Monday, 13 May 2013

Who is the Extremist?

“There is a deep hypocrisy hidden in plain sight in Britain’s attitude to immoral governments. It is as though anybody calling for the immediate imprisonment and or capital punishment of Politicians who have committed heinous crimes against their own people, should be considered ‘Extremists’.

Oh really? People need to give themselves a reality check because it’s the fucking Politicians who are the ‘Extremists’ not those calling for their removal by any and all means.

Politicians tax ‘The People’ into penury whilst fraudulently funding their lavish lifestyles at our expense, all the while carrying out the greatest defamation I have ever witnessed against ordinary people who by ill-luck have lost their ability to earn a living; labelling any such unfortunate citizen as ‘Scroungers’. They rampantly ravage through our national assets stealing it for themselves and their friends in a Grand Theft, which they euphemistically call ‘Privatisation’, claiming that it provides ‘a much more efficient service to the public’ when in point of FACT the reverse is true. These same politicians continue to collude with the criminals in the financial sector in order to reward them for carrying out the largest criminal act of financial larceny that has ever been recorded, by giving them even more money from the Tax Payers purse – thus enabling these thieves to reward themselves further with even greater bonuses. I mean to say - we are actually paying the robbers to rob us.

These pigs at the trough of public money close down jobs, ruin neighbourhoods, and destroy lives. They victimise our fellow citizens who do not meet with their narrow minded, bigoted, racist views of the world. They steal Trillions and stash it in secret off shore accounts. They have destroyed the Rule of Law. They have Secret Courts and no Legal Representation.  And worse than all of these heinous acts of perfidious treachery against their fellow citizens, these same scum also like to kill children. They simply cannot wait for their golden opportunity to be a ‘Statesman’ and order that bombs be dropped on innocent babies, innocent children, innocent women, innocent men, and this they call in their grubby little world of lies and deceits - ‘Collateral Damage’.

Define ‘Extremism’ you murderous, fascist, scum.

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