.

It is little surprise then that vile ‘Nationalism’ works so effectively as a tool of The State when the ordinary man has had his critical thinking stomped on for nigh on two thousand years.

But this is not new, nothing is new; the set of bastards in power now are from a long line of rotten brutish bastards. And whenever – such as in the case of Wat Tyler -  a hero steps forwards to lead a civic rebellion against their pernicious evil, he is singled out and crushed – PUBLICLY – AS A WARNING TO ALL – and the warning of course is - ‘here lays the corpse of he who sought to overthrow our dominion and return power to The People’.

Edward Snowden is Wat Tyler, Chelsea Manning is Wat Tyler, Sue Marsh is Wat Tyler, anybody standing up to these bastards and putting himself on the line is Wat Tyler, and we must all expect that these Fascist bastards in power across the world will seek out a way to crush us if we dare to desire to be ‘Free of Them’.

Make no mistake, this is not a silly bit of civil unrest that we are going through right now, this is a Global War - carried out against the ordinary man by a Evil Empire of Imperial minded Gangsters and the rules of War apply; and I can tell you, there are no rules in war [despite what the politicians and movies tell you], there is win or lose. Therefore I suggest to you that the only thing left for us to do, is to eradicate them once and for all time in the same brutal manner that they have so routinely chosen to attack us The People, ‘By Any Means’. These are their Rules... they have taught us time and again that ‘The End Justifies their Means’ and we should abide by their Rules.

 Rebellion against Tyranny must be ‘Mandatory Behaviour’ if you wish to live in a Civilised Society.

Of course you may wish to continue living in their Dystopia as a cowardly slave. You may think that The Blackshirts beating our Kids with Batons is an acceptable price to pay for the establishment not to attack you personally. You may not have any courage and thus deem a life of demeaning serfdom better than principled rebellion? If so you are wasting oxygen and when they Tax you for the Air you breath you deserve your fate.

Make no mistake the choices left to us are, ‘Life as a Slave’, or ‘Death as a Free Man’.

Choose now.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

An evil tide.

“Do You Love This Country”?
‘Ah there’s the rub?
Whether it is safer
to live as rosy grub.

Or to rage against those Turncoat’s
who so oppress the people,
at the behest of our Master’s
whose intent is always evil.

And thus risk an early demise
or some other fate unseen,
This is the lamentable choice
of our broken dream.

To choose to live a craven life
As such as might occur,
and thence to die
[in grand dotage]
as such as might a Cur.

For it merits’ non to live so long,
that they see the shadow
of their own dread fear,
catch up with them in their
pitiable declining years.

I tell thee all truly,
That no man, whomsoever he may be,
Can stand alone against a sea of woe
When the tide inexorably...

Closes over his desperate head,
And flushes down his gullet,
For ‘tis hard to breath their ‘perfidy’
I’d rather take their bullet.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

“Do You Love This Country”?

"It has long been self-evident that whoever expresses doubt about the Führer, criticizes him and his actions, spreads disparaging news or vilifies him, is without honour and worthy of death. Neither standing nor rank, nor personal circumstances or other grounds can exculpate such a case. In the most difficult, deciding period of the war, whoever expresses doubt about the final victory and thereby causes others to waver, has likewise forfeited his life!" – Statement from the Headquarters of the Geheime Staatspolizei. [GESTAPO] and the office of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler

“Do You Love This Country”?

This was ‘The Question’ asked of Mr Alan Rusbridger, the Editor of The Guardian Newspaper by the Labour Member of Parliament Mr Keith Vaz.

“Do You Love This Country”?

Then came the aptly named Mr Mark John Reckless, a Conservative Member of Parliament whose pathetic attempts to savage Mr Rusbridger looked nothing so much as a petty teenager talking ‘smack’ in an effort to make himself look big in front of his mates as he blustered his false outrage for the cameras. But then again Mr Reckless is a Tory, a Civilian, and an Idiot, and that is what such creatures do. But for now let us concentrate our gaze upon the aforementioned MP for Leicester East, Mr Keith Vaz, [and no I am not overlooking that this was a deliberate double team tactic of the establishment to make it look as if both Left and Right the of political divide, are somehow virtuously outraged by The Guardians publications] because Mr Vaz has asked a Question, and it deserves an Answer.

You see - what is important for you dear reader, is that you understand just who the players are and what their ‘character’ is, and in the cases of Mr Vaz we find him wanting.

Keith Vaz is deep in the pockets of ‘The Establishment’, so much so that it would be ‘very fair’ to say that he is literally a part of it. If you look at his history you will find that Vaz repeatedly acts in a manner which you and I might refer to as ‘Dishonourable’. This is a man who led a march against the author Salman Rushdie at the height of the Murderous Fatwa issued against him by Iran and the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, calling on Mr Rushdie to be killed by British Muslims for daring to write a ‘Book’ [you can probably see where this is going right?]. Vaz subsequently called this march and his speech at the rally ‘one of the greatest days in the History of Islam and Great Britain’. It did not matter to Vaz that he had promised Mr Rushdie his support before he set out to slaughter him in a public forum, oh no - he had a platform to voice his hate and he took it. And what is more, and to the eternal shame of The Labour Party, they stood by Mr Vaz and let him remain within their corrupt fold. It did not matter that he was stood in front of people screaming for the death of a writer, it did not matter that he was making a speech which basically was against the freedom of the very speech he was giving. New-Labour had their man and they stood by him. “Do You Love This Country” asks Vaz?

Then there is the small matter of the Filkin Inquiry in which Mr Vaz was accused of accepting several thousand pounds which he subsequently failed to ‘Declare’ from the solicitor, Sarosh Zaiwalla. He was eventually ‘censured’ for one of the allegations with Ms Elizabeth Filkin further accusing Vaz of blocking her inquiry into 18 other allegations. “Do You Love This Country” asks Vaz?

Then there is the seedy case of Eileen Eggington for which Keith Vaz MP was suspended from the House of Commons for a month after the Committee on Standards and Privileges found that he had made false [LIED] allegations against Eileen Eggington, a former policewoman and part of Special Branch. This whole sorry Saga involved secret payments from thr Caparo Group, Contempt for The Houses of Parliament, and well frankly, connections -business and other with so many Lords and Ladies of questionable legitimacy as to make one want to vomit from the picture of Hypocrisy the man emanates. “Do You Love This Country” asks Vaz?

Then there is the ‘Expenses Scandal’ [which was not really a ‘Scandal’ but more a Heist carried out by criminals who attempted [successfully] to defraud the Tax Payers out of money. I am not even going to bother trying to explain the man’s expense claims, I’m not sure I could. It is enough to say that out of 647 MP’s he came in at 45th position with a total expenses claim for the period of 2008/2009– wait for it – wait for it - £173,937. Because – after all - why the hell not eh? “Do You Love This Country” asks Vaz?

And if all this was not enough [and I seriously suggest you go look into his past and his connections] the man is a supporter of Homeopathy, [a pseudoscience whose remedies are universally found to be nothing more than a placebo for the gullible]. This is something he clearly believes in strongly, so much so that he has signed several early day motions in Parliament in support of further funding for this Pseudoscience within the NHS in order to aid the Conservative Member of Parliament Mr David Arthur Stephen Tredinnick who sponsored these bills [and by the by, whose other great belief system is Astrology - for which Mr Tredinnick bought computer software. And can you guess who paid for it? That is right... us - The Tax Payer.

“I love this Country, do You Love This Country” asks Keith Vaz?

The Nazi's had Special Courts like the one Mr Rusbridger sat in on Monday - they called them Sondergericht; and in these courts they charged people with the crime of 'wehrkraftzersetzung' [subversion of the war effort and Sedition]. One of the questions they asked was “Do you love your country”?

That is not 'love Mr Vaz, that is treason.

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Blackest of Fridays.

In memory of Dorothy 'Cherry' Groce; an innocent Black Woman shot through the lungs and spine and paralyzed from the waist down by The Police for no reason other than she was Black [despite what the MSN might tell you] and all the other Black Britons who have died in ‘Police Care’.

The Blackest of Fridays.

Not being a shopaholic [because I am a/ a man from the 60’s - b/ disabled and - c/ poor] I had never heard of Black Friday until this morning when watching Mark McGowen’s [The Artist Taxi Driver] daily rant.
My first thought was ‘What the fuck is Black Friday’? I have to admit that I was kind of hoping it was a ‘National Day of Remembrance’ to mark the many and wonderful things our black brothers and sisters have done for this Nation; alas it was not to be. Apparently ‘Black Friday’ is the Friday following the American holiday of ‘Thanksgiving’ and it is considered, in the USA, to be the beginning of the ‘Christmas shopping season’. Personally I never knew Christmas had a fucking shopping season, I thought it was one of those terrible chores that one does which you undertake with a weary heart.

Turns out I was wrong.

Now I don’t like being wrong, let’s face it - who does? But being wrong about this particular subject has filled my day up with a repugnance and hatred for a section of humanity that I usually reserve for cretins who vote for the chains of their own enslavement [Working Class Tories] oh - and pumpkins [The Foodstuff of Satan].

