Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Changing History

When the Nazi's gained power in Germany - they tried hard to erase their pre election promises and speeches.... it is what Fascists do. They try to change the past to suit their agenda, because if it is not in the history books - it never occurred.
They did the same thing with the Death Camps, trying to hide the evil that they had done... needless to say - they failed.

Surprisingly therefore you might think, that other Fascists around the world would learn from their mistakes... but thankfully Fascists are incapable of meaningful change.

Can you guess which political party are trying to remove their previous promises and speeches from the records?

Yup you guessed it - The Conservative party.

Find out more Here

Interestingly they have also started a quiet campaign of harassment and arrests against Disabled Activists who are voicing disagreement about their malice towards Disabled people.

You can read more about that Here.

This might not concern you because you are not Disabled but remember this...

"You cannot count on being free when your Government can attack other Citizens with impunity. Inevitably they will come for you! - Kanjin Tor


This from The New Statesman


Even the BBC have the story

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