Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Death of Liberty

So the Police in Balcombe yesterday were carrying out snatch & grabs. This is a tactic where they dash into a bunch of innocent ordinary people, grab hold of their chosen victim, who being innocent has no clue what is really happening to them, and is so shocked by the assault is then easily separated from any who might aid them. They are then bundled into a van and driven off to some as yet [in the contemporary sense] unknown location. As a former serviceman this is tactic that I regretfully am very aware of...

This terror tactic of ‘Snatch and Grab’ is common to all Fascist Governments and it is something they always do. It is like some kind of Fascist Disease, something that is passed down from Fascist father to Fascist son through their faulty DNA. I take a humorous swipe at it here of course, but the point is less funny. Fascists always make people disappear, always. Sometimes they are disappeared for hours, sometimes for days, but sometimes - it is forever; and what is more - Fascist’s simply cannot stop from perpetrating these terror tactics. It is a terrible addiction all Fascist Governments suffer from whether it be David Cameron or Augusto Pinochet, Stalin or Thatcher, Hitler or Iain Duncan Smith. Their desire for total control is paramount, and if some poor slob is hauled away never to be seen again ‘what of it’? For such creatures the aim is to crush all voices raised against their Tyranny, and let us not shy away from calling them out for what they are! If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and supports Fascism, it’s a shit.

Yesterday on the 19th of August 2013 this Government arranged the arrest of an Opposition MP for sitting down with her son in peaceful protest of this Fascist Governments Corruption. This too is something ALL FASCIST GOVERNMENTS DO, they arrange for the arrest of opposition politicians.
Oh they [The Political Fascists] will claim “we had nothing to do with it, it was all down to the local constabulary who made the decision; our hands are clean”. But this is of course, a fallacious bit of politicking designed to whitewash them of any responsibility or culpability in a crime they initiated and perpetrated against Democracy and the Universal Rights of Man. It is nothing more, or should I say ‘less’ - than Herman Goering saying “It was the camp commanders who gassed the Jews, we knew nothing of it”.

The so called ‘Police’ brutalised Caroline Lucas’s son, and it was a deliberate ploy.  It was the cowardly and vicious tactic of a modern day Gestapo; these Blackshirted Collaborators of this Criminal Government have revealed themselves to be utterly amoral, they will do anything for a pay packet. Their unprincipled attack on the Lucas’s shows us what depths they have sunk to but it is worse than you think. Their brutality towards Caroline Lucas’s son was done in an effort to put emotional pressure on Lucas to abandon her moral protest. The Blackshirts attacked her son because if they had directly brutalised her on camera the people of Britain would be able to see what they are actually all about. By directing their hate against Lucas’s son they hope to retain ambiguity in the minds of the viewing public. But whether you believe this or not is of no matter, for make no mistake - this was a psyche attack on Caroline Lucas’s motherly instincts and her principles, and it is to her and her son’s great credit, that they took the physical and emotional pain of their assault and continued with their legal and moral protest until dragged away by the Blackshirted Quislings of the Police.

But here’s the thing. – ‘Once a Fascist Government walks down this path there is absolutely no turning back for them, they must pursue it to its natural and logical conclusion, which is of course Barbarity.
They - having opened the Pandora’s Box of Barbarity - must use it in all its diverse variety and putrid shades of clerical grey. They must use Barbarity in every circumstance. They must use the barbarity of economics; religious barbarity; barbarity of poverty; ethnic barbarity; and of course barbarity simply because it has become the normal way of being.

‘Savagery’ is the only possible means of rule left to a Fascist Government who has chosen to abandon the Rule of Law, the ethics of Human Morality, and any sense of ‘Care for the Masses’. Furthermore; such governments always – repeat always - end up butchering people who oppose their rule, or who are merely the target of their Racial Hate and Demagoguery, - but then again - you – all of you – know this to be true.

For nigh on Twenty years I have been watching the slide into totalitarianism that the public of this country have unwittingly allowed these Neo-Liberal politicians to take us down. Britain is now under the dominion of a Fascist Super State that has perfected the ideology of the flawed ‘Germanic model’ of World War 2.
They are willing to do anything to retain power, wealth, and dominion over all of us. Our words and pleas are as nothing to them. Our desires and safety is of no concern, all that matters is that they, this elite cadre of scum at the top of our society, remains in total control to do whatever they like.

Knowingly [or unknowingly in some cases], the politicians of the three main parties have succumbed to the power of this cabal which rules the globe through economic finance and an army of lawyers and bankers. And yes I know ‘that sounds like a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist load of hoo-hah’, and yes I know there will be ridicule, but that is okay. I have been warning against the coming storm for a long - long time now and such random nonsensical denigration from right wing deniers and apologists is not new. Indeed I feel I am in good company, for like Churchill - who pre WW2 was denigrated as a warmonger I feel the time to speak clearly about what is happening has come.

The arrest of an Opposition Politician is a line crossed and it cannot be undone. They are revealed now for what they are.

Thus I warn you all here and now...

‘There is a war coming. They are engineering it to be on a global scale. The aim is not territory acquisition, nor is it about Oil or energy or even about wealth - [though all these are happy bonuses for them]. No this war will be about a ‘Body Count’, and it is you or your children whose bodies they will be counting’.
They have openly stated ‘We need to de-populate the planet’.... Do you really imagine that they were talking about themselves or their families?

There is a war coming... As a former combat soldier I can smell it... laugh if you want to - but remember the day and hour you did so.

Good luck

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