Monday, 7 January 2013

The New Online Dictionary

I have been having some fun with my new Hashtag on Twitter #NewOnlineDictionary putting more honest and real definitions to words and phrases... here are my tweets thus far. Enjoy

Lickspittle - A Journalist for the mainstream media who propagandises in order to push a Governments Fascist agenda #NewOnlineDictionary

Criminal Collaborator - A Tory Voter. #NewOnlineDictionary

Tory = A racist, gay hating, thief. #NewOnlineDictionary

Banker - A Person who steals money from the poor and redistributes it to the rich. #NewOnlineDictionary

Minister – A person who conspires to screw The People at the behest of his/her masters #NewOnlineDictionary

Prime-Minister – Chief functionary and go-between whose job it is to screw The People for Bankers and Corporate Magnates #NewOnlineDictionary

The State = Any citizen of a realm who has ever paid Tax or, worked in a country, or was born within the borders of a nation #NewOnlineDictionary

Traitor – A Politician who enables others to, or directly attacks in any way, a member or section of society #NewOnlineDictionary

Warlock – Any Politician that breaks his sworn oaths. This includes his manifesto of election #NewOnlineDictionary

Fraudster – Any Politician who claims extra benefits on top of his huge wages #NewOnlineDictionary

Child Molester – Any Politician who causes by action or inaction, the death of any child anywhere - #NewOnlineDictionary

Vampire – Anybody who rapes The State or The Land for personal profit #NewOnlineDictionary

Hero – Any member of The State [The people] who reveals the truth about the activities of those who rule the world #NewOnlineDictionary

Villain – Any member of The State [The People] who aids the rulers of the world in their illegal & immoral activities #NewOnlineDictionary

Democracy – A theoretical ideology of governance that has not existed since the collapse of The Athenian Republic #NewOnlineDictionary 

Fascism – A vicious and utterly ruthless form of elitist governance practiced in almost every country in the world #NewOnlineDictionary 

War – A brutal form of profiteering from the misery & deaths of children & the constant aim of 99% of all politicians #NewOnlineDictionary 

Freedom – The aim of the elite to do what they want to whomsoever they want when they want and get away with it #NewOnlineDictionary 

Peace – The desire & hope of the ordinary man which is constantly thwarted by the greed and misanthropy of The Elite #NewOnlineDictionary
Mercy – A Joke told by The Elite at their regular Bilderberg Meetings, [usually over a glass of champagne] #NewOnlineDictionary
Honesty - Another Joke told by The Elite at their regular Bilderberg Meetings #NewOnlineDictionary

Equality – A form of slavery The Elite have striving hard to create globally and is just now becoming reality #NewOnlineDictionary

The Law – A system of control whereby The Elite rape The Poor of all human rights & any hope of fairness #NewOnlineDictionary

Shyster – All Bankers and Politicians who conspire to create financial profit for themselves at the expense of The State #NewOnlineDictionary

Ogres - All Corporations who deliberately keep the ordinary man poor whilst they and their confederates get rich #NewOnlineDictionary

Murder – A crime against humanity that every government official that sells weapons to other countries is guilty of #NewOnlineDictionary

Genocide – A crime against humanity that every Leader of every government that sells weapons to other countries is guilty of #NewOnlineDictionary

Kindness – The normal attitude of the ordinary man #NewOnlineDictionary

Insatiability – The normal state of being for The Elite, where nothing is ever enough #NewOnlineDictionary

Mass Starvation – A deliberate policy of control engineered by The Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Profit – Both the ‘God’ and ‘Religion’ of The Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Slaves – You, me, and 99% of the world’s population #NewOnlineDictionary

The Elite – A small, [justly reviled] group of people who own or control pretty much everything of importance #NewOnlineDictionary

The New World Order – Same as The Old World Order but with more violence and control #NewOnlineDictionary

Death – The only liberation from Tyranny that The Elite will ever allow the common man #NewOnlineDictionary

Rebellion – The Moral, Lawful, and Obligatory actions, of all people oppressed everywhere #NewOnlineDictionary

Justice – A word historically invented by The Elite to rationalize their Rape, murders, and thievery #NewOnlineDictionary

Sedition – The human act of defiance against any Fascist Tyranny #NewOnlineDictionary

Kettling – An act of Violence committed against protesting citizens by criminals in the pay of a Fascist Government #NewOnlineDictionary

Terrorist – Anybody who seeks to live a life free from the control of American hegemony #NewOnlineDictionary

Cyber-Terrorist – Anybody who spreads ideas against the control of American Hegemony via the Internet #NewOnlineDictionary

Wikileaks – Cyber-SuperHeroes #NewOnlineDictionary

Thatcher – Demon of the Underworld #NewOnlineDictionary

Nazism – The supreme exemplar of global conservatism and the inevitable outcome of profit over decency #NewOnlineDictionary

Evil – What man does to others for profit #NewOnlineDictionary

Prostitution – The act of a Politician selling themselves to the highest corporate bidder #NewOnlineDictionary

