Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Heating Bill.

“Granny Granny, It’s cold tonight”!
“Put on a jumper, you’ll be alright”?

“Granny Granny, why are you coughing”?
“Because I’m bound for my coffin”.

“Granny Granny, please don’t die”.
“Hush now child, and don’t you cry”.

“For I may pass, and turn to dust,
and in the Earth, my body thrust.

But remember child,

it was their greed that chilled me,
a heating bill which finally killed me”

“Granny Granny, I’m frozen stiff”!

The Sound of 'Silence' answers......

At least 2,500 pensioners will die of cold this winter....

So much for us being civilised eh!

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