Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Disaster Politics

“Those who will not reason are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” – Lord Byron

The Conservative Government are now actively using the Police to intimidate people who might have data about The Governments criminal activities. The Head office of the United Kingdom’s very own ‘Nationalsozialistische Britischen Arbeiterpartei’ [Conservatives] sent round its Storm Troopers to Ms Natalie Rowe’s home in the wee hours, smashed in her door and ransacked her home in search of drugs. They did this all under the pretext of a tip off from a member of the public [who of course remains ‘anonymous’ but who everybody knows was Number 10 & 11 Downing Street]  and after hours of searching found precisely no hint of criminality.

Not an ounce of weed, not a line of cocaine, not a bag of heroin was to be located anywhere despite them going through the house with a fine tooth comb. Meanwhile downstairs, the ‘Storm Troopers’ were busy asking Ms Rowe probing questions. Not about her ‘alleged’ drug supplier, [which one would have thought might be the main thrust of a ‘Drugs Raid’] but instead - about her ‘soon to be published book’ about her former life as a Dominatrix, who just happened to have as a client ‘wait for it -wait for it’ - a certain George Osborne our current Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Ms Rowe came out of this invasive search of her home with her character cleaner than clean, leaving her criminal record ‘whiter than white’. This is almost perhaps ‘a bad taste joke’ because Ms Rowe has both a coloured past and a lovely colour to her skin. Maybe it is this pigmentation of her skin which has stopped our notoriously racist Press Media from going ballistic about this brutal treatment of an innocent woman? I cannot but think had this been a white lady with a few scintillating secrets about a Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer that The Daily Mail and The BBC News would have been all over the Police [and The Government] like a rash shouting about a Nazi State, but they weren't and they didn't.

Instead this story of a ‘totally innocent woman, who may or may not have some dirt on an even dirtier politician, was the target of an outrageous ‘Police Action’ [intimidation] and the whole thing has been quickly reported and then swept under the carpet as nothing but a mere bit of titillation, a comic story of little significance, something to mention in passing and then consigned to the waste bin in the hope that the electorate will quickly forget the whole thing, but not Ms Rowe who of course must undoubtedly be left with the very clear message of just who she may or may not be ‘pardon the pun’ fucking with and what the price might be for loose lips! *cough cough*.

I make light of it here in order to draw attention to just how shoddily this story has been treated in the news mediums here in the UK. Let me say this clearly now for all to understand. ‘This Story is not a bit of titillation, a bit of nonsense ephemera which we can all look back on with a snort and a snigger’. This story is about power abuse, it is about the rise of Fascism here in The UK. It is about the utter and total corruption of our Police Forces, it is about the lengths and depths our political leaders are willing to sink to in order to protect their rancid names. It is about the victimisation of innocent people. It is about the criminal collusion between Police, Press, and The State. It is about how you and me, about how anybody can be singled out and targeted for unethical, probably criminal victimisation, brutal or subtle intimidation, and almost certainly, can without nary a whisper of protest in the Mainstream Media, have false evidence manufactured against us at the behest of these Master Criminals in The Conservative Party Offices and their not so well hidden masters who lurk in plain view behind the public puppets in Downing Street.

This is not a small story, it is everything.

Hillsborough – and massive Police Criminality with hundreds of Statements doctored. Then there is the recurring evil of Sir Jimmy Saville. Cyril Smith MP who the police knew all about but who let him continue to rape little boys anyway as they covered up for the establishment. Jimmy Saville. The Birmingham Six. The Cardiff Three. Stephen Lawrence. Jimmy Saville. The Hundreds of Black Men who have died in police custody with not a single police officer charged and convicted. The Scotland Yard undercover operation to infiltrate ‘political groups’ involved in exposing the corruption of Scotland Yard, WTF? The Battle of The Beanfields [which was not a battle at all but was instead a brutal suppression on the orders of a Tory Government]. Derek Treadaway and The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad. Jimmy Saville. The Guilford Four. The Battle of Orgreave [another brutal suppression]. Jean Charles de Menezes. The Maguire Seven. More Black Men dying in Police Custody. Jimmy Saville [who reappears on the list of Police and State Infamy over and over and over again]. Ian Tomlinson. John Yates. Clement Blair Peach. Jonathan Billinghurst & The Enfield crime squad 12 [who were using 'questionable methods' to question suspects]. Azelle Rodney. Paedophilia cover up after paedophilia cover up some of which even involved MI5. The continuing GCHQ illegal snooping. Daniel Morgan. And not forgetting Jimmy Saville. And the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and it just keeps on growing....

Between 2008 and 2011 Police Officers found to be Perverting the Course of Justice had risen to 33% of all charges levelled against the police, and the number of allegations of criminal activity by our so called ‘wonderful Bobbies’ stood at over 8,500 separate charges.

We are seeing an ever increasing ‘Militarisation’ of our Police who are routinely being used by The Conservative Government as a ‘GANG’ of thugs to intimidate and oppress all those who raise any unified voice against their criminal activities, and a return to the bad old days of Police Manufactured ‘Evidence’ to support the imprisonment of innocent fellow citizens.

In other words...

“We do not have a Government, we have a Mafia”.

“We do not have a Police Force, we have a Gestapo”.

Just a few short weeks ago the Gestapo targeted Caroline Lucas MP and arrested her as she sat peacefully down and sang Jerusalem in protest of this Governments criminal activities in support of Fracking. They deliberately brutalised her son in front of her to intimidate her into compliance and when this tactic failed they arrested and charged her with some spurious random made up bullshit charge and The Tory Government upheld the decision... because of course why the hell wouldn't they? Silencing Political voices opposed to their regime is what ALL Fascists do - isn't it?

Natalie Rowe is not a Joke story, it is not a bit of silliness that we can snigger at, something to mention in passing and then forget about. The Natalie Rowe story is about the ‘Death of Democracy’, it is about ‘The Rise of Fascism’, it is about the racist, bigoted, criminal empire of The Neo-Liberal Establishment and its Fascist Agenda. It is about being a slave and how these Elite Scumbags use their Gestapo to step on whomsoever they like and get away with it. This story about Natalie Rowe is not a fucking joke, it is a fucking disaster.

“You are a Slave and you have no voice” – Marcus Aurelius

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