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“Do You Love This Country”?

"It has long been self-evident that whoever expresses doubt about the Führer, criticizes him and his actions, spreads disparaging news or vilifies him, is without honour and worthy of death. Neither standing nor rank, nor personal circumstances or other grounds can exculpate such a case. In the most difficult, deciding period of the war, whoever expresses doubt about the final victory and thereby causes others to waver, has likewise forfeited his life!" – Statement from the Headquarters of the Geheime Staatspolizei. [GESTAPO] and the office of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler

“Do You Love This Country”?

This was ‘The Question’ asked of Mr Alan Rusbridger, the Editor of The Guardian Newspaper by the Labour Member of Parliament Mr Keith Vaz.

“Do You Love This Country”?

Then came the aptly named Mr Mark John Reckless, a Conservative Member of Parliament whose pathetic attempts to savage Mr Rusbridger looked nothing so much as a petty teenager talking ‘smack’ in an effort to make himself look big in front of his mates as he blustered his false outrage for the cameras. But then again Mr Reckless is a Tory, a Civilian, and an Idiot, and that is what such creatures do. But for now let us concentrate our gaze upon the aforementioned MP for Leicester East, Mr Keith Vaz, [and no I am not overlooking that this was a deliberate double team tactic of the establishment to make it look as if both Left and Right the of political divide, are somehow virtuously outraged by The Guardians publications] because Mr Vaz has asked a Question, and it deserves an Answer.

You see - what is important for you dear reader, is that you understand just who the players are and what their ‘character’ is, and in the cases of Mr Vaz we find him wanting.

Keith Vaz is deep in the pockets of ‘The Establishment’, so much so that it would be ‘very fair’ to say that he is literally a part of it. If you look at his history you will find that Vaz repeatedly acts in a manner which you and I might refer to as ‘Dishonourable’. This is a man who led a march against the author Salman Rushdie at the height of the Murderous Fatwa issued against him by Iran and the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, calling on Mr Rushdie to be killed by British Muslims for daring to write a ‘Book’ [you can probably see where this is going right?]. Vaz subsequently called this march and his speech at the rally ‘one of the greatest days in the History of Islam and Great Britain’. It did not matter to Vaz that he had promised Mr Rushdie his support before he set out to slaughter him in a public forum, oh no - he had a platform to voice his hate and he took it. And what is more, and to the eternal shame of The Labour Party, they stood by Mr Vaz and let him remain within their corrupt fold. It did not matter that he was stood in front of people screaming for the death of a writer, it did not matter that he was making a speech which basically was against the freedom of the very speech he was giving. New-Labour had their man and they stood by him. “Do You Love This Country” asks Vaz?

Then there is the small matter of the Filkin Inquiry in which Mr Vaz was accused of accepting several thousand pounds which he subsequently failed to ‘Declare’ from the solicitor, Sarosh Zaiwalla. He was eventually ‘censured’ for one of the allegations with Ms Elizabeth Filkin further accusing Vaz of blocking her inquiry into 18 other allegations. “Do You Love This Country” asks Vaz?

Then there is the seedy case of Eileen Eggington for which Keith Vaz MP was suspended from the House of Commons for a month after the Committee on Standards and Privileges found that he had made false [LIED] allegations against Eileen Eggington, a former policewoman and part of Special Branch. This whole sorry Saga involved secret payments from thr Caparo Group, Contempt for The Houses of Parliament, and well frankly, connections -business and other with so many Lords and Ladies of questionable legitimacy as to make one want to vomit from the picture of Hypocrisy the man emanates. “Do You Love This Country” asks Vaz?

Then there is the ‘Expenses Scandal’ [which was not really a ‘Scandal’ but more a Heist carried out by criminals who attempted [successfully] to defraud the Tax Payers out of money. I am not even going to bother trying to explain the man’s expense claims, I’m not sure I could. It is enough to say that out of 647 MP’s he came in at 45th position with a total expenses claim for the period of 2008/2009– wait for it – wait for it - £173,937. Because – after all - why the hell not eh? “Do You Love This Country” asks Vaz?

And if all this was not enough [and I seriously suggest you go look into his past and his connections] the man is a supporter of Homeopathy, [a pseudoscience whose remedies are universally found to be nothing more than a placebo for the gullible]. This is something he clearly believes in strongly, so much so that he has signed several early day motions in Parliament in support of further funding for this Pseudoscience within the NHS in order to aid the Conservative Member of Parliament Mr David Arthur Stephen Tredinnick who sponsored these bills [and by the by, whose other great belief system is Astrology - for which Mr Tredinnick bought computer software. And can you guess who paid for it? That is right... us - The Tax Payer.

“I love this Country, do You Love This Country” asks Keith Vaz?

The Nazi's had Special Courts like the one Mr Rusbridger sat in on Monday - they called them Sondergericht; and in these courts they charged people with the crime of 'wehrkraftzersetzung' [subversion of the war effort and Sedition]. One of the questions they asked was “Do you love your country”?

That is not 'love Mr Vaz, that is treason.

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