Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Education of Despots

Syria is about 'Education.

Right now you are thinking 'Err What'? But hang in there, it's a bumpy ride, but hopefully it will be worth your while.

'When you are poor you don't have choices, you have survival or death'.

'Education' they claim is 'a way out of poverty' and the eponymous ‘They’ might be right; but in order to educate yourself you must first realise that you need educating, and that requires a full understanding of the benefits a real education can offer, and this is always hidden from the young of The Poor.

 If our education was of such importance to the ruling Elite, why have these Neo-Liberals made it nigh on impossible for The Poor to be able to afford the education which ‘They’ claim will get them out of poverty, a poverty which was by the way - imposed upon the poor by The Ruling Elite in the first place?

This is the catch 22 situation that The Poor are in, and it is a surreal providence. The Poor work all the hours gods sends to house & feed themselves and their families, but are then called ‘Lazy’ when the bastards at the top close down all the jobs to enrich themselves at the poor man expense. Then they say “Oh you are uneducated, you do not understand the economics of international finance, and you are too ignorant to grasp the detail of running a Nation State. Destruction is creation” they claim, “By destroying these jobs and lives we make way for new opportunities”; but at no time does this 'opportunity' apply to the ordinary lives of The Poor. What the elite want – in essence - is for the unwashed masses, the plebs, the scum of the Earth, the dregs of society, YOU - to be educated just enough to be able to read The Daily Mail hate machine, but unable to understand the lies and nuance of their outrageous propaganda.

This is 'The Education of Despots'.

For 30 years they have deliberately dumbed us down and lowered our expectations. For thirty years they have distorted our society to reflect their own misanthropic view of the world at large, and I do mean in every aspect. From political awareness amongst the ordinary man, to our prospects of Human Rights; from TV programming to the food we eat they have gradually lowered the quality of our intake, and from the length of hours we work to the paucity of the pay we receive for all our endeavours which only ever enrich the few; the very few, who unconcerned for the cares of the common man, berate and belittle us with labels in order to denigrate our worth.

Their Education is Hate. Hate for anybody not in their Little Rich Boys Club.

Great Britain is not a Democracy, you are not free, and you certainly do not have a voice about the destiny of our Nation. This is the universal truth of all slaves everywhere, ‘They build the world and their payment is the silence of history’.

When you are poor you don't have choices, you have survival or death, and in the Britain of today most of ‘The Poor’ who barely scrape out a living on the edges of our modern existence, don’t even know that their poverty is the choice of a ruling elite, who whilst keeping them stupid with propaganda and lousy education, are meanwhile milking them for their own ends, bleeding them dry like the leeches that they truly are.

But of course by now you are wondering ‘what the hell has this got to do with Syria’?

Good question, and considering the current state of affairs and what is about to happen in Syria, you deserve an answer.

Everybody with any interest in World War 2 movies knows about Dunkirk, or the Normandy Invasions, The Battle for Tobruk; The Second Battle of El Alamein. Most people will I suppose know of the 'Day of Infamy' at Pearl Harbour, and the Storming of Iwo-Jima. And of course the Battle for Stalingrad which was the knife to Hitler’s Eastern Ambition; but I doubt very seriously that many of you will know about The Syria–Lebanon campaign of June/July 1941 called ‘Operation Exporter’.

And believe it or not ‘you are not supposed to’.

Then as now the truth about what was happening in Syria was kept secret with very little real evidence reporting going on about it. The Authorities feared that if people knew that the Allies had invaded Vichy Controlled Syria and was engaged in fighting Frenchmen it would undermine the whole Western Alliance, so the authorities suppressed the truth about the very fierce fighting that went on during the campaign. To give you an idea of how fierce it was, in the 2 months the fighting raged, 2 Victoria Crosses were awarded, and they don’t give them out for sitting on your arse in the canteen drinking tea.

The important factor is that despite such prestigious awards being given to our fighting men [both Aussies] and a host of other bravery awards being won, and the fact that this little known success was hardly trumpeted at a time of dire reverses for the Allies in every other theatre of war, very little of this campaign is known, other than that the Vichy forces were finally overrun and surrendered, and that later after the war the Free French left the country in some political disarray in 1946 leaving the Syrian people free to choose their own destiny.

Things are never that simple are they?

