Thursday, 31 October 2013

Poppies for the Armchair warriors.

Not my best poem - but it expresses exactly the anger I am feeling right now about ignorant assholes talking smack .

The Red Poppy signifies our blood
Spilled and seeping in the mud,
Of every grubby field of war
Where rich men sent our brainwashed poor,
In order that they might get a few dollars richer
Do you at last,
get the fucking picture?

The Poppy is not a symbol
Of The Elites Militarism.
It is a sanctified prayer
A remembrance of our loss.
It belongs to us – ‘The Poor’ who died
Whilst the rich
gave not a fucking toss!

The Red Poppy represents our blood
Seeping out into mud
Whilst you gobshites shout about
“Peace not war”
Then wank over Twitter
about Battlefield 4.

The whole rotten lot of you
Are moronic, spineless, gutless scum
Who shout about inequality
but won’t get off your indolent bum,
whilst these elite bastards fuck us over.

Basically -
You’re all talk.

Poems over.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Disaster Politics

“Those who will not reason are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” – Lord Byron

The Conservative Government are now actively using the Police to intimidate people who might have data about The Governments criminal activities. The Head office of the United Kingdom’s very own ‘Nationalsozialistische Britischen Arbeiterpartei’ [Conservatives] sent round its Storm Troopers to Ms Natalie Rowe’s home in the wee hours, smashed in her door and ransacked her home in search of drugs. They did this all under the pretext of a tip off from a member of the public [who of course remains ‘anonymous’ but who everybody knows was Number 10 & 11 Downing Street]  and after hours of searching found precisely no hint of criminality.

Not an ounce of weed, not a line of cocaine, not a bag of heroin was to be located anywhere despite them going through the house with a fine tooth comb. Meanwhile downstairs, the ‘Storm Troopers’ were busy asking Ms Rowe probing questions. Not about her ‘alleged’ drug supplier, [which one would have thought might be the main thrust of a ‘Drugs Raid’] but instead - about her ‘soon to be published book’ about her former life as a Dominatrix, who just happened to have as a client ‘wait for it -wait for it’ - a certain George Osborne our current Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Ms Rowe came out of this invasive search of her home with her character cleaner than clean, leaving her criminal record ‘whiter than white’. This is almost perhaps ‘a bad taste joke’ because Ms Rowe has both a coloured past and a lovely colour to her skin. Maybe it is this pigmentation of her skin which has stopped our notoriously racist Press Media from going ballistic about this brutal treatment of an innocent woman? I cannot but think had this been a white lady with a few scintillating secrets about a Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer that The Daily Mail and The BBC News would have been all over the Police [and The Government] like a rash shouting about a Nazi State, but they weren't and they didn't.

Instead this story of a ‘totally innocent woman, who may or may not have some dirt on an even dirtier politician, was the target of an outrageous ‘Police Action’ [intimidation] and the whole thing has been quickly reported and then swept under the carpet as nothing but a mere bit of titillation, a comic story of little significance, something to mention in passing and then consigned to the waste bin in the hope that the electorate will quickly forget the whole thing, but not Ms Rowe who of course must undoubtedly be left with the very clear message of just who she may or may not be ‘pardon the pun’ fucking with and what the price might be for loose lips! *cough cough*.

I make light of it here in order to draw attention to just how shoddily this story has been treated in the news mediums here in the UK. Let me say this clearly now for all to understand. ‘This Story is not a bit of titillation, a bit of nonsense ephemera which we can all look back on with a snort and a snigger’. This story is about power abuse, it is about the rise of Fascism here in The UK. It is about the utter and total corruption of our Police Forces, it is about the lengths and depths our political leaders are willing to sink to in order to protect their rancid names. It is about the victimisation of innocent people. It is about the criminal collusion between Police, Press, and The State. It is about how you and me, about how anybody can be singled out and targeted for unethical, probably criminal victimisation, brutal or subtle intimidation, and almost certainly, can without nary a whisper of protest in the Mainstream Media, have false evidence manufactured against us at the behest of these Master Criminals in The Conservative Party Offices and their not so well hidden masters who lurk in plain view behind the public puppets in Downing Street.

This is not a small story, it is everything.

