Friday, 29 November 2013

The Blackest of Fridays.

In memory of Dorothy 'Cherry' Groce; an innocent Black Woman shot through the lungs and spine and paralyzed from the waist down by The Police for no reason other than she was Black [despite what the MSN might tell you] and all the other Black Britons who have died in ‘Police Care’.

The Blackest of Fridays.

Not being a shopaholic [because I am a/ a man from the 60’s - b/ disabled and - c/ poor] I had never heard of Black Friday until this morning when watching Mark McGowen’s [The Artist Taxi Driver] daily rant.
My first thought was ‘What the fuck is Black Friday’? I have to admit that I was kind of hoping it was a ‘National Day of Remembrance’ to mark the many and wonderful things our black brothers and sisters have done for this Nation; alas it was not to be. Apparently ‘Black Friday’ is the Friday following the American holiday of ‘Thanksgiving’ and it is considered, in the USA, to be the beginning of the ‘Christmas shopping season’. Personally I never knew Christmas had a fucking shopping season, I thought it was one of those terrible chores that one does which you undertake with a weary heart.

Turns out I was wrong.

Now I don’t like being wrong, let’s face it - who does? But being wrong about this particular subject has filled my day up with a repugnance and hatred for a section of humanity that I usually reserve for cretins who vote for the chains of their own enslavement [Working Class Tories] oh - and pumpkins [The Foodstuff of Satan].

It seems on the night before Black Friday, millions of Worthless Morons from around Great Britain have started to follow this American Tradition of going down to their local Superstore, pitch a tent, and doss out in a sleeping bag over night in damp freezing conditions in order that they might be the first people through the doors of said store to purchase some equally worthless moronic item to fill their vacuous pathetic lives, and has nothing at all to do with the magnificent achievements of British black people such as Mary Secole, or Mary Prince, or Courtney Pine, or Shirley Bassey, or Pablo Fanque, or Baron Learie Nicholas Constantine, or the thousands of black soldiers who served [and died] under the Union Jack for Britain during two world wars. ‘Black Friday’ as it turns out - is about ‘Shopping’.

There was of course another possibility which I briefly considered, and that was that ‘Black Friday’ was a ‘National Day of Remembrance’ set aside to honour all the victims of Austerity, all the homeless people suffering the onset of a bitter, life threatening winter. A day set aside to remember all the people made redundant by these criminal Conservative Politicians and their Masters in The Banks who have stolen 42 Trillion Dollars from the people of the world whilst at the same time vilifying the poor out of work citizens that they stole from in the first place. I thought – ‘perhaps the world is turning and we are going to remember all the pensioners who have died because of the greed of all these capitalistic whores who sold their souls for a few dollars more, perhaps we will have a day to remember the dead who have been murdered by these cunts in Government, hounded to death by their Agents in ATOS’? But no – it’s all about ‘Shopping’ and your greed and you desire for that useless fucking piece of tat that these cunts sell you with its ‘built in obsolescence’ so that soon enough you will have to replace your purchase with another equally defunct piece of shit. I mean for fucks sake – sort yourselves out; because if you are buying into this ‘Black Friday’ buy buy buy shit - you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

But it is not all bad.

Across the world in a global endeavour, the so called ‘Hackers’ of the Collective known as Anonymous; [who in reality are just ordinary citizens ranging from ages 15 to 70] are staging a massive cooperative, loosely organised, effort to help homeless victims of the Elites ‘Imposed Poverty and Austerity’ through the forthcoming  winter. Within a few short weeks, what started out on a IRc chat room, an idea bandied about between three ordinary guys, has turned into a global operation to save lives in multiple cities in over 12 different countries, and it is an Operation that is growing daily! This is called ‘Operation Safe Winter’.
What – you hadn’t heard about this on the BBfuckingC?


Well you’re not likely to either; it does not fit within their tightly ‘state controlled fascist narrative’. The Mainstream News Media likes to portray ‘People Activists’as loonies or as a threat to society, or as deranged ‘conspiracy theorists’ or - as in the case of the Occupy Movement or the ‘Anti-Frackers’ - as Terrorists.  This is a closely controlled attempt by our Government to convince you that MORONS who are down at your local Tesco or Wal-Mart camping out overnight  to buy their pathetic cheap arsed Televisions’ and hair products are all ‘good people’ whilst the people ‘Camping Out Overnight’ trying to save the world from Bankers, Fracker, and Pillagers - are bad people; so that when these bastards in Government send in their Blackshirts to beat up the protestors you will sit on your apathetic arse and accept their disgusting reprehensible behaviour of social repression.

Black Friday should be about Martin Luther King, or about George Washington Carver, or about Mary McLeod Bethune, or Booker Taliaferro Washington, or Olaudah Equiano, or Sir Bill Morris, or the wonderfully named Randolph Turpin, or Ignatius Sancho, or Fred D'Aguiar, or Viv Anderson, or political working class activist, orator, and rebel - William Cuffey [1788 – 1870] who campaigned for ‘WORKERS RIGHTS’ - who was betrayed by a Government spy [ring any modern day bells anybody] and was subsequently deported to Tasmania as a prisoner [SLAVE] where eventually he was Pardoned but where he chose to stay and where he continued to campaign for democracy and workers rights up until the moment of his death [in absolute poverty] in the town of Hobart.

These are the great men and women that ‘Black Friday’ should be about. These are the people we should be remembering instead of sitting in a tent desperately clinging to our vacuous avaricious desire to purchase another pointless item of consumer rubbish.

Black Friday should be about Honouring Brave Black Men and Women who strove in one way or another to better themselves against all the odds, and in some extraordinary cases - make a real difference to this world for the betterment of all.

Instead it is about your love of ‘Shopping’. What a contemptible existence that must be...!

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