Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Death in the hills.

If you wanna kill some children
And the UN tells you ‘NO’
But your banker friends are urging you
“Cameron make it so”.

Do you listen to the country
Or earn your American Buck?
Coz frankly you’re PM
And you no longer give a fuck.

For what the Plebs want
‘Peace in our time’.
Coz you’d rather kill brown children
Than share a single Dime?

But those nasty Parliamentarians
Have voted down your war
And your backers are no longer happy
With your voting score.

Coz they want their bloody War
And the Profits - come what may
And you better deliver Cameron boy
Coz you is in their pay.

And politicians who do not deliver
A War to fill their Masters audit book
End up dead on a mountain side

As did Robin Cook.

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