It seems on the night before Black Friday, millions of Worthless Morons from around Great Britain have started to follow this American Tradition of going down to their local Superstore, pitch a tent, and doss out in a sleeping bag over night in damp freezing conditions in order that they might be the first people through the doors of said store to purchase some equally worthless moronic item to fill their vacuous pathetic lives, and has nothing at all to do with the magnificent achievements of British black people such as Mary Secole, or Mary Prince, or Courtney Pine, or Shirley Bassey, or Pablo Fanque, or Baron Learie Nicholas Constantine, or the thousands of black soldiers who served [and died] under the Union Jack for Britain during two world wars. ‘Black Friday’ as it turns out - is about ‘Shopping’.

There was of course another possibility which I briefly considered, and that was that ‘Black Friday’ was a ‘National Day of Remembrance’ set aside to honour all the victims of Austerity, all the homeless people suffering the onset of a bitter, life threatening winter. A day set aside to remember all the people made redundant by these criminal Conservative Politicians and their Masters in The Banks who have stolen 42 Trillion Dollars from the people of the world whilst at the same time vilifying the poor out of work citizens that they stole from in the first place. I thought – ‘perhaps the world is turning and we are going to remember all the pensioners who have died because of the greed of all these capitalistic whores who sold their souls for a few dollars more, perhaps we will have a day to remember the dead who have been murdered by these cunts in Government, hounded to death by their Agents in ATOS’? But no – it’s all about ‘Shopping’ and your greed and you desire for that useless fucking piece of tat that these cunts sell you with its ‘built in obsolescence’ so that soon enough you will have to replace your purchase with another equally defunct piece of shit. I mean for fucks sake – sort yourselves out; because if you are buying into this ‘Black Friday’ buy buy buy shit - you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

But it is not all bad.

Across the world in a global endeavour, the so called ‘Hackers’ of the Collective known as Anonymous; [who in reality are just ordinary citizens ranging from ages 15 to 70] are staging a massive cooperative, loosely organised, effort to help homeless victims of the Elites ‘Imposed Poverty and Austerity’ through the forthcoming  winter. Within a few short weeks, what started out on a IRc chat room, an idea bandied about between three ordinary guys, has turned into a global operation to save lives in multiple cities in over 12 different countries, and it is an Operation that is growing daily! This is called ‘Operation Safe Winter’.
What – you hadn’t heard about this on the BBfuckingC?


Well you’re not likely to either; it does not fit within their tightly ‘state controlled fascist narrative’. The Mainstream News Media likes to portray ‘People Activists’as loonies or as a threat to society, or as deranged ‘conspiracy theorists’ or - as in the case of the Occupy Movement or the ‘Anti-Frackers’ - as Terrorists.  This is a closely controlled attempt by our Government to convince you that MORONS who are down at your local Tesco or Wal-Mart camping out overnight  to buy their pathetic cheap arsed Televisions’ and hair products are all ‘good people’ whilst the people ‘Camping Out Overnight’ trying to save the world from Bankers, Fracker, and Pillagers - are bad people; so that when these bastards in Government send in their Blackshirts to beat up the protestors you will sit on your apathetic arse and accept their disgusting reprehensible behaviour of social repression.

Black Friday should be about Martin Luther King, or about George Washington Carver, or about Mary McLeod Bethune, or Booker Taliaferro Washington, or Olaudah Equiano, or Sir Bill Morris, or the wonderfully named Randolph Turpin, or Ignatius Sancho, or Fred D'Aguiar, or Viv Anderson, or political working class activist, orator, and rebel - William Cuffey [1788 – 1870] who campaigned for ‘WORKERS RIGHTS’ - who was betrayed by a Government spy [ring any modern day bells anybody] and was subsequently deported to Tasmania as a prisoner [SLAVE] where eventually he was Pardoned but where he chose to stay and where he continued to campaign for democracy and workers rights up until the moment of his death [in absolute poverty] in the town of Hobart.

These are the great men and women that ‘Black Friday’ should be about. These are the people we should be remembering instead of sitting in a tent desperately clinging to our vacuous avaricious desire to purchase another pointless item of consumer rubbish.

Black Friday should be about Honouring Brave Black Men and Women who strove in one way or another to better themselves against all the odds, and in some extraordinary cases - make a real difference to this world for the betterment of all.

Instead it is about your love of ‘Shopping’. What a contemptible existence that must be...!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Transference of Evil

The Conservative Party has issued forth its 'Racist' electioneering jingle about 'Migrants and how they will come to grips with this non-existent problem'.

It’s an interesting fact that our Politicians habitually spew out phony prose about how much they personally ‘abhor racism’ to the voting public via the medium of their State Controlled News Media, then include - within their unsavoury condemnations of others, the word ‘But’.

If you want truth... if you really want the whole truth read on... however be warned - I am not going to be polite nor spare your feelings.

Routinely throughout History when Politicians are about to do something ‘Morally Reprehensible’ they start talking about ‘Values’ or ‘Democracy’ or ‘Protecting our Freedoms’.
The next step in this tried and tested method of Bamboozlery, is that they stand on a stage some-place and drape themselves in their National Flag. Then using it as a ‘Holy Shroud’ in an attempt to cover the magnitude of their sins with its Nationalistic Aura, they lend unto themselves a ‘false divinity’ so that their vile rhetoric of hate - which basically goes along the lines of - “Migrants should be The Number 1 concern of every Citizen” is made somehow - more real - more inspired – more Holy!

In this way, and by association, do they hope to compromise their people’s integrity. By passing onto the people the consequences of their vile decisions [as though the public ever really had a choice in what these ‘Master Criminals’ do] they seek to spread any future blame for their vicious and depraved actions against other Human Beings onto the general populace claiming that - “I only ever acted in The Peoples interests”. We should call this type of Politician by their true name - ‘Fascist Bastards’ and call their action what they really are - ‘The Transference of Evil’.

When any Politicians tells you that a ‘X War’ is vital to the national interest of our country, what they are really saying is - “Let’s go to Africa or some Middle Eastern Country, [you know - someplace that has absolutely no fucking chance of fighting back effectively, and can never – ever - invade Buckinghamshire] - and kill us some niggers”.

This is about ‘RAPE & PILLAGE’.

Do not let these Neo-Liberal [Fascist] Politicians use our Flag for their Racist Agendas. The Truth is. though all wars are ‘Racist Wars’ what they are really fuelled by is a ‘politicians’ personal greed and his or her lust for power. And do not be twisted into their narrative by their ‘oh so un-cunning’ use of religion. These vermin support Islamic extremists in one country but bomb the hell out of them in another. They sell out Christian values with one hand but brutally enforce them with the other. They use Religion as both Honey and Baton; and it is all bullshit. War is about profit and control, and we, all of us, here or abroad, black or white, Islamic, Christian, Jew or Gentile, are all the victims of Warlords.

You have heard me say this many times but it is worth repeating - “The aim of all Government is perpetual war”. It does not matter whether they call themselves ‘Conservative, or Liberal Democrat, or Labour, or Ukip, they are all exactly the same. And this remains true in other nations where - using a variety of labels to muddy the colour of their political beliefs, they are all of them - exactly the same as here in Great Britain. 

They are all Fascists.

These people have exactly the same agenda wherever they might reside - be they in America, Germany, India, Britain, Australia, Israel, Iran, wherever! It is the age old Agenda of ‘The Master Race’, and here is some news for you... ‘You and I are not included’.

The Whole Truth is this...

‘If you buy into their rhetoric, if you believe a single word these Fascist Conservative Bastards tell you, then you are a Racist, Bigoted, Ignorant, Coward’; but what is more - you are also a Collaborator.  But guess what? Your mewling compliance to their Dominion will still not save you – and here’s why -

 “History proves time and again that Fascists always end up killing their own Citizens” – Kanjin Tor

We each of us earn our fate, the time to make a stand is now, or you can die like the pitiful dogs that they assume you to be.

Good Luck.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Two Worlds.

I believe that we are now a ‘Nation of Two Worlds’, and that the ‘Laws for The Rich’ are literally a World apart from the ‘Laws for The Poor’.

I believe that the Neo-Liberal Elite have set themselves the task, of creating a World in which, those at the bottom of the Economic Pile are ordered in such a manner as to be considered as mere chattel by the Elite, whose hate is manifest in their words, and by their actions towards the least amongst us...

They spare no sympathy or concern for the weak and infirm, no compassion is wasted upon the heads of The Poor, no thought is given to what their overreaching greed and lust does to the environment, and what this pursuit of Mammon means for the ecosystem of the World, and the People and animals therein who - must suffer their avaricious appetite for profit at the expense of their lives. Their cupidity is boundless; no place on Earth is so sacrosanct that it cannot be pillaged for a yield of a few measly Dollars. Nothing and no one is to be spared the consequence of their greed, except of course their children, but the rest of us can go to hell and to Devil with the hindmost!

