Saturday, 25 May 2013

Welcome to the Pit.

Dedicated to the memory of Linda Wootton who passed away the day after I posted this.

The Ballad of IDS.

Oh wicked man, you spread your fear
In darkened rooms, with dreary bed
And tears that fall, in empty halls;
As thy hatred hits us,
when ATOS calls.

And suffering from thy contempt,
the poor are left all unkempt,
for they cannot even afford a house
But pay for thine; you dirty louse.

We sit in humbled wheeled chairs
And sob at the bottom,
of our ungainly stairs.
As you with your ghastly bellow
Spout false statistics,
you rotten fellow.

And all the while, you sit and gurn
To TV camera’s from which we learn.
That you believe in Jesus Christ,
And your followers say –
“Look he’s nice”.

What a thing it is, your creed!
to favour the Gods of Mammon
over the lives of men,
seeking out any opportunity
to feed like carrion
on the wreckage of people’s lives.

Ye deem yourselves the sons of kings,
All ye ‘leaders’ who rule by some un-divine right,
Clearly thou stands to the left of a demon
Whose passionate embrace thy souls doth crave.

I pity one such as thee,
for ye will never know!
The companionship of decency
You dreadful carrion crow.

Thou arte like the fabled bird,
which Helgermund espied
That flew over his Fair Maiden’s prow
To guide him home again, once more

But instead of a saviour
Was a trickster, a liar, a shape shifter!
Whose niggardly abhorrence,
thou dost most closely resemble.

Fair winds cannot salve the thirsty
When so far out to sea,
 They cannot drink the surrounding water.
But you; you disgusting fiend
 would have them still pay
The Ferryman’s appalling fee.

For to you the price of their survival is too high,
And the cost abhorrent to your greed;
Which is the only true emotion
That thy wretched cadaver can retain.

For you are a deaths spawn
A demon ceded from some stinking hell.
And your name cannot be spoke!
you should wear a lepers bell.

“Unclean, unclean” your heralds cry!
But we dare ask not for some alms
From your dreadful breast
But must seek instead some solace
From our dying feast of air.

No man was ere more loathed,
who hast turned his back upon compassion.
Who sought to pacify his conscience?
with magic numbers conjured up
from out of the ether.

Thou arte a pestilence, a plague upon the land.
A horror unleashed upon the soul of our Nation
Which will return once again to haunt
The conscience of our descendants
Who did not stand against,
Your terrors and despite.

But the Devil is a waiting
And your fall is assured
I hear it’s hot where you are going
And it’s not abroad.

Thy genealogy is hatred pure!
And your name, it stands for shit.
“Iain Duncan Smith” he’ll say,

“Welcome to the pit”.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


If we allow even one person to be cruelly victimised by our Government, no matter how low that person might have fallen, then we cannot lay claim to any integrity within our society. Understand this, for it is of vital import that every Citizen grasps the full meaning and measure of it. ‘If even one of us is denied Justice then nobody can be Free’. This is the fundamental principle upon which all ‘good society’ is built, and it incidentally also provides us with the absolute, irrefutable argument against all Secret Courts.
Justice must be done, and it must be ‘seen’ to be done. Any Governing System which demands it has access to Secret Courts or Clandestine Arbitrations is de-facto a System of Governance that has descended into absolutism; and has become - by the calculating intentions of its political leadership, and by the political indolence or ignorance of its people, - a ‘Tyranny’.

My friends we are living in dangerous times, but the true danger of these days does not come from without, it comes from within. It comes from those perfidious masters of deception who rule these lands for their own personal profit. It comes from those who deem themselves ‘The Social Elite’.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is far less formidable, for he is known and carries his standard openly, but the traitor moves amongst us freely and in plain view. Their sly whispers are like an assassin rustling through the back alleys of our hearts. They can be heard daily on our televised News Broadcasts, whose primary purpose is to infect the hearts and minds of the populace with their appalling demagoguery. And it is all done with nary a shudder of remorse by those disgusting collaborators in the media who, with their carefully coiffured hair, sit in their sterile news rooms as they look soullessly into a camera to deliver their daily dose of ‘state sponsored propaganda’.

