Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Tithe’s of March.

The Levy of the 9.9% tax on Cyprus’s bank accounts is an interesting development in this latest round of Global Grand Larceny.

A ‘Tithe’ is a levy of 10% of something, in this case of people’s bank accounts. It came, to all intents and purposes, out of the blue to the unsuspecting citizens of Cyprus who seemingly had no idea whatsoever that by the end of the ‘Levy Day’ they would be instantly ten percent poorer than they had been at the beginning of it. [I added a bit of dramatic flair there but you get the point]

But here is where it got interesting.

The Cypriots of course tried to withdraw their money when they found out that Criminals were going to rob them, but - and rather unsurprisingly - the gangsters had got there first and shut the system down so that they could not empty the banks...

How many multi millionaires do you think will lose money? The answer is probably 'not a lot'... those fuckers have their money in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands or some such place. No the only people paying this Levy are the poor who have been scrimping and saving for years to put aside a little cash for their retirement or to buy a home – also known as [wait for it] -  ‘The Ordinary Working Classes’.

Now transpose that event to the UK. Suddenly the banks shut up shop and Osborne announces he is taking a tithe of all your hard earned savings out of your accounts...

I know what you are thinking, especially you Tory Voters with your bigoted view of the world, you are thinking “they would not do that here, it only happens to wops. And anyway these Greek simpletons who don’t pay their taxes deserve it don’t they....? I mean to say The Government would not suddenly take thousands of pounds out of my account would they?

Well; if you honestly think that, if you really believe it only happens to foreigners - that you and your family are safe from these predators’ then you are a total moron....

This has happened before... go do some research, look it up in the history books, it will take some finding as they don’t like to advertise this shit - but it’s there alright....

Oh and by the way. - The ordinary Greek and Cypriot person pays their taxes just like you and I do.... it’s only Tory News Media that spreads the lie that they are a Nation of Tax Dodgers...



  1. Small update... the 9.9% has grown to 30%

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