Friday, 1 February 2013

World War 3

“Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.” - Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (3 May 1469 – 21 June 1527)

Winston Churchill warned often of the calamity which he could clearly foresee approaching but he was not alone. There were others, such as George Ambrose Lloyd; a fellow Conservative, who was perhaps the first to voice such concerns about Germany and who later during the war served under Winston as Secretary to the Colonies and as Leader of the House of Lords. But to all intents and purposes it was Winston’s voice that stood stalwart against the rise of Hitler that is recorded as a ‘Lone Voice’ which echoed down the halls of Westminster, and in the chambers of the powerful. This recording of history is thus because of course - Winston wrote the history; but there was a degree of truth in his version.

Sadly it was all to ‘no avail’. Hitler convinced the doubting and timorous Neville Chamberlain that we would have ‘Peace in our time’ and then invaded Poland. One can still almost sense the glee emanating from the Reichstag at the sound of that now famously foolish news announcement from the tarmac of the aerodrome as Chamberlain held aloft the already worthless Peace Treaty like a flag of victory.

Thus in a brutal comic farce of unparalleled historic proportions was unleashed upon the world of men one of the greatest evils that has ever beset us in this veil of tears. And was it because the people of Britain were cowards? Was it because they were stupid?

Absolutely not.

To put it simply - People refused to believe Winston’s warnings because the majority of people could not face up to another ‘appalling history’ unfolding yet again so soon after the first global catastrophic conflict that we now call World War 1, but was in those days known as ‘The War to end All Wars’. The fact is they simply could not believe it. After all, ‘who would want that carnage again’?

Of course ‘we’ looking back now can see the many reasons why the Second World War kicked off; but time and distance are a great platform for impartial objectivity. They had neither the comfort of Time nor the luxury of Distance within which to make their judgements, yet Winston and others managed it. He correctly assessed Hitler’s ambition and his deadly intent, and for this he was often times ‘ridiculed’ as yesterdays man hankering after a War.

‘Time’ it seems has a sense of humour.

Today once again, this cacophony of sonorous ‘fear-filled’ voices shout sombre ridicule at those of us who, like some dread dark mirror of our past, give dire warnings of impending doom; but this time our Doom lays not in some far off shore or across an angry and glimmering sea, but rather in the hearts and minds of those who rule us and their masters of the New World Order. This enemy lives and breathes in the same air as the rest of us. They look out across the same cityscapes as we do, but whereas we hope for life and love they lust after only profit, power, and death.

For a few dollars more they wreck the Amazon, for a fistful of yen they make a desert of the Pacific Ocean, and for a Pound Stirling they demand a pound of flesh as they rape and harvest a slaughter in Africa.

Hear me.

They will for the price of a loaf of bread cast us all into the pit to garner a little more turnover for their miserable bank balances. For the want of a glass of water they will frak the Earth beneath our feet and turn our water table into a cesspit of undrinkable slime, and there will be no clean up. Do not delude yourself that they can do these things and then make it all alright again, because they can’t. Once the water table is fucked, it is fucked. End of story, that is all she wrote.

Then what? Where will you get the water you need to live from? Ah yes... from them, from their water refining plants, and of course you will have to pay or die.

For a pocket full of change they reign down napalm on children whose only crime is the colour of their skin and to be in a mineral rich free fire zone. For money they will see everybody burn in an economic cataclysm which will engulf the entire planet. But not them. Oh no; their money is safe offshore on pleasant golden beached jewels in the azure sea of the Caribbean, all 32 trillion dollars of it [£2 Trillion pounds of which is British Tax Payers money].

Not for them any hardships, they will be drinking Tequila Sunrises out of coconut shells and sun bathing besides their fresh clean swimming pools or playing Golf on their luxurious golfing estates with their fellow criminal mates from the NWO.

WORLD WAR THREE is coming. It is not a joke, it is not a mad conspiracy theory, it is real and it is coming to a country near you anytime soon.

 It has in fact already started... Mali. Libya. Algeria. Syria. Iraq. Afghanistan. Somalia. Papua New Guinea. Sierra-Leon. Egypt. Palestine. Yemen. Burma. Sudan. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bahrain. Nigeria. Central African Republic. Angola. Namibia. Pakistan. And the fucking list goes on and on and on and on and on... Tick... Tick... Tick...


You need to wake up and fast. The New World Order are really the Old World Order but with modern communications. They are the old paradigm using new weapons to achieve the same Imperial Capitalistic Dream. And you sunshine are the meat in their fucking grinder.

I have not herein listed all the nefarious activities of all the gross evils the governments of the world are committing against other nations and indeed their own indigent peoples, the list is simply too big to hold ones attention without slipping into a dreadful miasma of horrified spiritual torment unless one is of a particular constitution, and let’s face it if you had the stomach for it I would not be forced into writing this lengthy diatribe as you would have already cast down these evil bastards who so enslave mankind with their constant need for War.