Hillsborough – and massive Police Criminality with hundreds of Statements doctored. Then there is the recurring evil of Sir Jimmy Saville. Cyril Smith MP who the police knew all about but who let him continue to rape little boys anyway as they covered up for the establishment. Jimmy Saville. The Birmingham Six. The Cardiff Three. Stephen Lawrence. Jimmy Saville. The Hundreds of Black Men who have died in police custody with not a single police officer charged and convicted. The Scotland Yard undercover operation to infiltrate ‘political groups’ involved in exposing the corruption of Scotland Yard, WTF? The Battle of The Beanfields [which was not a battle at all but was instead a brutal suppression on the orders of a Tory Government]. Derek Treadaway and The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad. Jimmy Saville. The Guilford Four. The Battle of Orgreave [another brutal suppression]. Jean Charles de Menezes. The Maguire Seven. More Black Men dying in Police Custody. Jimmy Saville [who reappears on the list of Police and State Infamy over and over and over again]. Ian Tomlinson. John Yates. Clement Blair Peach. Jonathan Billinghurst & The Enfield crime squad 12 [who were using 'questionable methods' to question suspects]. Azelle Rodney. Paedophilia cover up after paedophilia cover up some of which even involved MI5. The continuing GCHQ illegal snooping. Daniel Morgan. And not forgetting Jimmy Saville. And the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and it just keeps on growing....

Between 2008 and 2011 Police Officers found to be Perverting the Course of Justice had risen to 33% of all charges levelled against the police, and the number of allegations of criminal activity by our so called ‘wonderful Bobbies’ stood at over 8,500 separate charges.

We are seeing an ever increasing ‘Militarisation’ of our Police who are routinely being used by The Conservative Government as a ‘GANG’ of thugs to intimidate and oppress all those who raise any unified voice against their criminal activities, and a return to the bad old days of Police Manufactured ‘Evidence’ to support the imprisonment of innocent fellow citizens.

In other words...

“We do not have a Government, we have a Mafia”.

“We do not have a Police Force, we have a Gestapo”.

Just a few short weeks ago the Gestapo targeted Caroline Lucas MP and arrested her as she sat peacefully down and sang Jerusalem in protest of this Governments criminal activities in support of Fracking. They deliberately brutalised her son in front of her to intimidate her into compliance and when this tactic failed they arrested and charged her with some spurious random made up bullshit charge and The Tory Government upheld the decision... because of course why the hell wouldn't they? Silencing Political voices opposed to their regime is what ALL Fascists do - isn't it?

Natalie Rowe is not a Joke story, it is not a bit of silliness that we can snigger at, something to mention in passing and then forget about. The Natalie Rowe story is about the ‘Death of Democracy’, it is about ‘The Rise of Fascism’, it is about the racist, bigoted, criminal empire of The Neo-Liberal Establishment and its Fascist Agenda. It is about being a slave and how these Elite Scumbags use their Gestapo to step on whomsoever they like and get away with it. This story about Natalie Rowe is not a fucking joke, it is a fucking disaster.

“You are a Slave and you have no voice” – Marcus Aurelius

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Potatoes and Bombs.

We Britons pay 40% + of our Total Income on Mortgages – indeed it was reported in The Guardian and The Telegraph that only the Greeks and the Danes in the whole of Europe pay more for their houses than we British fools do.

And make no mistake about it, we are fools!

Across the whole of Europe it is the British who pay more £’s per foot of space in our homes than any other nation, and this reality is only getting worse as new built homes are deliberately made smaller and smaller, whilst the prices for these cardboard miniatures keeps on going up and up. And it is our idiotic acceptance of this deliberate Policy which makes The British People a Nation of Foolish Knaves. Simply put, we are too stupid and craven to even notice that we are being constantly ripped off by The Bankers [and it’s always The Bankers isn’t it?] aided and abetted by their political stooges.

On average new homes across Europe are 100 Square Meters [approximately 53%] bigger than the equivalent new built homes here in the UK; and yet the fact remains that ‘The Bankers’ charge us The British People 40% more for 53% less of an equivalent home in let us say 'France'.

Now the Vermin in Parliament will tell you [because they are owned by The Bankers] ‘that this is because we in Great Britain have less space to build new homes than other Nations’. But of course as we ALL know - Bankers & Politicians *LIE TO PROFIT THEMSELVES*, that is what it means to be a Banker or Politician.

But here is the thing...

Do you want to guess how much of the United Kingdom is actually built on? Go on have a guess... I have all day.
You ask “Is it 70%”?
“Or maybe it’s 60%”?
“What about 50%”?
Au contraire mon cheri, you’re not even close!
“Well then what about 40%, I mean that sounds a good figure right”?
“Okay so it’s lower; goodness - what about 30%”?
Alas not.
Nah Nah!
“10%” you exclaim in exasperated tones, “it’s got to be at least 10 percent of the United Kingdom which is built on, right”?

