Monday, 6 May 2013


It seems clear to me now that there is a growing campaign in our right wing controlled media, driven by hidden conservative forces, to portray Disabled Activists as something akin to Terrorists.

Today’s post in The Telegraph by the monstrous Brendan O'Neill - in which he claims ‘lefty activists are treating the disabled in a far more disgusting manner than the government” and goes on to say that “their hysterical language doesn’t only massively exaggerate the wickedness of the government and the private agencies it pays to assess disabled people’s capacities, who are not doing anything remotely Nazi-like” is but a small example of these people’s recent and most hateful rhetoric against anybody who stands up in defence of our fellow citizens who happen to be disabled and who exposes these Tory shills for what they are.

There are many other examples I could cite but frankly you either grasp this reality or you don't. The ongoing ‘right wing hysteria’ about death threats and other made up stories involving threats of violence from severely disabled people is becoming an almost Comedic Tragedy, as if a man in a wheelchair could ever do much harm to a mouse let alone a fit and able bodied man.

But all this false flag ephemera aside, the real issue is that ‘Disabled Activists’ have gained real traction over the last 12 months and are becoming a threat to the government with their awareness campaigns, and an alert populace cannot be tolerated. Thus I believe anybody who stands up for disabled people will become an ever increasing threat to the right wing fascist scum that rule us all and therefore the Activists [whomsoever they might be] will become ever more targeted by rumour, lies, misinformation, smears, outright government actions, and possibly [if indeed not probably] face real personal dangers.

I tell you all this because it is vital for you all to understand that this is not a game. This is not a civilised debating session where left and right discuss pros and cons of political thought. These types of people regularly kill whistleblowers and dissenters; and have done so many times over the years so I urge you all to be cautious of whom you trust and your environs... and I am not joking or using hyperbole.

Remember always that this is a campaign to make ‘what they do next’ look reasoned and justified.

Good Luck...

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  1. Hilarious, someone with ME is seen as a bigger threat to 'the system' than an al Quaida operative...they certany use language to imply this is so. What they fear are disabled people and activists exposing this get for what it is...(Xan Tok)