Their ‘Rapaciousness’ is so inbred, so generationally ingrained that they deem the so called ‘Ordinary Man’ a beast of burden. Nothing so much as a undeserving, lazy, and altogether stupid oxen who must be whipped into shape to serve the needs of The Elite at the grinding mill of their golden temple.

‘The Poor are Poor because they are Lazy’. How many times have you heard this snippet of vile and unmerciful sophistry? “The Poor are undeserving because they lack imagination or refuse to take risks” they natter to themselves through the medium of The BBC and The Daily Mail; printing off some example of an extreme case of working class villainy to prove their point, as though every poor person chose their doom through idleness and indolence and not through a lack of education or ill chance.

The fact is simply this - These so called Elite think ‘Poverty is self inflicted because, having no scruples themselves, they imagine it is the same for others’. Thus they steal, defraud, dodge  their duties, lie, manipulate, conspire together, trick, bamboozle the plebiscite, and pay poverty wages, or enslave through debt, the ordinary man; and thenceforwards - consider themselves as ‘Clever’ for having garnered for themselves a fortune that they [or their grandfathers] pilfered from the rest of us.

We are a ‘Nation of Two Worlds’. The one where the top 5% sit pretty in their ivory towers looking down with disdain at the rest of us, reminding themselves with sneering condescension that they are ‘The Elite’ and deserve their dominant place in the world which they fashioned to suit. And the other where - struggle as you might - you will never be able to afford the house that you grew up in, or educate our children en-mass in their esteemed places of high learning.

Now some of you may be still under the illusion that you are part of some ‘Middling Class’. A people who through hard work and intellect have somehow scraped yourselves out of the danger zone of poverty, proud that you made it by being more hardnosed, more dog eat dog than the rest of us! I will leave you to your ignorant delusion for now, if you will allow that for The Poor a life of Poverty is not a choice or caused by laziness, but is a deliberate design by an Elite who choose through the false science of 'Trickle-Down Economics' to betray the human covenant of ‘co-operative work and sharing of the rewards’ such co-operation creates.

No man [save for perhaps a Writer], has ever gotten Rich all by themselves. This idea of a ‘Self-Made Man’ is ‘toilet water’ coloured blue by a disinfectant cube to hide the fact that it is still ‘toilet water’. The truth is – that Rich men got Rich because other men received a share less worthy of their effort. I do not know of any poor man who resents another man his riches. What they resent is that these rich men hoard the wealth created by the poor man’s hard labour and keep it solely for themselves. Thus do they deliberately, through self aggrandising gluttony, choose to keep for themselves a readily available Workforce, who being kept constantly poor - must choose between, slave wages or destitution [and possible untimely death not only for themselves, but also for their dependants].

This is not uncommon knowledge, this is not socialism, it is simple truth.

If you go look on The BBC Website you can find a classic bit of rationalization about ‘Poverty’ and how ‘Poor Relief’ was considered nothing so much as a way to ensure that Poor People had Large families.. I include here a passage of from their database.


“Since the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 relief had been available for the poor within their parish, financed by the poor rate (a tax based on land and buildings), with 'outdoor relief' and the workhouse. Outdoor relief provided payments for a range of needs, or relief in kind such as clothing and food, with the intent of enabling the able-bodied poor to remain at home.
The workhouse provided 'indoor relief', for the sick, elderly or orphaned - the 'impotent' poor who were unable to support themselves. The principle of settlement, established in 1662, meant that travelling paupers could be returned to their home parish, usually that of their birth for relief, unless they carried a certificate which promised that their parish would reimburse the parish where they became dependent.
By 1832 the practice of giving child allowances under this old ‘Poor Law’ was seen as encouraging large families while the alleged generosity of outdoor relief was seen as benefiting the feckless and reducing the resources available to the deserving poor”.


And this is what it still comes down to... who they [The Elite] deem as being ‘Deserving’!

To their squalid little minds - our current Rulers deem that anybody who is not part of their ‘Rich Eton White Boys Club’ must ergo be - in a descending order of place in society – ‘Quite intelligent but not born of the right blood so they can be our clerks’ - down to - ‘Plebiscite Scum who should tip their hats when we walk past and be grateful for any munificence or condescension we might spare them’. In their rotten little world view - anybody out of work ‘no matter the reason’ must be a ‘scrounging lazy good for nothing parasite’ who should be purged from their vision of society.

And I am not using Hyperbole here... this is not some horrible dream, the ramblings of some delusional Left Wing Anarchist; on Monday the 18th of November 2013 Boris Johnson has openly stated ““There is one minority that I still behold with a benign bewilderment, and that is the very, very rich” He went further and said “They are ‘Put upon victims like the Homeless and Irish Travellers’, they should get automatic knighthoods and our humble thanks”! 
Then there is Tory nob Jeremy Hunt who claims that the institution under which the majority of British People have been born under in the last 60 or so years ‘The NHS’ is a ‘60 year old mistake’ and deliberately underfunds and under staffs it so that you will accept his privatisation tactics as he gives it away to his friends behind closed doors making themselves even richer at our expense.
And then we come to Grant Shapps; a Tory MP investigated by the police who found evidence of criminal fraud, but for whom no penalty will be levied as The Police have refused to press any charges against him; presumably because ‘The Rich dance to different Laws than you or I, don’t they’?

And finally, almost as if to prove beyond any doubts that I am speaking the Absolute Truth – there is the Tory Peer ‘Lord Howard Flight’ who said in 2010 that  - “Welfare changes will encourage breeding" amongst poor people”.

The Bells of 1832 are ringing loud and clear in the Halls of Conservatism, I hope they are ringing in your ears too.

These people are not really people; they are Aliens and come from a different world, a World where the ‘Laws for The Rich’ are literally opposite to the ‘Laws for The Poor’.

We are ‘A Nation of Two Worlds’, and your struggles to survive in it are not an accident. They are the choice of Rich Men.

Good Luck.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

3 Missing Speeches

David Cameron's speech to Google Zeitgeist Europe 2006

"It's such a pleasure to be with you here today. And an honour to be speaking amongst such distinguished company. Gathered here at this fantastic event are many of the best minds and brightest talents in Europe.
Leaders in business, technology and the media. But whatever our backgrounds, and wherever we've come from, we're all here because we're interested in the same thing. The future.

And how we can better understand what the future may bring, in order to help bring about a better future. Our hosts are certainly playing a part in that.

What Google has achieved is truly amazing. You've created not just a world-beating business and a world-famous brand in record time. You've accomplished something far deeper, and more important. You've begun the process of democratising the world's information.

Democratising is the right word to use because by making more information available to more people, you're giving them more power.

The power to get the best deal. The power to learn.

And above all, the power for anyone to hold to account those who in the past might have had a monopoly of power - whether it's government, big business, or the traditional media.

Of course the other amazing thing you've achieved is to turn your brand name into a verb.

The other day in an interview I was asked if I'd ever googled myself.

Not wishing to look like a vain egomaniac - not that anyone might think of a politician in those terms - I said that I had, just the once.

Well I can exclusively reveal today that I've had another go.

In fact, I had a look at Google Trends, a fascinating new feature that can tell you what the world has been searching the internet for, and when.

Now I've been taking some comfort in the past couple of weeks from the fact that according to our most recent local elections, the popularity of my party seems to be on the rise.

But I'm afraid that according to Google Trends, my popularity as a search term peaked on December 6 last year - the day I became Conservative leader.

And it's been pretty much downhill all the way since then. But on behalf of all politicians, whatever party we represent, I'm delighted to welcome you all to Britain.

We're incredibly proud that Google has chosen to hold this important conference here, and I'm sure that the next two days will be great fun and hugely stimulating.

Today I want to do a number of things. I want to set out a new political agenda.

One that focuses not on the politics of partisan point-scoring or the traditional neat boxes of government department but on real life as it's lived.

In a series of speeches over the next few weeks, I want to look at the things that matter most in most people's lives.

Working life. Family life. And what we might describe as community life - neighbours, surroundings, local institutions.

I want to explain how I think this new political agenda fits with the spirit of our times - the zeitgeist, you might say and in particular why I think that the ideas of the political tradition that I represent, the centre right, provide the best hope of fulfilling the aspirations of our age.

But I want to concentrate today on the world of work, and its future. What people want from work and what society should expect from it.

What this means for government, business and individuals. And what we all need to do to make sure that we capture the benefits of the changing world of work, and avoid its pitfalls.

Just as California seems to have mastered the best way of connecting science with enterprise.

And the Netherlands has mastered the best way of providing decentralised energy.

How can we in Britain master the challenge of providing people with work that adds not just to the quantity of money in their pockets, but the quality of their lives?

We have to start by changing the way we think and talk about politics.

Too often in politics today, we behave as if the only thing that matters is the insider stuff that we politicians love to argue about - economic growth, budget deficits and GDP.

GDP. Gross domestic product. Yes it's vital. It measures the wealth of our society. But it hardly tells the whole story.

Wealth is about so much more than pounds, or euros or dollars can ever measure. It's time we admitted that there's more to life than money, and it's time we focused not just on GDP, but on GWB - general well-being.

Well-being can't be measured by money or traded in markets. It can't be required by law or delivered by government.

