Sunday, 20 January 2013

The sound of gunfire.

The difference between civilians and soldiers is that soldiers run towards the sound of gunfire. This ability comes from their training which harvests the innate courage that lay’s deep within all of us.

A lot of folks; good people with good intentions, get into a thing and then they get frightened by the enormity of the fierce truths that they suddenly find themselves exposed to. This is common and rather ordinary human behaviour.

It is not that they are cowards, far from it; it’s just that they have no experience of living and working in such brutal environs. Thus it is, when they realise just what a monumental shit storm they are in the middle of, and by now fearing vicious reprisals from powerful forces which beforehand they had no real comprehension of, they choose then to run away from the impending storm decrying the reality and all those who stand fast against the cruel winds, denying the truth of the world that by now know to be a practical certainty.

Such 'fear' is as I have said, perhaps normal; a survival trait inbuilt into our fragile human psyche, but it is a survival instinct that the powerful prey on, and so it is that we have the world we have. Not a world built on courage, but a world built on a ‘Foundation of Fear’.

The evidence shows us that the police on orders from those above tried to cover up multiple cases of paedophile activity across the whole of the nation on numerous occasions, and the thing to remember about this is – ‘We only get to know about cases of corruption because of their conspiracy failures’. The magnitude of horror is that we now know that they have succeeded in conspiring to cover up evidence in a wide variety and range of criminal cases far more times than have they failed.

The horrific case of Jimmy Savile proves to us beyond any reasonable doubt that such crooked activities by the establishment have been ongoing for 40 years at least, and I say ‘Ongoing’ because they are still trying to cover it up.

Let us be honest and face it head on. These are people who rape, torture, and murder children as a matter of course, and ‘Everybody knew about it’. Do you seriously think that they would shirk from the simple crime of ‘conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice’ when their freedom demanded they choose to connive together or hang together?

No neither do I.

In the case of Savile they have already conducted a number of black flag operations designed to divide public opinion and distract us all from their nefarious activities regarding this despicable man and his co-conspirators in evil.

We know also that in the case of ‘Hillsborough’ they conducted a huge conspiracy which included Margaret Thatcher, Cabinet Ministers, The Sun Newspaper and all of its journalists, the police, and many others.
Frankly the list of criminal shit that those who rule us get up to is so large, so all pervading, it is of no surprise when ordinary men and women when confronted with the enormity of these facts and what it might mean for them personally decide to run and hide, belittling those who expose the truths less they too become a target for the establishments wrath.

Fear is a killer of truth.

The Liverpool fans and families had to endure this sort of defamation and nastiness for decades, but that old saying about ‘Truth will out’ remains as valid today as ever it was, and now after a gargantuan battle all the world can see the full vindication of their loved ones, and all because they did not waiver in their steadfast refusal to accept the ‘Official Verdict’ of the establishments criminal duplicity in trying to cover up the truth of their incompetent criminality.

The criminal conspiracy in trying to cover up the Jimmy Savile mess is of a magnitude far greater than anything we have ever seen. And worse; its very nature leads us all into waters darker than anything we have ever as a people witnessed. It means we can never again trust those who rule us who conduct any form of establishment holding action, to be honest and worthy of our trust, or our vote.

It will be a long road with the Savile case, I predict at least as long as the Hillsborough cover up. Many will come and go, some will fall, and others will pass away; some through natural causes others not so much. But if we want the truth, if we want to bring down this ‘Paedophile ring of criminal conspirators’ which reaches all the way to the very top of our society, then we must stand fast and not let their trickery, deceits, and attacks on those trying hard to expose the truth of their villainy ever get the better of our personal courage, and the intellectual urge to get at the full facts of their criminality.

I will not end this piece with a homily but instead with a simple - "Good Luck, be Steadfast".

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