Tuesday, 29 January 2013






Article 1. (SCOPE). This Act is intended to recognize the rights of Mother Earth, and the obligations and duties of the Multinational State and society to ensure respect for these rights.

Article 2. (PRINCIPLES). The binding principles that govern this law are:

1. Harmony. Human activities, within the framework of plurality and diversity, should achieve a dynamic balance with the cycles and processes inherent in Mother Earth.
2. Collective good. The interests of society, within the framework of the rights of Mother Earth, prevail in all human activities and any acquired right.
3. Guarantee of the regeneration of Mother Earth. The state, at its various levels, and society, in harmony with the common interest, must ensure the necessary conditions in order that the diverse living systems of Mother Earth may absorb damage, adapt to shocks, and regenerate without significantly altering their structural and functional characteristics, recognizing that living systems are limited in their ability to regenerate, and that humans are limited in their ability to undo their actions.
4. Respect and defend the rights of Mother Earth. The State and any individual or collective person must respect, protect and guarantee the rights of Mother Earth for the well-being of current and future generations.
5. No commercialism. Neither living systems nor processes that sustain them may be commercialized, nor serve anyone's private property.
6. Multiculturalism. The exercise of the rights of Mother Earth requires the recognition, recovery, respect, protection, and dialogue of the diversity of feelings, values, knowledge, skills, practices, skills, transcendence, transformation, science, technology and standards, of all the cultures of the world who seek to live in harmony with nature.



Article 3. (Mother Earth). Mother Earth is a dynamic living system comprising an indivisible community of all living systems and living organisms, interrelated, interdependent and complementary, which share a common destiny. Mother Earth is considered sacred, from the worldviews of nations and peasant indigenous peoples.
Article 4. (LIVING SYSTEMS). Living systems are complex and dynamic communities of plants, animals, microorganisms and other beings and their environment, where human communities and the rest of nature interact as a functional unit under the influence of climatic, physiographic, and geological  factors, as well as production practices, Bolivian cultural diversity, and the worldviews of nations,  original indigenous peoples, and intercultural and Afro-Bolivian communities.

Article 5. (LEGAL STATUS OF MOTHER EARTH). For the purpose of protecting and enforcing its rights, Mother Earth takes on the character of collective public interest. Mother Earth and all its components, including human communities, are entitled to all the inherent rights recognized in this Law. The exercise of the rights of Mother Earth will take into account the specificities and particularities of its various components. The rights under this Act shall not limit the existence of other rights of Mother Earth.

Article 6. (EXERCISE OF THE RIGHTS OF THE MOTHER EARTH). All Bolivians, to join the community of beings comprising Mother Earth, exercise rights under this Act, in a way that is consistent with their individual and collective rights. The exercise of individual rights is limited by the exercise of collective rights in the living systems of Mother Earth. Any conflict of rights must be resolved in ways that do not irreversibly affect the functionality of living systems.




I. Mother Earth has the following rights:

1. To life: The right to maintain the integrity of living systems and natural processes that sustain them, and capacities and conditions for regeneration.
2. To the diversity of life: It is the right to preservation of differentiation and variety of beings that make up Mother Earth, without being genetically altered or structurally modified in an artificial way, so that their existence, functioning or future potential would be threatened.
3. To water: The right to preserve the functionality of the water cycle, its existence in the quantity and quality needed to sustain living systems, and its protection from pollution for the reproduction of the life of Mother Earth and all its components.
4. To clean air: The right to preserve the quality and composition of air for sustaining living systems and its protection from pollution, for the reproduction of the life of Mother Earth and all its components.
5. To equilibrium: The right to maintenance or restoration of the interrelationship, interdependence, complementarity and functionality of the components of Mother Earth in a balanced way for the continuation of their cycles and reproduction of their vital processes.
6. To restoration: The right to timely and effective restoration of living systems affected by human activities directly or indirectly.
7. To pollution-free living: The right to the preservation of any of Mother Earth's components from contamination, as well as toxic and radioactive waste generated by human activities.