It's about the beauty of our surroundings, the quality of our culture, and above all the strength of our relationships.

Improving our society's sense of well-being is, I believe, the central political challenge of our times.

It's a challenge foreshadowed by one of Britain's most famous economists - though not someone whose work I usually agree with.

Writing in 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that by now, society would have "solved its economic problem" - that is, worked out how to create permanently rising standards of living.

In his essay, Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren, he argued: "For the first time since his creation man will be faced with his real, his permanent problem - how to use his freedom from pressing economic cares, how to occupy the leisure, which science and compound interest will have won for him, to live wisely and agreeably and well."

Now I'm not pretending for a second that everything in the economic garden is rosy, and that we can just sit back and relax.

As we all know, poverty still disfigures too many communities, both within rich developed countries, and on a vast scale in the developing world.

It is our moral duty to do all in our power to eliminate it, and we have much work still to do.

We also know that no country can take prosperity for granted.

In an ever-more competitive world, we have to be constantly vigilant in the battle to secure investment, create jobs, and spread opportunity.

But we should also acknowledge a vital truth that the pursuit of wealth is no longer - if it ever was - enough to meet people's deepest hopes and aspirations.

I think it's increasingly clear that the spirit of the age demands social values as well as economic value.

The purpose of this conference is to put the zeitgeist under the spotlight.

Well if there's one thing that, for me, captures the zeitgeist today, it's the desire for capitalism with commitment.

We hear a lot about the bracing winds of globalisation - footloose capital, buccaneering business, accelerating change.

And we are often told that we have to embrace the change, not resist it.

But that's too simplistic.

On one level, of course we have to be comfortable with change. But on another level, the human level, we have to remember what makes people happy, as well as what makes stock markets rise.

What makes us happy, above all, is a sense of belonging - strong relationships with friends, family and the immediate world around us.

That's about permanence, not change. It's about the personal, not the commercial.

The most exciting and successful new businesses, the ones that capture the spirit of the age, totally understand this.

You only have to look at their culture - how they think of themselves, their place in the world and their role in society.

Look at craigslist, which talks about "restoring the human voice to the Internet, in a humane, non-commercial environment", and the importance of "a sense of trust".

Look at innocent drinks, whose mission is "to make it easy for people to do themselves some good" and who believe that the capitalist system "could actually become the solution as we...show the marketing directors of the world there is profit...in doing the right thing, in protecting what's good and in saving the world."

Or look at the latest catalogue of howies, a young clothing brand based in Wales.

It's not just about T-shirts and jeans, it's about a lifestyle and attitude that celebrates hope, and hopes that through the power of ethical consumerism, business can change the world for the better.

All these companies and many more besides are expressing a profound dissatisfaction with rootless, rampaging globalisation and a passionate desire for capitalism with commitment, for work that has meaning and for relationships that are about more than just money and markets.

But don't assume that it's just small, niche businesses that care about this kind of capitalism. Nor that they are the only type of business that can do something about it.

We see it right across the spectrum.

Car manufacturers racing to produce more environmentally-friendly models.

British high street banks eager to show that they're still actually on the high street, with real people, not distant call centres, providing customer service.

And supermarkets in this country doing more to promote local products and British food with high environmental and welfare standards.

What does this mean for one of the biggest influences on our well-being, our working life?

I think there are a number of forces driving a desire for dramatic change.

The first is the growing tension between two very different sources of human satisfaction.

On the one hand we want to be heroic individuals, making our own way in the world and shaping our own fate.

One of the ways we express ourselves is when we exercise our sovereign power of choice.

These aspirations are expressed by politicians - especially Conservative ones - in the language of opportunity, mobility and freedom

This belief in freedom and mobility generates the pace and the excitement of much of modern working life.

And when we Conservatives reformed Britain's economy in the 1980s it was this kind of picture of a modern society that we appealed to.

But there is a second very different aspiration too.

We know there is a deep satisfaction which comes from belonging to someone and to some place. There comes a point when you can't keep on choosing, you have to commit.

If so much of our modern globalised consumer culture ultimately seems unsatisfying then it is because it fails to satisfy this deep human need.

We all wrestle with the tension between these two very different sources of human happiness.

And when it comes to work, the conventional wisdom is very clear.

It has been most powerfully expressed by Charles Handy who famously put into circulation the idea that the days of jobs for life are over and that we will all have portfolio lives and portfolio careers.

Politicians must have delivered hundreds of speeches with such clichés.

This will not be another one because I do not believe the conventional wisdom.

The evidence does not really bear it out.

As Robert Taylor put it in a report on Britain's world of work for the Economic and Social Research Council: "The evidence simply does not sustain the view that we are witnessing the emergence of a new kind of employment relations seen in the end of the career and the death of the permanent job for life."

It does look as if there may have been a modest fall in the average length of time for which a man holds a specific job.

But this is more than offset by an increase in the average length of time for which a woman holds her job.

In fact if we did not approach so much of economic change through the eyes of a man we would surely be saying how significant it is that women now have longer and more stable job tenure than ever before.

Of course, we do see a lot of job mobility amongst people in their twenties.

Young people change jobs more than older people - and they also change jobs more frequently than young people used to.

But over half of all job changes occur before the age of 30. It looks as if what is happening is that we are spending longer making a choice, but when we find a job that really satisfies us, there are really strong rewards to commitment.

Your employer invests in raising your skills.

You build up tacit knowledge - what they can't teach you at Harvard Business school, knowledge you cannot capture in a diploma and may not even be able to write down.

In fact much of your real job contract could not really be written down.

It has increasingly become a relationship based on trust.

And that has major implications for business, for individuals and for government.

The second big factor shaping the world of work is the increasing feminisation of the workplace.

Some people think it's 'modern' to respect a woman's choice about whether to work or not after having children. But that's an old debate.

The reality today is that most mothers don't have a choice about whether to work or not - they have to work in order to help pay the mortgage and maintain the lifestyle they want for their family.

And if the biggest change in the workplace over the past twenty five years has been the increase in the number of women working the third powerful force driving change is demographic too.

Over the next 25 years, the biggest workplace change we can expect is the increase in the number of over-50s in employment.

The British government is this week publishing its White Paper on pensions, and we agree with the broad direction of its proposals.

They recognise that people will want and need to work longer, and that our pension arrangements must reflect that.

But there's one curiosity: surely we should also be investing in the skills of the over-50s - particularly older women to enable them to participate in the labour market on their terms?

At the moment, the training and further education budget in this country is firmly skewed towards the under-25s, and that is something that we believe ought to change.

The fourth powerful force driving change in the workplace is change in the type of work that we tend to do.

More and more people work in what is described as the knowledge economy.

Increasingly, it's in the high-skill, high-value knowledge sector that developed economies should be seeking to compete.

But knowledge work is very different from the traditional nine-to-five - and knowledge workers have very different expectations of what an employer should provide.

These powerful forces are combining to create a new challenge for employers:

to provide opportunities that balance work with the personal relationships and the personal values that actually make us happy.

I believe that a new political agenda with well-being, as well as wealth creation, as its aim must find ways to address these challenges.

There are some on the right who might say that this has got nothing to do with politics - that we should leave it all to the market and not interfere.

But what kind of politics is it that has nothing to say about such a central aspect of people's lives?

And how can we hope to address issues like education, crime, anti-social behaviour, poverty and health when so much evidence points to the crucial role of relationships - especially relationships between parents and their children - in shaping these things?

We have to care about working life, and we have to show that politics can make a positive difference.

My aim is to show how Conservative instincts and Conservative values provide the right solutions.

Our goal is clear: to move beyond a belief in the Protestant work ethic alone to a modern vision of ethical work.

On Friday, thanks to the Work Foundation, Britain's leading employment thinktank, I saw for myself what can be achieved.

The Work Foundation had gathered together businesses at the cutting edge of progressive employment practice, in both private and public sectors, to tell their story.

And the story was pretty much the same in every case.

Flexible working and an understanding of the need for trusting relationships is good for business and good for individual employees.

Companies are competing more and more to be good employers, to attract and retain the best talent. It saves money and it increases productivity.

At BT, flexible working policies reduced absenteeism to 3.1%, compared to a national average of 8.5%.

Their home working policies have resulted in a 31% increase in productivity, with savings of £69 million each year from reduced accommodation and overhead costs.

And 99% of women return after maternity leave, compared to a national average of 47%.

Lloyds TSB has introduced the right for every employee to work flexibly - whether through compressed hours, reduced hours, flexitime or home working and in requesting flexible working arrangements, employees don't have to justify why they want to do it.

The construction company AMEC found that its flexible working pilots led to marked improvements in job satisfaction and productivity.

And a high-tech manufacturing company in my parliamentary constituency has introduced almost totally flexible hours, with employees able to work their 38 hour week when they want.

On Friday I went to an ASDA supermarket in south London to hear about the company's wide range of family-friendly policies, including:

· Childcare leave, enabling parents to stop work during the summer holidays, returning later with continuous service and maintained benefits.

· Grandparents' leave so that on the birth of a grandchild, grandparents can help out with childcare.