Our Politicians are [with only a few exceptions] ‘Traitors’.  They speak to us in accents familiar, but their true nature is insidious, for with their pleasing face and charming manners they hide a menacing agenda of subversion and deceit. And thus; putting forth hateful arguments supported by twisted truths, their detestable rhetoric appeals to the baseness which lies deep within the hearts of all men. They rot the souls of nations from inside out like a cancer; they work secretly within the halls of power to undermine the pillars of Society as they contaminate the body politic with accomplices, who, like themselves, are all too easy to recruit with appeals to their lusts and greed. Frankly friends – a murderer is less to fear than the Traitor, for a Turncoat is a plague upon all our houses.

I could narrate here a vast list of their crimes, piecing together ‘bit by bloody bit’ an Article of their terrible transgressions. Their plots and misdemeanours, their cover ups and conspiracies, but frankly to go through here, every wretched deception, every falsehood they have uttered, every insult, smear, vilification, and libel that these creatures have levelled against us, the ordinary people of Albion, would take up too much room. Similarly the list of their sticky-fingered dishonesty such as the criminal privatisations of national utilities for their own personal profit, and the scandalous expenses claims, and a hundred other such examples of what can only be called ‘Grand Larceny’ would make this a very dreary read. And while it might indeed be a worthwhile exercise to name every single wrongful act carried out by these pigs in government and their ‘True Masters’ in big business, and place it on the record in a single location for the world to review, the aim of this piece of writing is not so pedestrian; I leave that for another day and perhaps - another writer.

No; I have a different purpose herein and the truth of it is not perhaps for delicate minds, but for this literary transgression I offer no act of contrition. The time for gentlemanly etiquette has passed when it comes to discussing our darkening future; and our sensibilities are of little importance when compared to the horrors which now confronts us all. Thus; without further preamble I plead early, your ‘forbearance’ as I with a sincere heart, and the most virtuous of intentions, begin this tale of woe.

‘Every day you and I awaken with the urge to piss or shit. You shower and shave, eat your breakfast, pack your bags, and having first kissed your loved ones, you head off out through the door towards your labours; which for the largest majority of people on Planet Earth is just another ‘same shit different day’ cliché of similitude. This is perhaps an allegory for all our lives! You get in your cars and drive through the busy rush hour traffic, or board a bus or a train and sit in cramped uncomfort for hours on miserable end, and your day still has not started. You get to our 9 to 5 jobs, which are never really 9 to 5 but more likely 8 till 6, or 7 till 7 - because the truth is ‘our bosses want more whilst paying all of us less’, and this they claim is ‘the markets fault’. You arrive and sit at your desk or man your machines and the general monotony of a hoary day finally begins; and after a while you look down at your watch and realise with alarm that you still have another 8 to 10 hours of this shit before you can head home.

Thus does another hateful morning pass? Then at last it is time for our lunch break, but the bosses have been clamping down and weeding out those who actually go to lunch and you know it’s a risk to defy the unspoken rules of your master’s dominion, but you take it anyway - and here’s why! These 30 minutes of relative freedom in our busy lives are the only moments of free will you or I ever really get, [presuming of course that we haven’t got to go to the bank to pay some bills]. Every other moment is filled with ‘things to be done’. These 30 minutes are your gold standard, your unspoken liberty and all you pray for as you leave the front door is a touch of sunshine on your face.

Then all too soon this terrible life forces us back to our desks or machinery and the whole sorry saga begins again. So it is - down through the dull monotonous drudgery of the afternoon, you pursue your needless tasks until at last; well into the early evening, you get to knock off [having accomplished nothing for yourself] only to witness in the cold soulless eyes of your boss - ‘a dull contempt for leaving early’! And now; angry and frustrated and more tired than you have ever been; you head to your car or board your train or bus, and begin once again your long tiresome return ride homewards on a wet, slate gray night, sitting in cramped uncomfort, and your mind in painful semi-neutral. You used to enjoy it, you used to watch other people as you travelled home, looking for their idiosyncrasies, their quirks, and their humanity? But these days you simply cannot be arsed, you’re just too tired and anyway it’s the same faces you saw yesterday and they all look a lighter shade of grey to you.