Article 8. (OBLIGATIONS OF THE PLURINATIONAL STATE). The Plurinational State, at all levels and geographical areas and across all authorities and institutions, has the following duties:

1. Develop public policies and systematic actions of prevention, early warning, protection, and precaution in order to prevent  human activities causing the extinction of living populations, the alteration of the cycles and processes that ensure life, or the destruction of livelihoods, including cultural systems that are part of Mother Earth.
2. Develop balanced forms of production and patterns of consumption to satisfy the needs of the Bolivian people to live well, while safeguarding the regenerative capacity and integrity of the cycles, processes and vital balance of Mother Earth.
3. Develop policies to protect Mother Earth from the multinational and international scope of the exploitation of its components, from the commodification of living systems or the processes that support them, and from the structural causes and effects of global climate change.
4. Develop policies to ensure long-term energy sovereignty, increased efficiency and the gradual incorporation of clean and renewable alternative sources into the energy matrix.
5. Demand international recognition of environmental debt through the financing and transfer of clean technologies that are effective and compatible with the rights of Mother Earth, among other mechanisms.
6. Promote peace and the elimination of all nuclear, chemical, and biological arms and weapons of mass destruction.
7. Promote the growth and recognition of rights of Mother Earth in multilateral, regional and bilateral international relations.

Article 9. (DUTIES OF THE PEOPLE) The duties of natural persons and public or private legal entities:

1. Uphold and respect the rights of Mother Earth.
2. Promote harmony with Mother Earth in all areas of its relationship with other human communities and the rest of nature in living systems.
3. Participate actively, individually or collectively, in generating proposals designed to respect and defend the rights of Mother Earth.
4. Assume production practices and consumer behavior in harmony with the rights of Mother Earth.
5. Ensure the sustainable use of Mother Earth's components.
6. Report any act that violates the rights of Mother Earth, living systems, and/or their components.
7. Attend the convention of competent authorities or organized civil society to implement measures aimed at preserving and/or protecting Mother Earth.

Article 10. (DEFENSE OF MOTHER EARTH). Establishing the Office of Mother Earth, whose mission is to ensure the validity, promotion, distribution and compliance of the rights of Mother Earth established in this Act. A special law will establish its structure, function, and attributes.

Refer to the Executive Branch for constitutional ends.

It is given in the Assembly Hall of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, on the seventh day of the month of December two thousand and ten.

Sen. René Oscar Martínez Callahuanca

Dip. Héctor Enrique Arce Zaconeta

Thursday, 24 January 2013

True History

The True History of our World is the story of the Miner, the Bricklayer, the Machinist, the Driver, the Doctors, the Nurses, the Fire Fighters, the billions of ordinary men & women striving to put bread on the table.

The True History of our World is built off the backs of the poor; it is a History of Suppression. Kings are nothing but despicable cunts that get others to wash their putrid fucking arses because ‘A Prince must not dirty his own hands’.

Well fuck them and the horse they came in on. And; all the backstabbing, treacherous, lickspittle’s, and brown nosed bastards, who fuck The People to get ahead in the world of Elite snobbery and self aggrandising duplicity; ‘You’ have chosen to be ‘lower than vermin’. No words of ours can slander your foetid character for it is already decomposing in a cesspit of disgrace and greed.

The True History of our world is the story of arch betrayal, it is a story of how the majority of people were eventually conquered and crushed into servile obedience to a ‘Privileged’ but altogether ‘Barbaric’ bunch of ‘Elitist Bastards’.

These vermin gave unto themselves ‘Titles’ and ‘Privileges’ that they do not merit through the brutal suppression of indigent peoples. It is perpetuated to this day by a means of ‘Economic Drudgery’, by deliberately creating ‘Poverty’ and ‘Want’ through a process of ‘Financial Hoarding’ and ‘Continuous War’.

‘The True History of our World’ is never taught in schools but you all know it, even if you have not the courage to speak its name. It is a ‘History of Slavery’.

“All Empires are built on the bones of The Poor” – Kanjin Tor

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I love you all.

I love you all but if you think the Elite will allow a peaceful change to their dominion over us all - you are wrong.

Doctor King is a hero of mine and someone whom I admire greatly and for reasons I won’t go into here; but the world has changed so much since his death and a peaceful transition into an age of enlightenment of non Imperial Capitalism is no longer possible.

I know it frightens you all, this thought of violent revolution, and it is something any sane person would shy away from if at all possible, and that is the key word in this – what is ‘Possible’.