Greed – The heart of darkness upon the face of The Earth #NewOnlineDictionary

Love – The natural state of humans but a myth to The Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Religion – The Old World Order’s weapon of choice when it wanted to kill lots of people [replaced by money circa 1914] #NewOnlineDictionary

God – The fantasy of people who cannot stand up to their oppressors #NewOnlineDictionary

Hell – Any Nation suffering under the yolk of Fascism in whatever form it takes #NewOnlineDictionary

Fidelity – The last full measure of a man’s courage to stand against tyranny no matter what #NewOnlineDictionary

Courage – The normal ordinary actions of a normal ordinary human in extraordinary circumstance #NewOnlineDictionary

Critical Thinking – No longer taught at state controlled schools and the direst enemy of the Global Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Silence – An act of gutless submission by citizens too fearful to even speak out against the Despots who rule us all #NewOnlineDictionary

Liberty – The dream of the ordinary man and woman who can still imagine a world without an Evil Elite #NewOnlineDictionary

Truth – Any arbitrary and false statistic conjured up by Politicians to support their increasingly bigoted ravings #NewOnlineDictionary

Defence – The ability to murder men with unmanned drone’s #NewOnlineDictionary

Self-Defence – The ability to murder Children with unmanned drone’s #NewOnlineDictionary

National Security – The right to murder scientists who can prove to the World that your reasons for war are lies #NewOnlineDictionary

Honourable Gentleman – A Politician who has been caught defrauding the public #NewOnlineDictionary

Right Honourable Gentleman – A Politician who has not yet been caught defrauding the public #NewOnlineDictionary

Scrounger - A member of the Patrician Class who defrauds The State in order to pay for his other nefarious activities #NewOnlineDictionary

Parasite – Any Politician who takes a wage but then commits an act of calumny against any member of the Working Masses #NewOnlineDictionary

Deceiver – Any Patrician who deliberately seeks to cause outrage amongst the Plebeians by creating false scandal #NewOnlineDictionary

Devil - Any Patrician who deliberately creates false scandal so that he might then seek monetary reparations #NewOnlineDictionary

Charlatan – An adjective which precisely describes Grant Schapps Tory MP and Online Fraudster #NewOnlineDictionary

Swindler – An adjective which precisely describes David Laws a Liberal Democrat MP #NewOnlineDictionary

Kingpin of Crime – Rupert Murdoch, a master criminal and manipulator #NewOnlineDictionary

Warrior Angel – A phrase used to describe the courageous Malala Yousafzai. Pakistani Schoolgirl and Heroine #NewOnlineDictionary

Rozzer – Any Policeman who abandons his duty to The People & carries out brutal actions against them for a Government #NewOnlineDictionary

Westminster Pig – Any Politician eating out at restaurants at the expense of The Tax Payer whilst we have Food Banks #NewOnlineDictionary

Social-housing – Euphemistic term used to disguise a form of Government sponsored robbery by greedy Landlords #NewOnlineDictionary

Bamboozlationism – The art form of disguising truth as facts as practiced by all Politicians #NewOnlineDictionary

Bamboozle – A Politicians successful act of fooling the public into believing his false rhetoric #NewOnlineDictionary

Liar Liar Pants on Fire – The first thoughts that go through your head when you hear a Politician Speak on the BBC #NewOnlineDictionary

BBCNews – The Official Tory Government Propaganda Apparatchik #NewOnlineDictionary

Lord Haw Haw – Any number of Frontline News Presenters working for BBCNews #NewOnlineDictionary

Money – A universal system of control and mass delirium designed by The Elite which enables them to Steal Everything #NewOnlineDictionary

Land Deeds – How The Elite ‘Justify’ their criminal control of land allowing them to rape the soil for profit #NewOnlineDictionary

Fracking – The deliberate attempt to destroy the water table #NewOnlineDictionary

Rendition – How Christian governments Torture humans to get information #NewOnlineDictionary

Torture – How Non-Christian Governments Render humans to get information #NewOnlineDictionary

Yates of the Yard – John Yates; Criminal & Torturer for Hire, also known in Bahrain as ‘The Fiend from Liverpool’ #NewOnlineDictionary

Doing a Boris – The act of conspiring with fellow criminals to have people severely beaten #NewOnlineDictionary

Doing a Leveson – The art of carrying out a very public cover up, in which nobody is convicted of any criminality whatsoever #NewOnlineDictionary

Mogging – A person who casually dismisses the poverty in Britain as fable because he has never had a moment’s hardship #NewOnlineDictionary

Quisling – Any member of society who betrays The People for money, power, or other personal gain #NewOnlineDictionary

Perfidy – The actions of a Quisling #NewOnlineDictionary

Blessed One – A Person who brings Laughter, Joy, or Kindness into the world of a child #NewOnlineDictionary

Damned One – A Person who brings Pain, Sorrow, or Terror into the world of a child #NewOnlineDictionary

Shitehawk – A Person who works for a wage for people they know to be unethical or criminal because ‘they need a job’ #NewOnlineDictionary

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