Then at last; almost spent, you walk through your front door and sitting to a rushed meal with no ‘real’ conversation with your loved ones’ possible after your mind numbing day you thereafter collapse exhausted in an armchair [which you still have not finished paying for], and succumb to the ritualistic national pastime of watching the state sponsored propaganda machine in the corner of your living room tell you outrageous lies in order to keep you servile to the will of people who absolutely despise you.

And all this, all of this; all of this ghastly, grinding, daily bullshit, is not even the worst part of your day.

No; that comes a little later as you finally hit the sack, body aching and spirit emotionally numbed. You lay there fitful with the creeping and awful realisation that in just a few short pitiless hours you will have to do it all again; and again the next day, and again the day after that into a darkening future of ‘endless days’, for 30 more horrific years; and you desolately tremble with indolent rage at the waste of it all. But there is worse than even this thought.

There is the absolute sure and certain knowledge, that if you refuse to play this unspeakable game then the eponymous ‘They’ will ruin your life and destroy your family without nary a concern as they consign you and your family to the scrap heap of their hate, labelling you with the stigma of ‘Scrounger’. This then is your day, and as you lay there desperate you begin to wonder ‘Just how the fuck did it come to this’? And then your eyes open once again and you look for the un-risen Sun with somnolent eyes as a new unforgiving day begins and you feel like sobbing... but trust me when I say this – you are not alone and your tears will not save your children.

You may be wondering ‘What the hell has all this got to do with Heroes’?

A fair question.

Heroes come in many forms, shapes, size, sexes, and colours; but all of them that I have ever read about, all of them that I have ever met, all of them that I have ever worked with, and endured alongside with, have, in my experience, a shared trait which is this - ‘the ability to face up to the reality of their situation with a cold, hard, quick intelligence, and recognise that they must either Act or Fall’.

We are all descended from a long line of heroes, men and women who built the roads, the railway system, and the canals. Men and women who first erected and then worked in the industrial heartlands. Britons who farmed and tilled the land to feed the nation through bitter winters and inclement summers. Men and Women who endured violent struggle and horrific wars to serve this nation and see her through the dire threat of Fascism; and yes other terrible conflicts too. Men, women, and children, who toiled and suffered down the deep mines where death was a daily presence and took a daily toll. Men who disappeared into a dark and stormy sea to bring home to us the harvest of the sea. Men and Women who did a million and one other daily grinds to bring this Nation and all of us into the modern world from time immemorial. We are all of us descended from men of oak and women of willow, characters stronger than the misfortune of their birth and station. People of grit and determination, who set forth to make for us a world better than the one they inherited. Who sought ever to hand down to their descendants a country worth living in, a country based on Justice and Fairness?

Their mighty struggles against the oppressors of yesteryear were enormous and many. From St Peter's Field in Manchester, 1819 to the Labour struggles of the 20th century, workers have striven always to better their lot and force the elite to share the wealth that the workers create, and at times the price they paid for this liberty of ours has been high, too high. The victimisation and brutality of the elite has cost us greatly, but the perfidy of the elite did not stop those heroes of yesteryear. Instead it drove them on, forcing them to fight harder and harder until at last it seemed as though there was going to be a new era of social justice.
But then along came a spider and with him he brought forth an old doctrine rebranded as Neo-Liberalism and the enemies of mankind grasped onto it tightly. And; raising its battle standard against the common man, and turning the ordinary men and women of Albion the one against the other with their tried and tested tactics of "Panem et Circensus” and "Divide et Impera" the modern world was born under the shadowy cloak of a ‘coup d’état’ in Southern America. And from then till now these neo-liberals; - these Fascist dogs have; with ever increasing boldness, sought the absolute dominion of the world via the expediency of Debt Slavery, poverty, and Perpetual War.

Here is a simple example of their evil mindset.

Drones. Death by Remote Control. Sanitised. Clean [from their perspective]. Distant. Safe. Cheap.