There must soon come a time when your children are scrabbling about on rubbish tips to get food LIKE SO MANY KIDS AROUND THE WORLD DO ALREADY and the elite will openly laugh at your misery. 

This catastrophe is our own fault, we as a people bought into this idea of infinite growth on a finite planet because we were still operating and thinking as our ancestors had for all the millennia before this new age. But it is unsustainable. The old methods and ideas are exactly that – OLD and none of them are applicable to the modern world. Not Religion, not Economics, Not Ideas of Governance, nothing save 2 things. 1/ How the Elite still control us all, how they divide and literally conquer us, how they perpetuate war in an effort to hold onto their power over the world and retain their privileges. And 2/ How The Poor under such a Yolk have only ever been able to break free of such perfidy from their Masters.

Peaceful change is only possible when those who govern us all are also sane. That is why Ghandi was able to achieve what he did; he was up against an ‘essentially’ sane establishment. Those who govern us now are not so encumbered.

These people are ‘Sociopath’s and beyond the principles of other humans. They do not possess Probity, Ethics, Principles, or any morality that you or I could recognise as being humane. For too long we have listened to their paid for ‘Academics’ spouting bullshit about ‘How Hitler and The Nazi’s were human beings just like us’. He wasn’t and they weren’t. Hitler like all such Fascists was a Monster; and Ladies and Gentlemen Fascism is alive and well and you are living in just such a State; and yes I mean that literally.

You avert your eyes and tell your children “there are no monsters” but they are everywhere evident in the words and deeds of those who rule us with ruthless viciousness. These monsters do not mind killing children in Africa with Bombs dropped from pilotless Drones. They gamble of food prices whilst children eat detritus they find on refuse dumps, they rape and murder children, they blame the victims of their perfidy for the crimes they themselves commit, and when that fails they cover it all up in carefully orchestrated conspiracies.

I love all you people out there who are struggling to get data out, who are spreading dissent and truths about their ‘Empires of Evil’ and all the nasty disgusting criminal activities; but you are wrong if you think that by peaceful means we the Proletariat, the Plebeians, The Ordinary Decent Hard Working People , will ever be free of their malice by getting them to willingly change and adopt our ‘compassionate considered morality’.
Sociopaths do not change, they take what they want, they use who they want, and if you’re lucky they won’t torture you when they finally kill you.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

The sound of gunfire.

The difference between civilians and soldiers is that soldiers run towards the sound of gunfire. This ability comes from their training which harvests the innate courage that lay’s deep within all of us.

A lot of folks; good people with good intentions, get into a thing and then they get frightened by the enormity of the fierce truths that they suddenly find themselves exposed to. This is common and rather ordinary human behaviour.

It is not that they are cowards, far from it; it’s just that they have no experience of living and working in such brutal environs. Thus it is, when they realise just what a monumental shit storm they are in the middle of, and by now fearing vicious reprisals from powerful forces which beforehand they had no real comprehension of, they choose then to run away from the impending storm decrying the reality and all those who stand fast against the cruel winds, denying the truth of the world that by now know to be a practical certainty.

Such 'fear' is as I have said, perhaps normal; a survival trait inbuilt into our fragile human psyche, but it is a survival instinct that the powerful prey on, and so it is that we have the world we have. Not a world built on courage, but a world built on a ‘Foundation of Fear’.

The evidence shows us that the police on orders from those above tried to cover up multiple cases of paedophile activity across the whole of the nation on numerous occasions, and the thing to remember about this is – ‘We only get to know about cases of corruption because of their conspiracy failures’. The magnitude of horror is that we now know that they have succeeded in conspiring to cover up evidence in a wide variety and range of criminal cases far more times than have they failed.

The horrific case of Jimmy Savile proves to us beyond any reasonable doubt that such crooked activities by the establishment have been ongoing for 40 years at least, and I say ‘Ongoing’ because they are still trying to cover it up.

Let us be honest and face it head on. These are people who rape, torture, and murder children as a matter of course, and ‘Everybody knew about it’. Do you seriously think that they would shirk from the simple crime of ‘conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice’ when their freedom demanded they choose to connive together or hang together?

No neither do I.

In the case of Savile they have already conducted a number of black flag operations designed to divide public opinion and distract us all from their nefarious activities regarding this despicable man and his co-conspirators in evil.