I can see we’re going to be here a long, long, long time before you get the right answer... perhaps I should just tell you?

“Okay, go on what is the real figure” you demand?

Well grab your hat and hold on to your temper because ladies and gentlemen, in point of fact, just over 2.27% of The United Kingdom is built upon. In England alone almost 98% of our land is non urban, land which encompasses countryside and parks and gardens and open spaces, this astounding figure rises to almost 99% across other parts of the UK.

I know that’s startling isn’t it? But let us look at this in another way; let us [for example] look at the amount of land which is – for want of a better term – urbanised, i.e. where people are living or working. Do you want to make an educated guess as to how much of our land is urbanised?


Wise choice, because I think you will be shocked when you realise just how little of ‘our country’ is being used to house people, or create workspaces such as factories, garages, supermarkets, shops, etc etc etc.

The figure is a mere 7%.

Now close your mouth and think about that figure for a moment... Only 7% of Great Britain is urbanised.

Perhaps now you beginning to grasp the depths to which you have been lied to, the perfidious magnitude of the scam that has been carried out against you ‘the populace’ by Bankers and Politicians?

Ninety Three Percent of Great Britain is totally rural. This once ‘green and pleasant land’ is still a ‘green and pleasant land’. Only the cities are concrete shite; only the towns are vapid and awful places full of grey nondescript inhumane buildings built for profit. For everybody else [and you know who I am talking about] life is peachy.

So if 93% of Great Britain is free of urbanisation; and it is! Why then do these fucking bastards who rule us through ‘economic debt slavery’ charge us 40% more than our European Brothers and Sisters for our Homes, and why do they insist on building them out of balsa wood and paper-mashe whilst making them 53% smaller than on the continent?


Get it?

You are being treated as a ‘sucker’ by ‘Charlatans’ and ‘Shysters’ who pose as respectable Bankers and Politicians, but they are nothing of the sort.

Now of course they ‘The Shysters’ [Bankers] and ‘The Fraudsters’ [Politicians] would come out with plausible soothing words to counter this truth [if they could be bothered to read the words of a mere Pleb like myself], they might claim other factors, or this and that, or bullshit this or bullshit that, twisting truth with rational sounding word spoken in level constant tones to soothe your anger at their criminality in favour of their argument, but the truth is simply this – They are a criminals, a gang of thieves, they are a nest of vipers poisoning our national psyche with falsehoods and half truths in an effort to fleece the rest of us in order to line their own pockets. They do not care what you think of them ‘they are criminals’ after all, - all they care about is that you [and I] remain ignorant and or compliant.

And they have NO SHAME.

The Bank of England on the 8th of October 2013 announced without any embarrassment whatsoever - that [and I quote] ‘Stopping Bankers Bonuses could Breach their Human Rights’ [unquote]. Meanwhile, their lackey ‘David Cameron’ announced to the world [and again I quote]“That Great Britain will have to renounce and give up its commitment to the ‘European Human Rights Convention’ if Britain is to remain competitive” [unquote].
So let us get this straight here for a moment shall we? It is against BANKERS ‘human rights’ to stop their bonuses despite their immense criminality which has caused a global meltdown of the world economy, but it is important to abandon 'Human Rights' for everybody else... no workers right, no legal rights or right to legal representation etc etc etc. I mean to say ‘What The Fuck’ *%*#!x*:#~

Do you get it yet?

Iain Duncan Smith has been charged with ‘Falsifying Statistics’ by Parliament regarding  ... well regarding everything he has ever claimed about the ‘poor’ the ‘disabled’ the ‘unemployed’ and single mothers, pensioners, mentally challenged citizens, etc. In point of interest, not a word that comes out of his mouth is ever thereafter proven to be a ‘Honest Fact’. As far as these Tory Vermin are concerned ‘every person in Britain, who is not part of their upper crust clique of cunts’ is scum, is to be treated as such, and is to be shown no mercy, compassion, or simple human empathy, as the so called ‘Social Elite’ steal every single thing that ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ have built up over the last 100 years. And all this just so that they, these PARASITES; can pilfer, loot, misappropriate, plunder, rob, pillage, pinch, cheat, or defraud us all out of our Taxes, as they ransack the Nations Assets for their own profit. And heaven help anybody who calls these thieving scum what they really are, for their lickspittles in the News Media will denigrate anybody who challenges these Charlatans and their ‘False Economic Model’.