The greatest Taboo in any society; be it classified as ‘civilised’ or otherwise, is the murder of children, and those who can commit such atrocious acts have been down the ages thought of as ‘Monsters’. This is the fear we in the west have succumbed to, this is the terror which unmans us all for deep in the far reaches of your secret hearts, all of you know with absolute certainty ‘that those who can kill children without any qualms can kill anybody’. Indeed; the fact that such people can and regularly do execute unspeakable acts of Terror against children by launching bombs against them so readily, so injudiciously, with nary a thought for the burning flesh of the children their orders will kill, shows us far clearer than anything else that we are governed by the most disgusting fiends to have ever walked the Earth.

They have no remorse. They have no Pity. They have no understanding even, that what they are doing is in any way ‘Wrong’. We are descended from a long line of heroes, the remembrance of which spans the distant centuries of our far memory, but we are currently governed by Psychopaths.
These are the descendants of imperial tyrants who usurped our rights, our lands, our country. In a great Terror they harrowed the north, crushed the Welsh, sacked the Scots, and then went on down through the centuries to sack, rape, enslave, and pillage the whole world to feed their insatiable greed.

Nothings changed save the scale.

We live in a ‘Time of Terror’. We live in a time where the most unworthy of us, the tiny minority of us, have clubbed together and conquered our freedoms. The Criminals who rule from the City of London are aided and abetted by their Quisling Collaborators in The Palace of Westminster. We are divided by false wars, false economics, lies, deceits, twisted truths, and perverted pseudo-sciences, and above all this, by the disgusting unreality of fiat money just so that The Elite can have us all dancing on a chain to the sound of their perverted music solely so we, the vast majority, do not wake up and hang them all from the nearest tree like the carrion that they are.

There has been a covert ‘coup d’état’ in this country and the enemy is not the Muslim community, it is not the Eastern Europeans who make their way here to work or any other variable on the screen of their daily screeching. No my friends; the enemy we face speaks to us with accents familiar, they hold themselves up to be Great Statesmen and Women; but in point of FACT they are only ever seeking to serve themselves and their masters in the Imperial War Machine, The Bankers, the Arms Industry, and The Super Elite. These people call themselves neo-liberals or neo-cons these days, but in truth they are just a gang of super rich Fascist Thugs and every single one of them is a Traitor.

We are all descended from a long line of heroes. Men and women who fought a bitter struggle down through the centuries against a terrible foe for workers rights; for their human rights, for a chance of a free and just society. They were ordinary people those men and women but they were also stalwart champions of a better tomorrow, and they also knew that they were in a struggle to the death. No King or Queen ever willingly gave up their throne, and those rebels of old knew what lay in store for them if they failed. Today as then we can see by the actions of these modern day elite scum who rule us all that they do not do mercy, or pity. They deem us all as dogs to be kicked into line, to be beaten by various means into servile submissive slavery.  You look about and see also that there are collaborators aiding and abetting these villains, taking their 30 pieces of silver for the fantasy of some temporary safety, but it cannot last.

A wise man once said that “Hope is not lost unless you surrender it” and he was right. Men and Women of Albion the time of terror is upon us; fellow countrymen are being done to death by criminals from Westminster. Bankers are obliterating our freedoms with their corruption and illicit wealth; and in Secret Courts across the land the Government is summarily imprisoning our brothers and sisters without any recourse to legal representation.  There is no ‘Rule of Law’ in a Tyranny, only survival.

You must decide now what you wish to do. You can go back to sleep and on the morrow awaken and set off to your daily grind as they crush your spirit, sobbing all the while that “it’s not fair” - or you can do something about it. We do not have a Government, we have a Mafia, this is not a Democracy, this is a Tyranny. The time to be heroes is ‘now’.

'Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number -
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few.

Monday, 20 May 2013


The poor man with his oaken skin
Parchment like and paper thin,
Working late into the night
To alleviate his children’s plight

And straight to bed when he gets home
no chance to dream for soon its morn,
then a quick bite and out the door
to work again, not 9 till 4

For the sun has not yet touched the land
And reaching with his outstretched hand,
He looks through his somnolent eyes
At a clock face which says ‘alas - it’s five’!