· Job sharing to help managers balance home and work life.

ASDA's flexible working policies have helped make them the largest employer of over-50s in our country and they told me that they were 100% convinced that their employment practices give them a competitive advantage, reducing staff turnover to well below the average for their sector.

For other companies, like BT and Lloyds TSB, technology - particularly broadband internet connections - is now a huge driver of homeworking.

And even in some parts of our public sector, employers are creating opportunities for parents to have term-time jobs so they can be with their children in the school holidays.

These and other employers are showing how it's possible to combine organisational success with a culture that values human relationships and contributes to individual well-being.

The question is: how can we turn today's best practice into tomorrow's everyday experience for everyone?

This is where I believe we need the right political response.

The traditional response of the right - that government can't do much about all this and shouldn't try - is inadequate.

But equally, the response of the new left - that government should regulate the specific details of working life - is ineffective.

It produces unintended consequences that can end up damaging our competitiveness.

And regulation ends up treating all companies the same whereas different businesses of different sizes, in different sectors, will have significantly different circumstances.

They should be encouraged to freely develop their own responses, tailored to their particular situation, rather than having specific measures imposed upon them.

This applies in particular, of course, to small and medium-sized enterprises.

As Will Hutton, chief executive of the Work Foundation, told me on Friday, it's vital that in this area we trust people and that they are trustworthy.

Time and again, employers told me that government should not regulate flexible working and that if it had to, it should keep it simple.

The easy certainties of passing a new law or a new regulation do not translate into the right outcomes once they meet the complexity of the real world.

As Unilever explained, passing a regulation or creating a policy doesn't in itself mean that anything will happen.

BT found that adopting a policy on flexible working was not nearly enough.

In order for it to be taken up in the workplace, an internal culture change programme was required, explicitly promoting flexible working to male employees who were embarrassed about, in their words, "coming out" as dads.

As one employer put it, the right way to bring about change is to do it "informally, flexibly and locally."

Rules, processes and systems imposed from above will not only fail to deliver the right outcomes, they end up undermining the personal relationships that we should be aiming to strengthen.

In too many areas of life today, over-regulation is leading to the death of discretion, the replacement of trust with coercion.

So if regulation is not the answer, what is?

I couldn't put it better than the words of one of the employers I met on Friday who said that what is needed to take this agenda forward is "education, sponsorship, exhortation, cultural change and leadership."

This approach, in tune with our instinctive Conservative values, provides a clear policy agenda on working life for the centre-right.

This agenda has three components.

First, we must recognise the importance of leadership.

In some areas, Government can try to set the standard for others to follow by becoming a role model.

In the UK today, over one in five people in work is employed by the public sector. While there are certainly examples of great workplace cultures in the public sector, the reality for too many public sector workers is sadly the opposite.

I want a Conservative government to work towards an ambitious goal - to make the British public sector the world leader in progressive employment practice.

We need to do this at the same time as showing - clearly and unambiguously - that these practices are raising productivity and improving outputs for the people who use - and through their taxes, pay for, public services.

Second, we should use the power of our public platform as politicians to be advocates for progress, to put these issues on the agenda and to bring about a change in national culture.

I believe that there is a role for politicians in using exhortation, rather than regulation, to talk up good practice and draw attention to bad practice.

I've already annoyed a number of companies by pointing out failures of corporate responsibility.

It's not done from a desire to pick a fight with business.

But I think it's right to say what you think when you see something that's wrong.

Advocacy is not a wishy-washy cop-out as some would argue.

It strikes the right balance and avoids the pitfalls of over-prescriptive government intervention.

Some will say that simply talking about changing culture is nebulous.

But let's be honest - who has done more for school food: countless government initiatives, or Jamie Oliver?

Some will say that relying on business leadership is passing the buck.

But ask what has had more effect on working life - the innovation of companies like Lloyds TSB, moving way ahead of government legislation or a box-ticking, lowest common denominator, one-size-fits-all piece of regulation?

It's vital to create a space in the national conversation which stands firmly between regulation and indifference.

Why should we choose between the intolerant impulse to right every supposed wrong by passing new laws and the coldly amoral refusal even to take a view on the actions of others?

As the philosopher Edmund Burke wrote as long ago as 1795, politicians "ought to know... what belongs to laws, and what manners alone can regulate. To these, great politicians may give a leaning, but they cannot give a law."

The third component of a modern Conservative agenda on working life is less about what government should do and more about what government should not do.

Let me give you two specific examples.

I believe that employee share ownership is good for companies and good for society. It creates a common bond between employees and aligns them with the interests of the company.

Perhaps the best known example in Britain is the John Lewis retail chain.

Every study of that venerable company demonstrates higher than average levels of satisfaction amongst its workforce. And yet, despite all its clear benefits, businesses tell me that employee share ownership is becoming less, not more attractive.

That is a position we must reverse.

The second specific example relates to the tax treatment of personal computers. Many of us use our office computers for personal activities. We book holidays, check on football scores and email friends and relatives.

So what?

Yet, it was recently announced that personal use of a company computer may be classed a 'taxable benefit'.

This will affect workers who have a company laptop in their homes...and it will increase red tape for business. This is surely the wrong way to go. We ought to be encouraging people to work from home if it suits them.

These three elements of a modern Conservative agenda for improving working life.

Leading by example in public sector employment.

Favouring exhortation over regulation - in Burke's phrase, giving a leaning not a law and avoiding harmful interventions illustrate a deeper truth about how we will address the new political agenda I have outlined today.

Improving the well-being of our country - whether in terms of working life, family life or community life - is not a simple, mechanical task.

It is not possible to bring about lasting improvement to people's well-being simply through the instinctive responses of the left - regulation and legislation.

Instead of a mechanical approach, we need an organic one.

One that understands the complexity of human relations, and trusts in the power and importance of human relationships.

For us, the achievement of our political agenda will come not from redefining the relationship between the individual and the state, as the left seeks to do.

Our aim is to renew and revitalise the relationship between the individual and society.

We believe that there is such a thing as society, it's just not the same thing as the state.

We believe in trusting people and in sharing responsibility.

And in a world of often bewildering change.

Where globalisation, despite its massive economic benefits, is often viewed with suspicion and fear.

Where the consumer society, despite its undoubted contribution to personal fulfilment, threatens to undermine the values we hold most dear.

And where people everywhere are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.

I believe that our values offer the best hope of meeting the aspirations of our times, in tune with the zeitgeist of the age."

Shadow chancellor George Osborne's speech to the 2007 Conservative Party conference:

