Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Moral Untermensch

Do you all get that The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, and all the rest of those lazy, fat arsed, gutless bastards on Fleet Street, and in the News Rooms on our Tellies, are all part of a colossal conspiracy to fool you? Do you, the ordinary British person understand yet, that they have with honeyed words, bamboozled the entire population into believing, that somehow despite the chaos that we spread, that we British have managed to remain ‘The Good Guys’?

We are not such creatures. Those days are long gone [if they ever existed at all]. We are ruled by an Elite Pack of Murdering Scum who routinely carry out the Neo-Liberal policy of ethnic genocide to line the pockets of their not so well hidden masters. These Politicians are Fascists who make Hitler look like a kindergarten teacher, and - there is simply no getting around this fact - the Journalists are the ones who made it all possible.

Do you comprehend that you are not living in a 'Free Society' where Journalists are independent critical thinkers? Professionals with ‘courage’ who are intent on showing you the truth of the world and to hell with the Authorities? Do you grasp that they, ‘The Journalists’ of all the mainstream Press and News Media, are complicit in a crime so vast, so horrific, and so endemic that 'the unreal' has been made real by their constant lies? I have 'Bad News' for you, Great Britain is not Great, we are not a Great Democracy, we have never been a ‘Democracy’. We are not a peace loving nation of free people, free to do and think as we like; and lastly, we certainly do not share wealth, hope, or Justice around the world.

That is the ‘Lie’ these so called Journalists have been repeating to us time and again for over 30 years. Want to know what we do share with the world? I will tell you.

We share our Hate, and what we export with utter abandonment is ‘Death and Destruction’. We are a splinter cell of the Global Terrorist Organisation known as ‘The United States of America’. We are their bag men. America is our Godfather and we are their ‘Luca Brasi’, we collect or kill to their command. We have become the monster that children fear in the night. We are the many headed Hydra who capriciously spreads murder across the globe to the bitter silence of a Drone. We have been directly responsible for the slaughter [in the last ten years alone] - of at the very least, 2 million human beings, of which 500,000 were children., and our politicians talk about Assad as though he alone is a monster, yet as it turns out; it was - David ‘The Gas Man’ Cameron - who sold him the chemicals? The truth is ‘THEY ARE ALL FUCKING MONSTERS’.

Do You Get it?

“Politicians like to kill children. This statement must be true or they would stop doing it”.

We ‘The British’ are not on the side of the Angels; we are the Harbingers of Doom, the Shadow of Death, the Destroyer of Worlds. We have become the Merciless Nazi’s, we are the Sub-Humans, the true Moral Untermensch; we are The British and our gift to the world is ‘pandemonium’ and it was all made possible by The Press.

I urge you all to listen to John Pilger’s ‘The Invisible Government’. You can find it on YouTube or click the link below.


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