His body does not want to work
His bones are aching, his head it hurts.
And moving silently like a mouse
He closes the door and leaves the house.

He starts the car,
turns on his lights,
And begins again
His daily fight.

The sound of the guns.

These are actually the lyrics to a small ballad I have written but I guess it is also a poem.

As I rushed to the sound of the guns
my friends,
I thought of all those who had come
Afore us to rush to the sound of the guns
And never returned,
Not one.

And I thought of all those men
Sat at the back.
Who had sent us all off to the guns,
Who profiteered from the sound of our deaths
And suffered
not even a one.

And now the days of my youth
are all gone
And my comrade’s memory dimmed.
In the hearts and minds
Of our countrymen
Whose blood their cowardice and slavery
Has thinned.

Now soon I must depart
My friends
For the halls of the damned
Where I will greet
Once again
My fallen Comrades in Arms.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Who is the Extremist?

“There is a deep hypocrisy hidden in plain sight in Britain’s attitude to immoral governments. It is as though anybody calling for the immediate imprisonment and or capital punishment of Politicians who have committed heinous crimes against their own people, should be considered ‘Extremists’.

Oh really? People need to give themselves a reality check because it’s the fucking Politicians who are the ‘Extremists’ not those calling for their removal by any and all means.

Politicians tax ‘The People’ into penury whilst fraudulently funding their lavish lifestyles at our expense, all the while carrying out the greatest defamation I have ever witnessed against ordinary people who by ill-luck have lost their ability to earn a living; labelling any such unfortunate citizen as ‘Scroungers’. They rampantly ravage through our national assets stealing it for themselves and their friends in a Grand Theft, which they euphemistically call ‘Privatisation’, claiming that it provides ‘a much more efficient service to the public’ when in point of FACT the reverse is true. These same politicians continue to collude with the criminals in the financial sector in order to reward them for carrying out the largest criminal act of financial larceny that has ever been recorded, by giving them even more money from the Tax Payers purse – thus enabling these thieves to reward themselves further with even greater bonuses. I mean to say - we are actually paying the robbers to rob us.

These pigs at the trough of public money close down jobs, ruin neighbourhoods, and destroy lives. They victimise our fellow citizens who do not meet with their narrow minded, bigoted, racist views of the world. They steal Trillions and stash it in secret off shore accounts. They have destroyed the Rule of Law. They have Secret Courts and no Legal Representation.  And worse than all of these heinous acts of perfidious treachery against their fellow citizens, these same scum also like to kill children. They simply cannot wait for their golden opportunity to be a ‘Statesman’ and order that bombs be dropped on innocent babies, innocent children, innocent women, innocent men, and this they call in their grubby little world of lies and deceits - ‘Collateral Damage’.

Define ‘Extremism’ you murderous, fascist, scum.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Devil With a Smiling Face.

What is Peace if not an end to war and want?

Peace is not Peace when your fellow countrymen are being deliberately targeted by vicious policy from our own government. Peace is not Peace when your fellow citizens are being victimised by unscrupulous politicians for their own right wing agenda’s. Peace is not Peace when your Brothers and Sisters are surviving on the Charity of ‘Food Banks’, when British Children are going hungry, when poverty is rampant, and the avarice of the few is the cause of all our want.

Peace is not Peace when our fellow countrymen are ostracised in our sadistic right wing media and labelled as ‘scroungers’ simply because they are unemployed or disabled. Peace is not Peace when the Fascists in our State Sponsored News Print libel honest, decent people, calling them ‘Ghouls’ [one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies] as Murdoch and Thatcher did to our brothers and sisters from Liverpool after the horrific Hillsborough Tragedy, a lie many politicians on the right maintain even to this day, [despite the outcome of an independent inquiry].

Peace is not Peace when a few Criminals and Politicians conspire to steal 2 Trillion Pounds Stirling off the British Tax Payer, and then are rewarded by the same Criminal Politicians for their felonies with even more Tax Payer Money in Bailouts, whilst all the time these same villains continue to live the good life at the Peoples expense.