The question people are asking of us this week is simple: are we ready to lead? Are we ready to lead our country out of a decade of disappointment and betrayal of trust.
The British people want change - and they want to know if we are that change. This week let us send the resounding answer.
Yes we are ready. Yes we are the change. Yes, under David Cameron, this Conference says with one voice. United. We are ready to serve our country.
We will put ourselves forward for office as the ally of those who aspire; the friend of those who are left behind; the champion of those who strive for a better life for themselves and their children.
Last week in Bournemouth you saw the past. This week in Blackpool you see the future. I come to you today with this argument. Our world is living through a new economic revolution as far reaching as the Industrial Revolution two centuries ago.
The cause of this new revolution is the fusion of extraordinary technology with the power of global free markets -and its impact this time is felt not just in the mill towns here in Lancashire, but the business zones of Shanghai and the technology parks of Bangalore.
I believe that this new economic revolution offers us an unrivalled moment of hope and opportunity for mankind. It gives people power over their own lives, unimaginable even a generation ago. And it is going to change for ever the relationship between citizen and state.
But the tragedy is that we have a Prime Minister who spent the first half of his political career resisting the coming revolution, and the second half, failing to understand it when it arrived.
Gordon Brown still thinks he can command, control, dictate, regulate and tax. His most senior civil servant says he holds a 'very cynical view of mankind'. It is the antithesis of our age. If you want an election, Prime Minister, then get on and call it: because your cynicism and your fear will lose every time to our hope and our optimism.
He can never be the change the country needs. We can.
For it is our Party, provided we never thrive on fear, nor turn our back on the modern world, that alone truly understands this economic revolution and the opportunity it brings. It is our Party that has at its core an instinctive trust in the choices and the aspirations of free people that represent the spirit of our times.
If we are to offer change then we need the right economic policy.
So let me start with one of the hardest messages. We will always put stability first. We agreed that at our last Conference.
Today, as a decade of debt leaves Britain exposed to financial turbulence on the world credit markets, we can see that what was the right decision then has become the essential decision now. The queues of savers trying to take their deposits out of a high street bank was something this country hasn't seen since the Victorian age.
It was a crisis that shook the stability of our financial system. And let us be clear who has to take a large part of the blame: the man who was Chancellor of the Exchequer over the last ten years.
He created the system designed to stop a run on a bank - and it failed. He ran the system that was supposed to reassure savers - and it failed. He encouraged the private debt, and built up the public debt that has left us exposed. We will make sure that people understand where the responsibility for this mess lies.
But as usual when things go wrong, the Prime Minister disappears and pushes out someone else to make the excuses.
Isn't it ironic his latest book is called Courage? Courage, by Gordon Brown. Next week we'll have Charisma, by Alistair Darling.
We need a deposit scheme savers trust and we need to entrench the independence of the Bank of England. But the real lesson is clear: an economy built on debt is living on borrowed time. Stability underpins our economic policy. But its purpose is prosperity for all; and its method is freedom.
The report from John Redwood and Simon Wolfson sets out how we liberate our economy to compete with the likes of India and China. Cut government regulation, planning restriction and red tape. Get people and goods moving freely on uncongested roads and high speed railways and Crossrail. And help businesses create jobs with lower taxes.
I want lower taxes. I want simpler taxes too. That is why I set up the Tax Reform Commission. I believe lower, simpler taxes are vital for Britain to compete.
And I give you this personal promise.
I will approach each Budget seeking ways, consistent with sound public finances and economic stability, to reduce taxes on businesses and families striving for a better life.
That's the real difference between this Chancellor and the next one. He is always looking for ways to put taxes up. I will always be looking for ways to bring taxes down. And not just for big companies, important as they are - but for the small businesses too.
You don't need to tell me about the sweat and the hard work and the dedication that goes into building a successful business. I've watched my father do it all my life. He set up his own manufacturing business forty years ago. The fortunes of the business were part of the rhythm of my childhood. The excitement when the new order was won; the long silences when sales were down; the pride that comes from building a business.
I want many others to fulfil their aspiration of owning their own business.
So we are the low tax party.
But it is a mark of our seriousness about lower taxes that I will not promise un-funded, undeliverable tax giveaways to dress up a press conference in an autumn election campaign. For this party lower taxes aren't just for Christmas.
They are for life.
The new economic revolution also demands that a government that knows how to look after money and spend wisely. The government has borrowed in a boom - and now there's nothing in the bank if rainy days lie ahead. And Gordon Brown has the cheek to pose as the nation's bank manager.
The nation's bank manager. He put up taxes to pay for the NHS and got Derek Wanless to make the case.
Now even this trusted adviser admits most of it was wasted, so yet another report has to be commissioned. What a bargain. £37billion to go from Wanless to clueless.
The nation's bank manager. He told you he'd help the very poorest and now the numbers of the very poorest rise by 600,000.
The nation's bank manager. He told you he'd look after your pension then he launched his £100 billion raid on savers.
The nation's bank manager. Who cost us all two and a half billion pounds by selling our gold at a record low, when it has now reached a record high.
Gordon Brown. The nation's bank manger. Let's start queuing round the corner to close our account.
Government must live within its means.
We can't answer every problem with a pledge to spend more money.
I have committed us to two per cent a year spending rises for the next three years.
This will mean real increases for our public services.
It will mean honouring our solemn international pledges on aid and fighting malaria.
But it will also mean that we share the proceeds of growth.
We are going to make sure that our economy grows faster than our government.
The new economic revolution also demands a government that does not walk away from its obligations on the environment.
We will follow the recommendation of John Gummer and Zac Goldsmith's excellent report that we must shift the burden of taxation from income to pollution. And we will adopt their idea of replacing air passenger duty with an airline pollution duty.
So empty planes will pay the same as the full ones. And newer, cleaner planes will pay less than the older, polluting ones.
But this is my pledge: every penny a Conservative Government raises in new green taxes will go into our Family Fund and straight back to the taxpayer with matching tax cuts. No more stealth taxes.
For people elect Conservative Governments to help the strivers and families struggling on limited budgets.
So let me make this clear today.
I've heard it suggested that in my first Budget I am going to tax people who go to the supermarket. What do you think I am? Off my trolley?
You will not be out of pocket with a Conservative Government.
The new economic revolution needs a government in-tune with the modern world.
Every failed scheme of Gordon Brown - from his NHS reforms to his complicated tax system to his public service targets - all boil down to the same error: his over-weaning belief in the ability of central government to gather all information to itself and make all the decisions.
The basis of the new economy is the exact opposite.
It is based on the linking of millions of locally held pieces of information.
It works by harnessing the power of billions of individual choices.
It succeeds by trusting in the collective wisdom that emerges from free people making individual decisions about their own lives.
That's how Google works. It's how FaceBook works. It's how MySpace works.
But it is not how Gordon Brown works.
We Conservatives instinctively understand this new economy - and frankly he does not.
It shone through in every sentence of the speech he gave last week. Not a word on free markets or enterprise or individual choice.
It's been reported he copied the speech from others. But, you know, I read every word. It was pretty bad. I'm fairly sure he wrote it himself.
This Party has had its own period of appearing to be out of touch with the modern world;
of appearing not to understand that people want to commit to each other in civil partnerships;
of appearing not to understand that many women want both careers and families;
of not talking enough about the national health service or comprehensive education.
But thanks to David Cameron we've worked hard to change our Party.
Now we are the champions of modern Britain.
And one of the greatest challenges of modern Britain is how we help people get on to the housing ladder.
Each year it becomes more difficult for millions of young families.
I think it is time we did something about it.
We need to build more houses so supply meets demand. That's the long term answer to the housing crisis.
But we also need help now for families struggling to cover their first deposit and the tax bill.
A decade ago the average family paid no stamp duty on their first home.
Thanks to Gordon Brown's stealth taxes they now have to find sixteen hundred pounds in tax - on top of their deposit.
And the result? The number of first time buyers is at its lowest level for 27 years.
So I can tell you now: the next Conservative Government will abolish stamp duty for almost all first time buyers.
Anyone who buys their first home for under £250,000 will pay no stamp duty.
We will take 200,000 people a year out of stamp duty altogether;
that's one million people over a Parliament;
And our message to the family working long hours, saving every spare pound to afford their first home is this:
Your dream is our dream too.
Your aspiration is our aspiration.
We will get you out of tax and into your home.
For we are on your side.
How will we pay for it?
You know some advised me, when I got to this part of this speech, to skip the details. Bury it in the small print, they said. Do a Gordon Brown, they said.
It maybe how he governs but it's time for change.
So let me be absolutely straight with you
There are currently a number of people living in Britain who register for non-domiciled tax status offshore.
It is a good thing for Britain that they live here and bring their talent and their investment to our economy.
I make this promise: I am not going to tax all that income as Gordon Brown has persistently threatened to do.
But in return for that promise and the certainty it brings, we will charge a flat annual levy of around £25,000 for those who register for non-domicile status.
It is easy to administer, difficult to avoid and strikes the right balance between a fair tax system and a competitive economy.
Introducing this offshore levy covers the cost of abolishing stamp duty for 9 out of 10 first time buyers.
And it also enables me to make one further commitment to help those families striving for a better life.
When inheritance tax was first introduced it was designed to hit the very rich.
But the very rich hire expensive advisers to make sure they don't pay it.
Instead, thanks to Gordon Brown, this unfair tax falls increasingly on the aspirations of ordinary people.
So now well over a third of homeowners in Britain have the threat of inheritance tax hanging over them.
These are people who have worked all their lives.
People who have saved money all their lives.
People who have already paid taxes once on their income.
People whose only crime in the eyes of the taxman is that instead of spending their savings on themselves, they want to pass something on to their families.
People who feel the most basic human instinct of all: they aspire to a better life for their children and their grandchildren.
Our Government will be on their side.
The next Conservative Government will raise the Inheritance Tax threshold to £1 million.
That means, we will take the family home out of inheritance tax.
In a Conservative Britain, nine million families will benefit.
In a Conservative Britain, only millionaires will pay death duties.
In a Conservative Britain, you will not be punished for working hard and saving hard.
You will not be penalised for wanting a better life for your children.
Taken together our measures on stamp duty and inheritance tax represent the most important reform of capital taxes for a generation.
We will take ten million people out of these taxes on aspiration
We will simplify the tax affairs of millions.
For millions of people, today sounds the death knell for death taxes.
We have a new dividing line in British politics.
The dividing line between a Labour Prime Minister who has taxed a generation out of home ownership and a Conservative Government that will abolish stamp duty for first time buyers.
The dividing line between a Labour Prime Minister who takes away the homes of those who have saved all their lives and a Conservative Government that takes people's homes and savings out of inheritance tax.
The dividing line between a Labour Prime Minister who penalises couples and presides over social breakdown, and a Conservative Government that supports marriage and encourages families to come together.
The dividing line between a Labour Party that punishes those who aspire for a better life and a Conservative Government that says clearly: we are on your side.
We are the Party of aspiration.
And I for one am happy to put these clear choices before the British people at a general election.
----- I first stood here before you as Shadow Chancellor in this hall two years ago.
Each day I have done this job I have been conscious of the great trust that you have placed in me.
And I am grateful every day for the faith you have shown.
But an even greater responsibility lies ahead.
I don't look lightly on the job I aspire to do.
I am aware of the heavy burdens and high responsibilities of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
But if I have the honour to occupy that great office of state, and we as a Party have the honour to serve our nation in government, I want it to be said of us:
We served not for the trappings of power.
Or the seductions of office.
We served to help Britain meet the great challenges of our time.
We served to help the British people realise their aspirations.
And we were brave enough to take the difficult decisions of the modern age.
Let us fulfil the great promise of our nation.
The promise that life will be better for us than it was for our grandparents.
The promise that life will be better for our grandchildren than it is for us.
For it falls now, to all of us, to take our place in the great story of this great Party
We have changed our Party to face the modern world.

