Thursday, 31 October 2013

Poppies for the Armchair warriors.

Not my best poem - but it expresses exactly the anger I am feeling right now about ignorant assholes talking smack .

The Red Poppy signifies our blood
Spilled and seeping in the mud,
Of every grubby field of war
Where rich men sent our brainwashed poor,
In order that they might get a few dollars richer
Do you at last,
get the fucking picture?

The Poppy is not a symbol
Of The Elites Militarism.
It is a sanctified prayer
A remembrance of our loss.
It belongs to us – ‘The Poor’ who died
Whilst the rich
gave not a fucking toss!

The Red Poppy represents our blood
Seeping out into mud
Whilst you gobshites shout about
“Peace not war”
Then wank over Twitter
about Battlefield 4.

The whole rotten lot of you
Are moronic, spineless, gutless scum
Who shout about inequality
but won’t get off your indolent bum,
whilst these elite bastards fuck us over.

Basically -
You’re all talk.

Poems over.

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