Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Bitter Harvest

The true tragedy of our society is not the economic misery being inflicted upon the poor, disabled, and ordinary working man and woman of everyday Britain. For whilst those horrible realities are very real and very damaging they are not the real tragedy of these times. No - those are just the ‘evils that men do’.

The truly heartbreaking, catastrophic, and devastatingly ruinous tragedy, is that those who have brought about so terrible a social and economic disaster upon the heads of all of us in this windswept Isle of Albion, could have been amongst the pantheon of its greatest heroes but chose instead to walk down a path of totally selfish, misanthropic greed, which I believe will prove in the end, to be utterly self destructive and reap for The Elite - a very bitter harvest.

To pass laws that attack the poor and favour the rich, to enact edicts which attack the aged, the disabled, the vulnerable, is to be a sociopathic monster, but they have done far worse than even these evils.

 These people have passed laws which are the destroyers of Democracy. They have enabled and even fostered the use of secret courts. They have been party to acts of horrific torture against other human being who have since been proven to be totally innocent of all crimes. Their wholesale raping of vital national assets for their own personal profit might seem small fry amongst these terrible acts of betrayal, but these national assets such as the Welfare State and the NHS, our Rail Network etc etc, are the glue which binds our society together and, more importantly, were never theirs to sell off in the first place.

They have committed terrible crimes such as - state murder, paedophilia, and theft. They have carried out multiple acts of conspiracy against the British people, and in cover up after stinking cover up they have been revealed as participants and indeed initiators of felonies so heinous as to place them not in the pantheon of British heroes but in the ‘Halls of the Damned’. Indeed they reflect the image of those black shirted Fascists bastards of Germany circa 1936 so exactly and act so unerringly in equal evil towards the most vulnerable in our society as to merely mention their names seems almost an act of revulsion.

I want to live in a world where Fascism hidden under the thin veneer of ‘respectable’ Conservative Values is utterly wiped from the face of the Earth. I want to live in a world where elitism and privilege is thought of ‘not as a god given right’ but as an ‘abhorrent embodiment’ of the evil it truly represents. Conservative values are those of the guttersnipe, they are the values of criminals, they are the values of Fascism; they are the values of evil.

I have said this many times but it is worth repeating. “Politicians like to kill children. This statement must be true or they would stop doing it”.

Those who don't understand or refuse to accept that killing children is wrong ‘under any circumstance’ are the worst of us, yet these are the very people we allow to govern us.

All too often, [and far too easily] our so called ‘leaders’ under the cloak of ‘Vital National Interest’ [but really they mean 'Profit'] order bombs to be dropped on people half way round the world who have never once hurt any member of our society, and yet suddenly from out of a clear blue sky they find Death meted out to them on the orders of a fat, indolent, vicious scumbag western politician, and always, always it is the children who do most of the dying as these rotten, stinking, bastard fat cats sit there calculating upon our civil indolence thinking ‘oh it’s okay its only brown skinned children, nobody here in Britain will give a fuck if I kill a few thousand sand niggers’...

What our Rulers do to other people’s children directly affects your life. You may sit at home thinking it has nothing to do with you but you are wrong. Do you seriously imagine that a man or woman who can blithely dispatch drones to drop bombs on people knowing that children will be killed gives one fuck about your pathetic miserable existence?

Their lust for profit is all. They frak the Earth, they destroy the water table, they order death and torture, they imprison without fair trial, they bring economic disaster to your children, they steal Trillions and horde it for themselves and care not a whit about the economic suffering that they never, ever share in, and this above all things. They believe themselves to be untouchable, that they are safe from our revenge.
They could have been great men, they could have been unifiers, great social builders; men who because of their personal advantages sought to bring about fantastic social and economic changes that developed a new golden age, to bringing an end to poverty and injustice, and seek a universal end to war and profiteering. But instead they chose to be villains. That I think is the true tragedy of these modern times. They could have been the ‘Golden Generation’ but they chose instead to be ‘Shit’.

They imagine of themselves as untouchables, I think it is time to prove them wrong.

What do you think?

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