Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Stand

Do you really think David Cameron knows what he is doing on the international stage?

Great Britain needs an intellectual Giant; a Colossus on the world stage, a man who bestrides the globe with Courage and purpose, a Titan with Charisma, a ‘Man For All Seasons’ - but what we've got is a ‘Pygmy with a Puny Mind’.

Our young Servicemen and Women are once again are being placed into harm’s way by ‘Stupid White Men of Privilege and Position’. These so called ‘Leaders’ are ‘Intellectual Dwarves’ with zero personal ‘Virtue or Valour’. They are men who have no inkling of what War is and care even less for the terrible price that our courageous working class lads and lasses in the military must pay for the blood lust of these tossers from ‘The Eton White Boys Club’.

Once again our young men are being sacrificed to make ‘War Profiteers’ richer, and I do mean ‘richer’ because they are already wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice, but it is never enough for these types of people is it? And this is what makes their Warmongering an act of 'Perfidious Treason'.

Our Servicemen and Women, [to borrow a phrase from World War 1], are ‘Lions led by Donkeys’ and it must not be allowed to stand. David Cameron and his cohorts are cowards and villains, who would plunge the world once more into chaos to further their wallets without any grasp of the consequences of their greed. And yes it is about greed; no misrepresentation, falsehoods, twisted words, outright lies, parsing of the truth, spin, or propaganda can ever wash them clean of what their lust for war is all about, ‘Money and Power’. 

These people have no scruples, no morals. They hold no principle so sacrosanct that they cannot wash it away with their ‘love of money’. The blood of your sons and daughters is not the ‘Sacred River of Great Britain’ to be nurtured into happy old age, but rather these privileged tosspots see it as a vile and seething vitriol, to be hurled into a maelstrom of terror and death at the whim and whimsy of their wholly capricious and utterly evil natures.

Syria is not Iraq. Syria is not Libya. Nor is it Afghanistan, or Egypt, or a myriad of other Imperial Conflicts that they have spread across the globe in the pursuit of their devine ‘Money...

I warn you all now – each and every one of you mothers and fathers reading this - ‘Syria is Stalingrad and it will eat our sons and daughters’.

Make no mistake, Russia and China will not allow this Attack on Syria to go unpunished, it is an ‘Imperial step too far’. Our leaders, who are nothing but the puppets of Bankers, are too stupid to grasp just what the reality of their choices will be. I am sure David Cameron and his cronies honestly think that they are in control... that any conflict they get us involved in will be limited and under their dominion...?

But then again they are morons.

These political midgets are nothing but the shadow of a deeper threat for it is their masters who are the real bane of mankind. These semi-hidden arrogant rulers of the NWO [and yes it really does exist] imagine that they are so intelligent, so much smarter than everybody else, that they can play the whole world off as clowns, dividing and ruling us all as they have done for so many centuries, but they are wrong... The world has changed, it has moved on and they are the remnants of the old paradigm.
It is Hubris of course, they assume because they know how to manipulate a global banking crisis to enrich themselves, that they also know how to start and run a global war; but they are utterly wrong. The war I describe here will claim them as well as everybody else, and they will learn all too quickly that they are no longer ‘Untouchable’; Vladimir Putin will make sure of that.

Let me say this again so that everybody out there reading this can have no excuse for not doing something to stop them.

“Syria is not Iraq, it is Stalingrad”.

It now seems certain that any attack on Syria means that we will have to fire on Russian and Chinese Warships, and that inevitably means Global War, and there are two rules about fighting Russia and China that are best explained by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein who once said “There are two rules for war, Rule 1, "Do not march on Moscow". Rule 2, Do not go fighting with your land armies in China", and he was right. For years now I have been saying that “Russia is where you send Armies to die”, but the puppets in Westminster cannot grasp this fact.

And it is a FACT.

Only one army has ever successfully invaded Russia, 'The Mongols', and they are on Russia’s side these days. Napoleon’s Campaign in Russia broke his Army. Stalingrad broke Hitler, and the Steppes of Russia will unquestionably break America if they try, and if we, ‘The People of Great Britain’ allow these brainless, dim-witted, ignorant rich men from ‘The Eton White Boys Club’ sat on their fat arses in Westminster to force this nation into a war on the side of America, there can be only one outcome.

Do you really think David Cameron knows what he is doing on the international stage?

No - neither do I.

The doom of these times is once again in the hands of The Fascist's, and the only thing, the only people who can now change the course of history? ---- Is you.----

Time to Stand.

Good luck.

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