Peace is not Peace whilst corrupt criminal police officers collude with politicians to cover up crimes. Peace is not Peace whilst criminal Policemen are sent overseas to teach Despots how to kettle, torture, and kill their own populace and get away with it. Peace is not Peace when Politicians demand ever increasing wage hikes, whilst at the same time slashing the wages of the common man forcing the populace into penury. Peace is not Peace when medicine is denied to even the lowest of our fellow citizens. Peace is not Peace when politicians collude together to profit from the theft of vital public utilities for their own personal gain. Peace is not Peace when these same politicians spread fear and hate across the land in a media storm of right wing fascist odium.
Peace is not Peace when - despite knowing their policies are killing their fellow countrymen, these politicians continue regardless, in pursuit of their own hate filled agenda. Peace is not Peace when our Prime-Minister travels to a Country with no rule of Law, Democracy, or any semblance of Decency; and sells them Weaponry which he knows ‘without any doubts’ will ultimately be used on defenceless civilians, and all this for what?


That is not a Peace... that is a War.

Peace is not Peace for as long as we the ordinary man and woman allow these few elite politicians and their criminal masters in big business to rule over us with their selfish greed. Their Policies are the policies of the Fascist. They are the same policies we saw enacted in Germany in the early 1930s. Everything these bastards are currently doing may be legal, but legality does not make it moral or right.

The aim of all government is perpetual war, and whether or not you realise it, most of the world is operating in a war economy environment. This is one of the most troubling truths about our global leaders, and ladies and gentlemen the simple fact is this; if you operate a war economy you must have a war to sustain it’, ergo they deliberately create the ‘war = war economy = war = war economy = war = war economy = war’ in a never ending cycle of death, mayhem, and most importantly for them – Profit.

Under this auspice they can do anything they like; be it rape, murder, theft, slaughter, war? And the people sat at home in their fragile worlds accept our leaders ignominy, even though in their secret hearts they understand it is this way because that old adage that it might be ‘them next’ holds true today as ever it did in Germany circa 1936. Meanwhile our News Media is penetrated and overtaken by an ever more overtly Fascist cadre of Neo-cons whose aim is the dumbing down of the populace and suppression of truth by any and all means.

This is not Germany 1936, oh no - this is ‘Fascism Perfected’. These people make the Nazi’s look like amateurs, they are as far above the Nazi regimes blundering tyranny as say a Monkey is above the Amoeba; but hidden just underneath the skin is the same dreadful DNA of ‘Hate and Lust’.
My friends we are living in a time of great evils clothed in a web of deceits hidden only by the fears and darkness of our own hearts as we turn to look the other way. You pretend that there are no Monsters, but they are everywhere evident in the words and deeds of our masters.

The same loathsome creatures that came to Dominate Germany in 1932 with 32% of the vote, and thus dooming the world to inevitable global conflict, are once again raising their ugly heads. And once again the same miserable bastards that supported the Nazi’s in 1932 here in Britain are shouting out their hateful bile and targeting those whom they - in all their Fascist wisdom - deem as sub-human.

This is not a time of peace; we are not ‘At Peace’. World War 3 kicked off some time ago and it is being perpetuated by those who rule us for their own personal gain and the list of countries embroiled in open conflict is huge. Burma. Central African Republic. Colombia. Congo (Zaire). India. Mali. Nepal. Nigeria. Pakistan. Somalia. Sudan. Syria. Turkey. United States. Yemen. Algeria. Angola. Georgia. India. Israel. Ivory Coast. Korea. Kyrgyzstan. Laos. Namibia. Pakistan. Palestine. Peru. Philippines. Russia. Thailand. Uzbekistan. Libya. Algeria. Iraq. Afghanistan. Papua New Guinea. Sierra-Leon. Egypt. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bahrain. Nigeria. And on and on the list goes...

In a very real sense ‘Fascism’ won World War 2.

Oh yes, the immediate victory belonged to the ordinary men and women of the Allied Powers, but the war for ideas was won by the Fascists. It transmogrified into Neo-liberalism brought to us all by its herald and chief architect Milton Friedman; once a lowly and rather pathetic little man with a bald head no charisma and a doctorate in economics; a man of no import, a man who was openly laughed at by much more respected economists yet became arguably one of the most dangerous men in all of human history.