Imperial Capitalism cannot sustain itself indefinitely, we have a finite Planet. But in order to survive in the interim before the collapse they must have war. The more war there is, the more profit they have. The more profit they have, the more power over us lays within their hands. Ergo they create conflicts to feed their insatiable lusts for money, power, and privilege. They cannot do otherwise, it is cold brutal logic. It is War till collapse, then flight to a blue sea and a golden beach; and you, and everybody you know, and everybody you don’t know, are their victims.

Let us turn now to what is a ‘Crime against Peace’ under International law.

Here below are the codified Principles of crimes that the New World Order has breached time and time again...
1/ The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under international law:

(a) Crimes against peace:

(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).

(b) War crimes:

Violations of the laws or customs of war which include, but are not limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation to slave labour or for any other purpose of civilian population of or in occupied territory; murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the Seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.

(c) Crimes against humanity:

Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts done against any civilian population, or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds, when such acts are done or such persecutions are carried on in execution of or in connection with any crime against peace or any war crime."
2/ Principle (VII)

Principle VII states, "Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity as set forth in Principle VI is a crime under international law."

And that ladies and gentlemen is what makes our various Political Henchmen [for this is what they are, hired hatchet men] complicit in crimes of such heinous villainy that if they were ever to be tried under the same circumstance and rule of Laws as the Nazi’s at Nuremberg were it would lead to the hanging of pretty much every Political Leadership in the western world [and a good few in other parts, as evidenced by the eventual fate imposed upon Saddam Hussein after his capture... and yes the Americans had him killed by proxy].

So the principles of our modern world are these.

1/ The Elite rule the world by the means of Imperial Capitalism.

2/ All Business is War.

3/ War is Profit for the Super Elite.

4/ The Elite must never be seen to get their hands Dirty. That is what Politicians are for.

5/ Ergo - The purpose of Government is Continuous War

6/ The People must be controlled through

[i] Economic Debt Slavery.
[ii] Propaganda.
[iii] Fear.
[iv] Famine.
[v] Warfare.

7/ And this rule above all things. The Elite must never be tried for any crimes. That is what Underlings are for. Everybody below the top tier is an expendable asset whose value is determined by their continued worthwhile service to The Elite.

And woe betide any underling whose service to this Elite becomes more troublesome than they are worth, he or she will be immediately killed off or sold down the river.
 And if any dare to deem themselves on a par with their masters! Why then this cannot be tolerated; for if just once such an event happens without immediate and final sanction, the whole system of Imperial Capitalistic Tyranny would collapse and with it the edifice of The Elites control over this World.

And what is more.... you all know this is the absolute ‘Truth’.

I report here a post from the great Bob Woodward [he of The Watergate Scandal] that has been little reported outside of Washington USA.

Quote - ‘In the first months of the Obama presidency in 2009, Chuck Hagel, who had just finished two terms as a U.S. senator, went to the White House to visit with the friend he had made during the four years they overlapped in the Senate.
“So, President Obama asked, what do you think about foreign policy and defence issues”?
According to an account that Hagel later gave, he told Obama: “We are at a time where there is a ‘New World Order’. We do not control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they” — the military and diplomats — “tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our role. You need to question the military. You need to question what are we using the military for”. – Unquote.

This admission from the future US Secretary of Defence about there being a New World Order is a startling piece of information.
You need to understand the true depth of its meaning and what it says about the NWO and its reach. Hagel would not say this out loud and if asked I am sure he would publicly deny that it was what he meant but for the rest of us the meaning was clear. He was saying “Mr President if you don’t do what the New World Order Wants they will kill you”.

A sobering moment for a New President I am sure.

For the rest of us this leaves us all with the obvious dilemma ‘What to do about it’?

Well in simplified terms there are really only 2 courses of action.

1/ Total outright rebellion in which many will die [The Elite will not go quietly into the night].
2/ Continued Slavery until the inevitable collapse of the economic and ecological systems then mass starvation and death in which Billions will die.

And those ‘dear reader’ really are your choices.

I am not interested in promoting war, I would have a peace of ‘Shared Plenty’ for everyone if I could, but that is an anathema to The Elite. It undermines one of the core principles of their power, it is one you have all, I am sure, heard of. “Divide et impera” Divide and Conquer.
They can never allow ‘Shared Plenty’, it equals a death knell for their power and privilege, and while they operate under the old paradigms of command and control they cannot tolerate such a system.

We must each of us grow up and face the brutal fact that we are, all of us, in the middle of a Global War against the ordinary men and woman who inhabit this fragile globe, and that for us there is only the certainty of death. The only question that remains unanswered is the final cost of our choices ‘slavery’ or ‘freedom’.

The equation is simple. The possibility of dying as a free man if you oppose them is very real, but when measured against the certainty of Death as a Slave for you and all your descendants when The Elite unleash the next cataclysm, the choice must surely now be undoubted. The Elite do not share and they do not do MERCY.

Perhaps Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was right when he said -“All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger (it's impossible), but calculating risk and acting decisively. Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer.

For myself I wish you all ‘courage’ and ‘good luck’.


  1. We live on such a beautiful Planet which is filled with so much evil, I suppose I have to believe that one day for the sake of my children and grand children and their children something will change. It starts with knowledge and it seems to me the more people like you the more chance we have of this happenning. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Keep up the GOOD and one day it will defeat the BAD.