We know also that in the case of ‘Hillsborough’ they conducted a huge conspiracy which included Margaret Thatcher, Cabinet Ministers, The Sun Newspaper and all of its journalists, the police, and many others.
Frankly the list of criminal shit that those who rule us get up to is so large, so all pervading, it is of no surprise when ordinary men and women when confronted with the enormity of these facts and what it might mean for them personally decide to run and hide, belittling those who expose the truths less they too become a target for the establishments wrath.

Fear is a killer of truth.

The Liverpool fans and families had to endure this sort of defamation and nastiness for decades, but that old saying about ‘Truth will out’ remains as valid today as ever it was, and now after a gargantuan battle all the world can see the full vindication of their loved ones, and all because they did not waiver in their steadfast refusal to accept the ‘Official Verdict’ of the establishments criminal duplicity in trying to cover up the truth of their incompetent criminality.

The criminal conspiracy in trying to cover up the Jimmy Savile mess is of a magnitude far greater than anything we have ever seen. And worse; its very nature leads us all into waters darker than anything we have ever as a people witnessed. It means we can never again trust those who rule us who conduct any form of establishment holding action, to be honest and worthy of our trust, or our vote.

It will be a long road with the Savile case, I predict at least as long as the Hillsborough cover up. Many will come and go, some will fall, and others will pass away; some through natural causes others not so much. But if we want the truth, if we want to bring down this ‘Paedophile ring of criminal conspirators’ which reaches all the way to the very top of our society, then we must stand fast and not let their trickery, deceits, and attacks on those trying hard to expose the truth of their villainy ever get the better of our personal courage, and the intellectual urge to get at the full facts of their criminality.

I will not end this piece with a homily but instead with a simple - "Good Luck, be Steadfast".

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Edges of Human Existence

The lamentation of the Children
Echoes across the rotting stinking tip,
And like some ghastly doomed lovers
They cling grey skinned
Like leeches to their lives.

The parasites give themselves a bonus
For pillaging from the poor
Condemning millions to starvation
And creating yet another bloody war.

These Bankers laugh at the misery they cause
For they will dine off of silver
And drink 100% proof vodka
With gold floating therein unfiltered
An exemplar of their greed.

Bankers kill more people
Each year
Than the Nazis ever did.
Profit is their God
And money is their id

But in the harrowing of the night
The children cannot imagine their Tower of Babel
Shining like a sadistic beacon
Bragging of their riches
As they scrape about the rubble
Of our detritus,
To eat the leavings of our lives
Scrubbing around in the putrid mud,
Eating but not digesting
All our wasted crud.

No school
No hope
No chance
No choice
No mercy given
And these forgotten children
Are the victims
Of a Bankers greed.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The New Online Dictionary

I have been having some fun with my new Hashtag on Twitter #NewOnlineDictionary putting more honest and real definitions to words and phrases... here are my tweets thus far. Enjoy

Lickspittle - A Journalist for the mainstream media who propagandises in order to push a Governments Fascist agenda #NewOnlineDictionary

Criminal Collaborator - A Tory Voter. #NewOnlineDictionary

Tory = A racist, gay hating, thief. #NewOnlineDictionary

Banker - A Person who steals money from the poor and redistributes it to the rich. #NewOnlineDictionary

Minister – A person who conspires to screw The People at the behest of his/her masters #NewOnlineDictionary

Prime-Minister – Chief functionary and go-between whose job it is to screw The People for Bankers and Corporate Magnates #NewOnlineDictionary

The State = Any citizen of a realm who has ever paid Tax or, worked in a country, or was born within the borders of a nation #NewOnlineDictionary

Traitor – A Politician who enables others to, or directly attacks in any way, a member or section of society #NewOnlineDictionary

Warlock – Any Politician that breaks his sworn oaths. This includes his manifesto of election #NewOnlineDictionary

Fraudster – Any Politician who claims extra benefits on top of his huge wages #NewOnlineDictionary

Child Molester – Any Politician who causes by action or inaction, the death of any child anywhere - #NewOnlineDictionary

Vampire – Anybody who rapes The State or The Land for personal profit #NewOnlineDictionary