Friedman’s defenders will pour scorn on the thought but the truth is this. It was to him the right wing conservative scum of this world turned to when in the late 60’s early 70’s they were at their lowest peak and it seemed like the world was finally turning to freedom and the ideals of socialism. It was to him the Fascists of Chile turned to in the aftermath of their American led coup d’état. It was to him Regan and Thatcher turned when they sought to regain their lost dominion over the people, it was to him they turned  in order to give their policies some form of academic respectability, and Milton was a ‘man with a plan’.

Nothing, repeat ‘Nothing’ is new and nothing has changed from Roman times. Right wing opportunists are the same throughout history and it is all being repeated again. Julius Caesar invaded Gaul for political glory and personal profit, and from that time to this the cause of ALL WAR has remained exactly the same, ‘Profit’ and the ‘Power’ this gives politicians.

Profit is their God; Profit is the tool by which the Fascists regained their foothold in our society and harboured their hateful ideology in the hearts and minds of big business who nurtured it within the bosom of the ignorant masses. And with this brutal truth goes a deeper reality too shocking for most to accept; and it is this... ‘Politicians like to kill children, this statement must be true or they would stop doing it’.

The choice to war or not war is only ever that, a choice. The choice to kill or not kill is only ever that, a choice. The choice to drop bombs knowing that children will die is only ever that, a choice. Ergo - if people know this and continue to do it then clearly the obvious conclusion we must derive from their actions is that ‘they like doing it’, and no matter what excuse you try to use for them, no matter what reasonable sounding arguments you put forwards to mitigate their behaviour, you know deep in your hearts that you are only trying to excuse your own acceptance of their ignominious conduct, because; and here be the rub, ‘if they are reprehensible and you know this but do nothing, then you too are culpable for all their nefarious activities’.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the world we live in.

We are not the children of Margaret Thatcher, we are the children of Milton Friedman. A nondescript little man, but nevertheless a monster, a Devil with a smiling face who unleashed upon human society once again our deepest darkest evils; and through who - by giving Fascism a legitimate respectable face [and a new name] - the masters of this world have successfully brought us all once again, unerringly, to the brink of Global Hell.

Neo-Liberalism is War, and we are all of us, its victims.

Monday, 6 May 2013


It seems clear to me now that there is a growing campaign in our right wing controlled media, driven by hidden conservative forces, to portray Disabled Activists as something akin to Terrorists.

Today’s post in The Telegraph by the monstrous Brendan O'Neill - in which he claims ‘lefty activists are treating the disabled in a far more disgusting manner than the government” and goes on to say that “their hysterical language doesn’t only massively exaggerate the wickedness of the government and the private agencies it pays to assess disabled people’s capacities, who are not doing anything remotely Nazi-like” is but a small example of these people’s recent and most hateful rhetoric against anybody who stands up in defence of our fellow citizens who happen to be disabled and who exposes these Tory shills for what they are.

There are many other examples I could cite but frankly you either grasp this reality or you don't. The ongoing ‘right wing hysteria’ about death threats and other made up stories involving threats of violence from severely disabled people is becoming an almost Comedic Tragedy, as if a man in a wheelchair could ever do much harm to a mouse let alone a fit and able bodied man.

But all this false flag ephemera aside, the real issue is that ‘Disabled Activists’ have gained real traction over the last 12 months and are becoming a threat to the government with their awareness campaigns, and an alert populace cannot be tolerated. Thus I believe anybody who stands up for disabled people will become an ever increasing threat to the right wing fascist scum that rule us all and therefore the Activists [whomsoever they might be] will become ever more targeted by rumour, lies, misinformation, smears, outright government actions, and possibly [if indeed not probably] face real personal dangers.

I tell you all this because it is vital for you all to understand that this is not a game. This is not a civilised debating session where left and right discuss pros and cons of political thought. These types of people regularly kill whistleblowers and dissenters; and have done so many times over the years so I urge you all to be cautious of whom you trust and your environs... and I am not joking or using hyperbole.

Remember always that this is a campaign to make ‘what they do next’ look reasoned and justified.

Good Luck...