Now let us change our country. 


 Rebuilding trust in politics. David Cameron February 8 2010

Last week we had the latest revelations from Parliament. The details might be new but the feelings they provoke are all too familiar. Disappointment. Despair. Even disgust. But as I argued in my speech at the Open University in May last year, anger at the expenses scandal is just the most forceful expression of a deep frustration people feel with our whole political system.

It’s a system in which too much power is concentrated in the hands of the elite and denied to the man and woman on the street. We’ve been seeing the symptoms of that for years. Decisions made behind closed doors. The Houses of Parliament bypassed and undermined.

Money buying influence. Too often just an elite few choosing the people who become MPs for many years. We can’t go on like this.
We’re just weeks away from an election. This should be the highest point in our democratic life – but never has the reputation of politics sunk so low. We’ve got to fix our broken politics and we’ve got to start fixing it now. The question is: who’s going to do it, and how are they going to do it?
I’m grateful to Sir Christopher Kelly, Sir Thomas Legg and Sir Paul Kennedy for the work they have done on expenses over the past few weeks. It was right that the investigation and initial recommendations should be undertaken with complete independence.
And I also want to thank Tony Wright for his cross-party review into how we can make the House of Commons stronger and make our government more accountable.
But just because we have trusted others with the work of reform until this point, it does not mean we should relinquish political leadership on this issue in the future. People are fed up with politicians hiding behind the cloak of independent inquiries and endless reviews.
They want us to stand up, grasp this issue by the scruff of the neck and start dealing with it. And I want to make something very clear: I believe Gordon Brown has proved he is just not capable of doing that.
Look how he tried to block the publication of expenses. Look at his disastrous interventions - from the YouTube fiasco when he proposed paying MPs just to turn up - to his own failure to turn up and vote to ban the John Lewis list. Look at what his idea of reform is – trying to fiddle the electoral system and introduce the Alternative Vote in a cynical attempt to save his own skin. Look how he's dithering over good reforms put forward by his own MP, Tony Wright.
For the last two days we have been saying: it is wrong for Labour MPs trying to use Parliamentary privilege to avoid prosecution to keep the Labour whip; it is wrong for them to use Labour lawyers; it is wrong for Labour and Gordon Brown not to act. Labour started by saying it was quite wrong for us to attack them in this way but now in a humiliating change they have withdrawn the whip from all three MPs. They’re now in a headlong retreat.
The last 24 hours show how the instincts of the Conservative party are in tune with the public opinion and are in the right place, and Labour’s are wrong.
I can further announce today that I have asked George Young to prepare a new Parliamentary Privilege Act. This was recommended by Lord Nicholls in 1999, that we would introduce as soon as possible, to clarify the rules of parliamentary privilege to make sure that they cannot be used by MPs to evade justice.
We should also be looking at whether the House of Commons should not be considering waiving any privilege over expenses claims, if indeed any such privilege exists.
How Gordon Brown can claim to be a reformer with a straight face, I just don’t know. He can’t reform the institution because he is the institution. The character of his Government – secretive, power-hoarding, controlling – is his character. Just as he’s the roadblock to public service reform, he’s the roadblock to political reform. We cannot have five more years of his old politics. For the health of our democracy it is now essential that this shameless defender of the old elite goes as soon as possible.

If he goes, and if we get a new Conservative government, we can make the changes we need. But why should people believe we will fix our broken politics any more than Gordon Brown?
First, because as this scandal has unfolded we are the ones who have shown leadership at every stage. We led on transparency over expenses - and on getting MPS to payback the money. We voted for reform on a three line whip on an opposition motion - something that had not been done before on a House of Commons matter. And we put forward serious plans for reform - from Ken Clarke's Democracy Task Force in the first half of this parliament, to our plan for fixing broken politics in the second.
But more than our record as reformers, the reason people should believe that we are the ones to sort out the mess of our broken politics is because of who we are and what we believe.
We are a new generation, come of age in the modern world of openness and accountability. And when we say we will take power from the political elite and give it to the man and woman in the street - it's not just because we believe it will help fix broken politics. It's what we believe, full stop.
We don't believe that an arrogant, all-controlling government sitting in London passing endless laws and regulations actually makes things better. In fact, on many occasions it makes things worse.
So we'd want to give more power and control to people even without these political scandals. We'd want to reduce the power of the executive and increase the power of Parliament even if politics hadn't fallen into disrepute. We'd want to take power from the centre and give it to local communities even if we didn't have MPs in the dock potentially accused of fiddling their expenses.
This is what we believe. It's not what Gordon Brown believes. He believes in state control; we believe in social responsibility. He represents the dying days of secrecy and suspicion; we are a new generation at ease with openness and trust. And with a massive turnover of Conservative MPs at the next election, the voice of this new generation will be even louder and stronger.
That's why when we say that we are the reformers and Gordon Brown is the roadblock to reform, it is a claim based not just on his record of opposition to change and our consistent calls for change, not just on his weak leadership and our strong leadership, but on character, values and philosophy: the things that really matter in politics.
So today I want to set out some of the changes we plan to make: and to propose the next important area for reform, after expenses.
Tomorrow we publish our draft manifesto on fixing broken politics. It is a comprehensive plan for a radical redistribution of power. We’re going to take power away from the political elite and hand it to the man and woman on the street. That power shift must start with an attack on the privilege, excess and exemption from normal rules that has infected Parliament.
We’ve already started that in opposition, by publishing frontbench Conservative MPs’ expenses online. In government we’d go much, much further. We’d make sure this is a requirement not only for our front bench – but also, as the Independent Regulator has suggested, for our back bench and indeed for every MP of any party.
We’d swing our weight right behind the Kelly Review’s proposals to clean up the House of Commons. We’d sweep away the subsidies and luxuries that sit so uneasily with public service – including the gold-plated pensions. We’d make it the law that anyone who wants to sit in the Parliament of the United Kingdom must be a full UK taxpayer in the United Kingdom. We’d cut the cost of politics by cutting the number of MPs by ten per cent. And we'd equalise the size of constituencies so that everyone in the country, no matter where they live, has an equal vote of equal value.


Now we all know that expenses has dominated politics for the last year. But if anyone thinks that cleaning up politics means dealing with this alone and then forgetting about it, they are wrong. Because there is another big issue that we can no longer ignore.
It is the next big scandal waiting to happen. It’s an issue that crosses party lines and has tainted our politics for too long, an issue that exposes the far-too-cosy relationship between politics, government, business and money.
I’m talking about lobbying – and we all know how it works. The lunches, the hospitality, the quiet word in your ear, the ex-ministers and ex-advisors for hire, helping big business find the right way to get its way. In this party, we believe in competition, not cronyism. We believe in market economics, not crony capitalism. So we must be the party that sorts all this out.
Now, I want to be clear: it’s not just big business that gets involved in lobbying. Charities and other organisations, including trade unions, do it too. What’s more, when it's open and transparent, when people know who is meeting who, for what reason and with what outcome, lobbying is perfectly reasonable.
It’s important that businesses, charities and other organisations feel they can make sure their voice is heard. And indeed, lobbying often makes for better, more workable, legislation. But I believe that it is increasingly clear that lobbying in this country is getting out of control.
Today it is a £2 billion industry that has a huge presence in Parliament. The Hansard Society has estimated that some MPs are approached over one hundred times a week by lobbyists. Much of the time this happens covertly.
We don’t know who is meeting whom. We don’t know whether any favours are being exchanged. We don’t know which outside interests are wielding unhealthy influence. This isn’t a minor issue with minor consequences. Commercial interests - not to mention government contracts - worth hundreds of billions of pounds are potentially at stake.
I believe that secret corporate lobbying, like the expenses scandal, goes to the heart of why people are so fed up with politics. It arouses people’s worst fears and suspicions about how our political system works, with money buying power, power fishing for money and a cosy club at the top making decisions in their own interest.
We can’t go on like this. I believe it’s time we shone the light of transparency on lobbying in our country and forced our politics to come clean about who is buying power and influence.
Politics should belong to people, not big business or big unions, and we need to sort this out. So if we win the election, we will take a lead on this issue by making sure that ex-ministers are not allowed to use their contacts and knowledge - gained while being paid by the public to serve the public - for their own private gain.
Today, the guidelines state that former ministers shouldn't lobby government for at least twelve months after leaving office. We will start by doubling that to two years.
But there's another problem. Those guidelines are simply that: guidance issued to ex-ministers by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, explaining what kind of jobs they can take up. Today, ex-Ministers can ignore this advice without sanction.
So we will rewrite the Ministerial Code to make clear that anyone who ignores the advice of the Committee will be forced to give up some or all of their Ministerial pension. Dealing with the lobbying issue may be painful, but it needs to happen and because we are from a new generation at ease with openness and accountability, because we believe in social responsibility not state control, we will clean things up.
So that is the choice the country faces. Five more years of Gordon Brown blocking reform, whether it's money from big business or money from big unions. Or reform to clean up lobbying from a new Conservative government committed to transparency and accountability.