Hero – Any member of The State [The people] who reveals the truth about the activities of those who rule the world #NewOnlineDictionary

Villain – Any member of The State [The People] who aids the rulers of the world in their illegal & immoral activities #NewOnlineDictionary

Democracy – A theoretical ideology of governance that has not existed since the collapse of The Athenian Republic #NewOnlineDictionary 

Fascism – A vicious and utterly ruthless form of elitist governance practiced in almost every country in the world #NewOnlineDictionary 

War – A brutal form of profiteering from the misery & deaths of children & the constant aim of 99% of all politicians #NewOnlineDictionary 

Freedom – The aim of the elite to do what they want to whomsoever they want when they want and get away with it #NewOnlineDictionary 

Peace – The desire & hope of the ordinary man which is constantly thwarted by the greed and misanthropy of The Elite #NewOnlineDictionary
Mercy – A Joke told by The Elite at their regular Bilderberg Meetings, [usually over a glass of champagne] #NewOnlineDictionary
Honesty - Another Joke told by The Elite at their regular Bilderberg Meetings #NewOnlineDictionary

Equality – A form of slavery The Elite have striving hard to create globally and is just now becoming reality #NewOnlineDictionary

The Law – A system of control whereby The Elite rape The Poor of all human rights & any hope of fairness #NewOnlineDictionary

Shyster – All Bankers and Politicians who conspire to create financial profit for themselves at the expense of The State #NewOnlineDictionary

Ogres - All Corporations who deliberately keep the ordinary man poor whilst they and their confederates get rich #NewOnlineDictionary

Murder – A crime against humanity that every government official that sells weapons to other countries is guilty of #NewOnlineDictionary

Genocide – A crime against humanity that every Leader of every government that sells weapons to other countries is guilty of #NewOnlineDictionary

Kindness – The normal attitude of the ordinary man #NewOnlineDictionary

Insatiability – The normal state of being for The Elite, where nothing is ever enough #NewOnlineDictionary

Mass Starvation – A deliberate policy of control engineered by The Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Profit – Both the ‘God’ and ‘Religion’ of The Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Slaves – You, me, and 99% of the world’s population #NewOnlineDictionary

The Elite – A small, [justly reviled] group of people who own or control pretty much everything of importance #NewOnlineDictionary

The New World Order – Same as The Old World Order but with more violence and control #NewOnlineDictionary

Death – The only liberation from Tyranny that The Elite will ever allow the common man #NewOnlineDictionary

Rebellion – The Moral, Lawful, and Obligatory actions, of all people oppressed everywhere #NewOnlineDictionary

Justice – A word historically invented by The Elite to rationalize their Rape, murders, and thievery #NewOnlineDictionary

Sedition – The human act of defiance against any Fascist Tyranny #NewOnlineDictionary

Kettling – An act of Violence committed against protesting citizens by criminals in the pay of a Fascist Government #NewOnlineDictionary

Terrorist – Anybody who seeks to live a life free from the control of American hegemony #NewOnlineDictionary

Cyber-Terrorist – Anybody who spreads ideas against the control of American Hegemony via the Internet #NewOnlineDictionary

Wikileaks – Cyber-SuperHeroes #NewOnlineDictionary

Thatcher – Demon of the Underworld #NewOnlineDictionary

Nazism – The supreme exemplar of global conservatism and the inevitable outcome of profit over decency #NewOnlineDictionary

Evil – What man does to others for profit #NewOnlineDictionary

Prostitution – The act of a Politician selling themselves to the highest corporate bidder #NewOnlineDictionary

Greed – The heart of darkness upon the face of The Earth #NewOnlineDictionary

Love – The natural state of humans but a myth to The Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Religion – The Old World Order’s weapon of choice when it wanted to kill lots of people [replaced by money circa 1914] #NewOnlineDictionary

God – The fantasy of people who cannot stand up to their oppressors #NewOnlineDictionary

Hell – Any Nation suffering under the yolk of Fascism in whatever form it takes #NewOnlineDictionary

Fidelity – The last full measure of a man’s courage to stand against tyranny no matter what #NewOnlineDictionary

Courage – The normal ordinary actions of a normal ordinary human in extraordinary circumstance #NewOnlineDictionary

