Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Edges of Human Existence

The lamentation of the Children
Echoes across the rotting stinking tip,
And like some ghastly doomed lovers
They cling grey skinned
Like leeches to their lives.

The parasites give themselves a bonus
For pillaging from the poor
Condemning millions to starvation
And creating yet another bloody war.

These Bankers laugh at the misery they cause
For they will dine off of silver
And drink 100% proof vodka
With gold floating therein unfiltered
An exemplar of their greed.

Bankers kill more people
Each year
Than the Nazis ever did.
Profit is their God
And money is their id

But in the harrowing of the night
The children cannot imagine their Tower of Babel
Shining like a sadistic beacon
Bragging of their riches
As they scrape about the rubble
Of our detritus,
To eat the leavings of our lives
Scrubbing around in the putrid mud,
Eating but not digesting
All our wasted crud.

No school
No hope
No chance
No choice
No mercy given
And these forgotten children
Are the victims
Of a Bankers greed.

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