Thursday, 12 December 2013

An evil tide.

“Do You Love This Country”?
‘Ah there’s the rub?
Whether it is safer
to live as rosy grub.

Or to rage against those Turncoat’s
who so oppress the people,
at the behest of our Master’s
whose intent is always evil.

And thus risk an early demise
or some other fate unseen,
This is the lamentable choice
of our broken dream.

To choose to live a craven life
As such as might occur,
and thence to die
[in grand dotage]
as such as might a Cur.

For it merits’ non to live so long,
that they see the shadow
of their own dread fear,
catch up with them in their
pitiable declining years.

I tell thee all truly,
That no man, whomsoever he may be,
Can stand alone against a sea of woe
When the tide inexorably...

Closes over his desperate head,
And flushes down his gullet,
For ‘tis hard to breath their ‘perfidy’
I’d rather take their bullet.

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