Critical Thinking – No longer taught at state controlled schools and the direst enemy of the Global Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Silence – An act of gutless submission by citizens too fearful to even speak out against the Despots who rule us all #NewOnlineDictionary

Liberty – The dream of the ordinary man and woman who can still imagine a world without an Evil Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Truth – Any arbitrary and false statistic conjured up by Politicians to support their increasingly bigoted ravings #NewOnlineDictionary

Defence – The ability to murder men with unmanned drone’s #NewOnlineDictionary

Self-Defence – The ability to murder Children with unmanned drone’s #NewOnlineDictionary

National Security – The right to murder scientists who can prove to the World that your reasons for war are lies #NewOnlineDictionary

Honourable Gentleman – A Politician who has been caught defrauding the public #NewOnlineDictionary

Right Honourable Gentleman – A Politician who has not yet been caught defrauding the public #NewOnlineDictionary

Scrounger - A member of the Patrician Class who defrauds The State in order to pay for his other nefarious activities #NewOnlineDictionary

Parasite – Any Politician who takes a wage but then commits an act of calumny against any member of the Working Masses #NewOnlineDictionary

Deceiver – Any Patrician who deliberately seeks to cause outrage amongst the Plebeians by creating false scandal #NewOnlineDictionary

Devil - Any Patrician who deliberately creates false scandal so that he might then seek monetary reparations #NewOnlineDictionary

Charlatan – An adjective which precisely describes Grant Schapps Tory MP and Online Fraudster #NewOnlineDictionary

Swindler – An adjective which precisely describes David Laws a Liberal Democrat MP #NewOnlineDictionary

Kingpin of Crime – Rupert Murdoch, a master criminal and manipulator #NewOnlineDictionary

Warrior Angel – A phrase used to describe the courageous Malala Yousafzai. Pakistani Schoolgirl and Heroine #NewOnlineDictionary

Rozzer – Any Policeman who abandons his duty to The People & carries out brutal actions against them for a Government #NewOnlineDictionary

Westminster Pig – Any Politician eating out at restaurants at the expense of The Tax Payer whilst we have Food Banks #NewOnlineDictionary

Social-housing – Euphemistic term used to disguise a form of Government sponsored robbery by greedy Landlords #NewOnlineDictionary

Bamboozlationism – The art form of disguising truth as facts as practiced by all Politicians #NewOnlineDictionary

Bamboozle – A Politicians successful act of fooling the public into believing his false rhetoric #NewOnlineDictionary

Liar Liar Pants on Fire – The first thoughts that go through your head when you hear a Politician Speak on the BBC #NewOnlineDictionary

BBCNews – The Official Tory Government Propaganda Apparatchik #NewOnlineDictionary

Lord Haw Haw – Any number of Frontline News Presenters working for BBCNews #NewOnlineDictionary

Money – A universal system of control and mass delirium designed by The Elite which enables them to Steal Everything #NewOnlineDictionary

Land Deeds – How The Elite ‘Justify’ their criminal control of land allowing them to rape the soil for profit #NewOnlineDictionary

Fracking – The deliberate attempt to destroy the water table #NewOnlineDictionary

Rendition – How Christian governments Torture humans to get information #NewOnlineDictionary

Torture – How Non-Christian Governments Render humans to get information #NewOnlineDictionary

Yates of the Yard – John Yates; Criminal & Torturer for Hire, also known in Bahrain as ‘The Fiend from Liverpool’ #NewOnlineDictionary

Doing a Boris – The act of conspiring with fellow criminals to have people severely beaten #NewOnlineDictionary

Doing a Leveson – The art of carrying out a very public cover up, in which nobody is convicted of any criminality whatsoever #NewOnlineDictionary

Mogging – A person who casually dismisses the poverty in Britain as fable because he has never had a moment’s hardship #NewOnlineDictionary

Quisling – Any member of society who betrays The People for money, power, or other personal gain #NewOnlineDictionary

Perfidy – The actions of a Quisling #NewOnlineDictionary

Blessed One – A Person who brings Laughter, Joy, or Kindness into the world of a child #NewOnlineDictionary

Damned One – A Person who brings Pain, Sorrow, or Terror into the world of a child #NewOnlineDictionary

Shitehawk – A Person who works for a wage for people they know to be unethical or criminal because ‘they need a job’ #NewOnlineDictionary