From then till now very little is mentioned about the Battles to Free Syria from the Nazi influence of Vichy France. Indeed if you look at the war solely through the eyes of Blockbuster Films [as is the want of our right wing agenda setting, elite propaganda monkeys, who want us to think of War as 'All Glory'] Syria during the Second World War simply dropped out of existence.
I remember when I was a child at school, absolutely nothing was ever said about this conflict. Greece? Yes. Italy? Yes. Germany? Yes. China? Not so much. Russia? Yes. Africa [in general]? Yes. But Iran? Err hmm..? Iraq? Hmm.. Syria... err where is Syria miss?
It seems, the authorities of the time, had achieved a resounding success of silence about the war there, something which, from what I can gather from the kids of my friends, remains true to this day.

The point I am making of course, is that when it comes to North Africa and  the Middle East you simply cannot trust what the authorities tell you, or indeed don’t tell you.

They lied about Iraq. They Lied about Libya. They lied about Afghanistan. They are lying still about Israel and Palestine, about the House of Saud, about Bahrain, about Egypt, about Mali, and about Syria.
The education that we 'The Poor' need is not about the murderous Parasitical Kings and Queens of England, about the Battle of Agincourt, about the great men and women of Empire, or about our great victory over the Fascists of Nazi Germany, though there is at least some merit in that.
No; the education we Poor people need is about how we are being screwed every which way till Tuesday by the Elite scum who lie, steal, cheat, and kill, in order to maintain their control over all of us.

David Cameron does not give a dam about the children who got gassed in Syria, not one dam; or any other children who get killed anywhere in The Middle East for that matter. If he did he would not have sold them the fucking weapons to kill them in the first place. If he was a humanitarian he would not allow Disabled Britons to die in poverty here in Great Britain, driven to suicides by his government’s constant attacks upon them - labelling good decent people as ‘scroungers’. If he was a good man, a great leader of men, a human being of worth, he would not be getting his Black shirted Policemen to arrest people who are trying to raise awareness of the crimes of bankers and big oil, he would not be sending out the police to brutalise and harass peaceful protestors sitting down singing ‘Jerusalem’ in a field in Sussex; and most of all he would not now be plotting, in a mass political conspiracy of the three main parties in the Houses of Parliament, to drop bombs on cities in which the ONLY certain outcome is - that children, possibly hundreds of thousands of them, will be annihilated as shrapnel from bombs that he has ordered be dropped, explodes their fragile bodies and spreads his misanthropic hatred across the world.

“Killing people in an effort to stop people killing each other is about as stupid an idea as I have ever heard". But that is the Logic this utterly evil cunt of a man wants’ you to accept as his ‘Humanitarian motivation to slaughter children’. Because that is exactly what dropping bombs does in cities, it kills children. I mean to say, you know this man has no desire for peace, that he has no interest in saving the lives of innocent people, men, women, children, babies, right? You know why he is doing it don’t you? You know deep in your hearts exactly the cause for his call to arms is don't you?


A love of humanity naturally precludes that you do anything that might kill children, but every fucker in The Houses of Parliament who votes for war on Thursday the 29th of August 2013 is voting to do exactly that, and I might add, many will be ‘War Profiteers’ profiting from the conflict.

You cannot be educated by The State and have any hope of gleaning the Truth about those who rule us. The Poor don’t get taught about generational money retention, or are given lessons on ‘Using the Army to Shoot Protesters’ in Eton School, [and how to make a passable justification for making that kind of treacherous decision against your fellow countrymen]. No those things are taught to The Little Rich Boys. The Poor must learn what they can the hard way, through experience and time, and most of that time is spent just surviving, which is of course – the whole point!

The Ordinary man is busy, too busy to pay much attention to the things that he thinks does not directly have an effect on him in the now; but as history shows, this is a short-sighted vision of the world because brother, everything effects you directly - whether you know it or not.

Killing children in the Middle East and hiding the truth of their despicable actions is nothing new. Conspiring to hide the truth from you and using lies to go to war is an ancient tactic, the most recent example of which was Libya, and before that Iraq.

Do not accept their lies.

Educate yourself to what is really going on in this world and then set your nerve to do something about it, because if you don’t educate yourself, if you do not steel your nerve and act against their continued villainy; these 'Neo-Liberals' who rule us all from their lofty heights, are determined to set us on a path to World War 3, and I can promise you this, 'It won’t just be Syrian Children that will be slaughtered by their bombs, it will be yours as well'.

The Education of Despots is about Hate, ours should be about ‘Freedom from The Tyranny of Despots’.

Good luck.


  1. These people aren't elites, they're simple predators. They aren't clever or superior, just predatory by nature. You shouldn't confuse the two. Mind, you could call their political arm the predatory party, that'd be about right :-)

  2. I am not confused about what they are... I merely use the commonly held parlance for ease of the narrative.

  3. Education now just putting us through the sausage machine that is capitalism and serving up the blue pill en masse. Good piece.