Friday, 13 December 2013

Tributum Capitis

"Education is dangerous - every educated person is a future enemy" - Hermann Goering

The bastards in power love the Poll Tax, and the right wing bastards in power always try to implement it.

The bastards in power ‘now’ are the same set of bastards that were in power back in ‘Roman times’. Even then the vermin at the top tried to implement their hated Poll Tax [ Tributum Capitis ] and from those days to these, the Right Wing Bastards in power have been trying to screw the working man with this insidious and utterly unfair form of Taxation.

Tributum Capitis is their ‘Sacred Cow’, and they will never abandon it. No matter how many times we ‘The People’ tell them that The Poll Tax it is wrong, or refuse to pay it– or riot – or enter into Rebellion against its imposition, the Fascist Bastards who run the world will always, ALWAYS – return to this evil form of Taxation.

For two thousand years this has been going on; do you understand that? For two thousand years!

For two thousand years they have been attacking the ordinary man and stealing their lands then imposing their Poll tax upon a defenceless populace, who must pay or be enslaved [as if being invaded and having their land seized from them was not enslavement enough]. Back then they enslaved the common man to their whimsy by the threat of physical brutality, and at the merest suspicion of dissent they killed and plundered the populace with such cruelty that it was known across the world ‘Pay Your Taxes or Die’.

So let us here - speak those truths that we all know so well, but of which we usually avoid speaking out loud for fear of reprisal – for it is no different now. If you rebel in anyway against their vile Statutes, no matter how mild your refusal might be, the Fascists at the top [and they are Fascists, let us call them what they are, let us at least have that amount of courage] will pound you with merciless cruelty.

And we can bear witness to this ‘Absolute Truth’ for as we speak, in the halls and corridors of Universities across the land, the Establishment’s Blackshirts are pounding our children into the ground with vicious brutality with orders from up high to ‘Crush this Rebellion’... And It is no wonder that they should target our Kids in University; the last thing the Fascists want is for our Kids to grow up with the ability to think ‘Critically’. Thus - using propaganda, a dearth of privilege and and a excess of poverty - they turn Father's and Mothers against their own kids by calling the rebels ‘intellectuals’ or ‘soft’ or some other derogatory form of slander such as ‘rioter’ designed purely to divide and conquer the masses as they set us all the one against the other.

It is little surprise then that vile ‘Nationalism’ works so effectively as a tool of The State when the ordinary man has had his critical thinking stomped on for nigh on two thousand years.

But this is not new, nothing is new; the set of bastards in power now are from a long line of rotten brutish bastards. And whenever – such as in the case of Wat Tyler -  a hero steps forwards to lead a civic rebellion against their pernicious evil, he is singled out and crushed – PUBLICLY – AS A WARNING TO ALL – and the warning of course is - ‘here lays the corpse of he who sought to overthrow our dominion and return power to The People’.

Edward Snowden is Wat Tyler, Chelsea Manning is Wat Tyler, Sue Marsh is Wat Tyler, anybody standing up to these bastards and putting himself on the line is Wat Tyler, and we must all expect that these Fascist bastards in power across the world will seek out a way to crush us if we dare to desire to be ‘Free of Them’.

Make no mistake, this is not a silly bit of civil unrest that we are going through right now, this is a Global War - carried out against the ordinary man by a Evil Empire of Imperial minded Gangsters and the rules of War apply; and I can tell you, there are no rules in war [despite what the politicians and movies tell you], there is win or lose. Therefore I suggest to you that the only thing left for us to do, is to eradicate them once and for all time in the same brutal manner that they have so routinely chosen to attack us The People, ‘By Any Means’. These are their Rules... they have taught us time and again that ‘The End Justifies their Means’ and we should abide by their Rules.

 Rebellion against Tyranny must be ‘Mandatory Behaviour’ if you wish to live in a Civilised Society.

Of course you may wish to continue living in their Dystopia as a cowardly slave. You may think that The Blackshirts beating our Kids with Batons is an acceptable price to pay for the establishment not to attack you personally. You may not have any courage and thus deem a life of demeaning serfdom better than principled rebellion? If so you are wasting oxygen and when they Tax you for the Air you breath you deserve your fate.

Make no mistake the choices left to us are, ‘Life as a Slave’, or ‘Death as a Free Man’.

Choose now.

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