In all the worlds history there has never been such an all encompassing greed driven Empire of Evil as the one centred around ‘Debt Slavery’ - and at the heart of this gross ‘Imperial Capitalism’ is the so called – ‘Housing Market’. The Housing Bubble is one of the main tools these Parasites have to control The People. Of course there are others but nowhere is the absolute absurdity of their power more revealed to be ‘Utterly Bogus’ than in the housing market.

Nothing about them or their economic power over the common man has any basis in reality, and every single thing that they do, every single thought that they have, is bent to the design of convincing the rest of us that nothing that happens to us, nothing that happens to the global economy, is their fault, or is done deliberately, or that it is all done with the sole intention of ensuring that we remain ‘their indentured vassals’ [Slaves], but of course it is deliberate and you deep in your soul you know I am speaking the truth.
We are too many to keep in check by force of arms. They know this. That is why Nations are shocked into internal destruction [civil war], it keeps us all divided and thus ‘conquered’. We police ourselves by our mewling compliance to their economic model of ‘prosperity for them, poverty for the rest’ by fighting amongst ourselves over irrelevancies such as ‘Which Political Party is best’? The answer is of course ‘None of Them’.

Can you not see that? Are you so devoid of intellect or courage that you cannot grasp or face upto what they are doing to all of us?

Get off your arse, rise up and in mass numbers, march on Whitehall and arrest these vermin who routinely betray all of us in order to profit themselves and their masters. Arrest all the Bankers who have so bitterly destroyed the lives of millions of people around the world. Arrest all the Arms Dealers, the War Profiteers, the Warmongers, the hucksters who gamble trillions on food surpluses, the fraudsters who have for years put out false news propaganda and counterfeit advertising to bamboozle all of us into thinking we need that new car, that new l'oreal product which will cleanse your skin making you look forever beautiful, that new vital bullshit product which will complete your miserable fucking life. Arrest all the editors and Newspaper Barons who have constantly lied to us about politicians, bankers, wars, and our brothers and sisters in a hate filled litany of demagoguery sent down from their political masters, the sole purpose of which is to divide us 'the one from another'.

Here is a fact.

You can only grow so many potatoes on a plot of land.

There is no sane reason for an acre of land in Sussex to be worth 4 times the cost of an acre of land in Lancashire, in Yorkshire, in Scotland, in Wales. Only their greed [and ours - because we bought into their economic model] makes a house in the UK worth more for less than it does in some beautiful valley of France, or Greece, or Italy, or - or -or – or ad infenitum.

Everything is connected but nothing about this modern world is real. Nothing.

The News is a Lie. The Politics is a Lie. The Price of a loaf of bread is based upon a Lie. The cost of a house is based upon a Lie. All Wars are based on the lies of our rulers. Education is a lie. Nationalism is a Lie. Eugenics – the fundamental belief system of the Elite is a LIE. And underlining it all is the fact that MONEY ITSELF IS A LIE.

They make it up out of thin air these Bankers do. They type some numbers on a computer screen and what was not real less than a microsecond beforehand, is suddenly the weight which drags you down into the pit of their control and dooms you to the life of a drone.

They drop Bombs on children from Unmanned Drones in Pakistan and you wonder why the people there absolutely hate us? I tell you now, if these fuckers did that to my family and left me alive not one of these bastards in Westminster would long live to see their own grandchildren grow up. I suspect it is the same for you too, after all would you tolerate Cameron ordering the murder of your children, or your grandchildren? Of course not, yet this is what these scum do daily as a matter of routine business and they then bitch and moan in the right wing press when suddenly a few politicians rally and vote against another of fucking their wars...?

Everything is a Lie...

We have the land to build new homes to house our poor, our young, our homeless here in the UK. We have the space to create new jobs, we have the ability to provide cheap non polluting energy, we have the technical 'know how' to get our cars travelling around the country without gassing the planet to death, we can provide clean fresh water for everybody everywhere, we can feed the world, we can do anything we want to, and all it takes to achieve all this - is for you to get off your fat indolent arse, rise up in mass numbers, join together instead of fighting each other, and arrest the Bankers, the Warmongers, the Politicians, the Press Barons, the Collaborators in News Media, and the Bosses of Big Businesses such as Oil, Energy etc...

Or you can be a slave...

But if you do choose to remain a slave remember this one point...

The Private Bank of England [nothing to do with The People of this nation] says “Stopping Bankers Bonuses could Breach their Human Rights” and George Osborne is fighting tooth and claw to help his mates whilst fucking you...

Good Luck.