As well as cleaning up Parliament, we’ve got to empower it. There was a time when Parliament used to stand tall, a beacon of democracy leading national debate. But people look at it now and see a place they feel little connection to, play little part in, and don’t feel proud to represent them. It all adds up to a weak Parliament – and we’ve got to get its strength back.
That must start by making people feel connected to it. They don’t right now, because they don’t feel connected to the politicians in it. To restore that link we need to restore proper accountability – we need to give people the feeling that they are the ones pulling the strings and that they hire and fire their representative in parliament.
When it comes to the hiring, we’ve been leading the way. I’m proud that our party was the first to hold open primaries so that every constituent has the chance to help choose our candidates. But we have to recognise that open primaries stop being a good thing for democracy if they are captured by narrow interest groups in the community, who use them to serve their own agenda.
All-postal primaries are an excellent way of getting more people involved and preventing that abuse. These show a good way forward, but they cost money, so that's something we need to look at.
When it comes to the firing, we’ve said we’ll introduce a power of recall to allow voters to kick out MPs mid-parliament if they have been proven guilty of serious wrongdoing. Opening up the process of choosing who is your MP; making it easier for local people to get rid of them. These are reforms that will help to connect people to Parliament.
But strengthening Parliament also means making sure people feel they can play a part in it. At the moment the conversation between Parliament and the country is more like a monologue: one talks, the country listens.
It’s absurd that a tiny percentage of the population craft legislation that will apply to one hundred per cent of the population. Instead of locking people out of this process, we need to invite them in. So we’ll create a right of initiative nationally, where any petition that collects one hundred thousand signatures will be eligible to be formally debated in the House of Commons. Any petition with a million signatures will allow members of the public to table a Bill that could end up being debated and voted on by MPs.
And we will also introduce a new Public Reading Stage for Bills to give the public an opportunity to comment on new legislation. This will mean many more expert eyes helping to scrutinise laws as they’re formed, flagging up flaws and offering suggestions for improvement.
Parliament also gets its strength from the pride people have in it. There’s not much of that around today. An institution that was once famous for its radical legislation, elevated debate and forensic scrutiny of laws has turned into a giant franking machine that stamps whatever Acts the government wants sometimes hardly even thinking about it.
And one of the biggest constitutional changes in our history - our membership of the European Union - has practically passed Parliament by. We are hopeless, totally hopeless, at scrutinising the European legislation, regulation and spending that affects our country. No wonder people think Parliament has become a waste of space. Much of the time - and thanks in large part to the things this Labour government has done to undermine Parliament - it really is a waste of space.
If you want an idea of how bad things have got, just think about the path a piece of legislation takes before it becomes law. Number 10 dreams up a new law to get Gordon Brown a cheap headline in the media or a quick clap-line in his party conference speech.
The Bill gets sent to the House of Commons where it’s debated without diligence – because automatic guillotines cut time short. It’s passed without proper scrutiny – because standing committees for Public Bills are stuffed with puppets of the Government. And it’s voted through without much of a whisper – because MPs have been whipped to follow the party line.
We’ve got to give Parliament its teeth back so that people can have pride in it again – so they can look at it and say ‘yes: those MPs we elect – they’re holding the government to account on my behalf.’
So this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to put a limit on the number of special advisors and protect the independence of the civil service. We will give the House of Commons more control over its own timetable so there is proper time for scrutiny and debate. We will make MPs more independent, with more free votes so that they can vote as they wish and not as they’re told to. We will limit the use of the Royal Prerogative, so parliament is involved in all big national decisions. We will make sure Select Committee Chairmen and members are voted for by MPs, not appointed by the whips.
And to strengthen the place of Parliament at the heart of our democracy, I believe we should be increasing its powers over unaccountable bodies. We will make sure there is proper Parliamentary scrutiny of everything that comes out of the European Union - the laws, the regulation, the spending, the lot. And we’ll also look at giving Select Committees the power to prevent increases in quango budgets.
With these and similar reforms, we can make Parliament a place where people feel a connection to their politicians, where they know that politicians are talking about issues people want them to talk about, and where they know those politicians are fighting in their interest, not for some other vested interest. This all adds up to a Parliament people can admire, trust and have pride in – Parliament with the people in charge of it.

But reforming lobbying and reforming Parliament are just two aspects of our comprehensive plan to fix our broken politics. We want to go way beyond Westminster and Whitehall in redistributing power in our country.
We will push power down not just from the government to parliament but from Whitehall to communities; from the state to citizens; from Brussels to Britain; from judges to the people; from bureaucracy to democracy. It’s your community and you should have control over it – so we need decentralisation.
That’s why we’ll give people more local control over housing, energy, policing, schools. More power to neighbourhoods to take control and take ownership of community assets. More powers to local government to do what they wish, how they want. Powerful, directly-elected Mayors for our biggest cities.
It’s your life that’s affected by political decisions and the people who make those decisions should answer to you – that’s why we need accountability. That’s why we’ll cut the number of quangos and make sure that every one that does exist is brought well within the democratic process. It’s why we would claw back powers from the EU and make sure no future government can ever give powers away in future without first asking the British people. And it’s why we will abolish the Human Rights Act and introduce a new Bill of Rights, so that Britain’s laws can no longer be decided by unaccountable judges.
It’s your money and you should know what is being done with it – that is why we need transparency. That’s why we will put every item of government spending over £25,000 online and for all to see. We’re going to do the same for every public sector salary over £150,000. We will set government data free, and we will give the public a right to request any government data on anything they want that is currently locked up in a vault.

Everything I have spoke about today adds up to this: a new politics. Politicians as public servants. A strong Parliament. A healthy democracy. And above all, power to people.
Yes, it will be tough – taking on vested interests always is. Yes, there will be mistakes – opening up power to millions of people will not always go smoothly. But I wouldn’t be standing here today if I didn’t believe this country was ready for change or needed this change. It is, and it does, and I promise you this: I will see it through.
But this change also needs something else. It requires a change in the attitude not just of politicians, but of the media too. I want to see a whole new culture of responsibility from those who report the news. You are the lens through which people view the actions of this Parliament. That gives you a great duty to our democracy.
I want to see a proper distinction between honest mistakes made by good, decent people whose intentions were honourable and those who set out to deliberately mislead, swindle and deceive.
Most people who pursue a career in politics do so because they want to serve and because they want to do good. That should be recognised. Parliament does important and effective work, yet it is barely reported.
And remember when you’re putting good people down, you could be putting good people off from entering politics. I’m not telling you how to do your job. I’m just saying that if you want to change politics as much as I do, this is something we’ve got to do together. We have a shared responsibility.

The plans I’ve set out today are not timid because they can’t be. Half measures cannot hope to fix what is wrong with our politics. So the reforms I’ve set out are born from radical ambitions – ambitions to restore pride in our Parliament, to return our democracy to full health, and to redistribute power as I’ve said.
But in the end it's not just about specific plans for political reform. It is about a whole new approach to politics.
I believe it's no coincidence that trust in politics has been destroyed on the watch of a man who believes that politics is the answer to everything. Who created a culture where his closest advisor in No.10, Damian McBride, spent his time, paid by the taxpayer, to mount a campaign of personal smears aimed at the families of his opponents?
We have had thirteen years of government by initiative, press release and media management and it is literally pointless. I would rather that we attempt big, serious change and fail than fiddle around with footling, meaningless promises that are never really meant, let alone delivered, limping through office and clinging to power for the sake of it.
We understand the pressure of the impatient 24 hour media and we will always fight our corner. But I know that surrendering to its time horizon is the end of trying to achieve anything meaningful and I'm telling you now that if we win the election we will get our heads down and get on with implementing the big changes in our manifesto.
You will not see endless relaunches, initiatives, summits - politics and government as some demented branch of the entertainment industry. You will see a government that understands that there are times it needs to shut up, leave people alone and gets on with the job it was elected to do.
Quiet effectiveness: that is the style of government to which I aspire. And I also know that because we believe in trusting people, sharing responsibility, redistributing power: things will go wrong. There will be failures.
But we will not turn that fact of life into the tragedy of Labour's risk-obsessed political culture where politicians never say or do anything that really matters, or really changes anything, for fear of getting some bad headlines.
This is why I really believe we are the people to fix broken politics. Because we will ditch the political culture, the political approach that has done so much to break politics and breach people's trust.
Yes we have got the plans and the policies for political reform. Yes we are a new generation that understands and believes in openness, transparency, accountability. Yes we have a political philosophy that at its heart is about taking power and control from the political elite and giving it to the man and woman in the street.
But more than any of this, we have the determination to change our political culture, build a new political approach and bury the whole rotten mess of Mandelson, Campbell, Blair and Brown. That is the change Britain desperately needs. And today, it is only the Conservative Party with the leadership, the values and the character to do it.